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Are you ready to re-member who you came here to be and step into your feminine power?

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Reclaim your feminine power

Lead your life and business with ease, alignment and magnetism

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Hi, I'm Elé, 

Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Host of the Sacred Roots Podcast and Published Author of
The Self-Healing Spiral; Heal & Love Yourself  and 
The Path of Femininity; The 6 Gifts of your Sovereignty.

As the Founder of the Sacred Roots Mystery School, 
I teach woman entrepreneurs, leaders and visionaries how to live in soul alignment and embody their feminine energy so that they can impact more people and experience effortless abundance, ease and flow.

If you are feeling the call to explore the unseen realms, remember who you came here to be,
step into your purpose and
build the wild life your soul wants for you,

Your time is now

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Start healing yourself and living in your feminine now with my books.

Sacred Roots 
Mystery School


Explore the Mysteries of the Feminine, The Universe and remember who you truly are and came here to be.


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Listen to the Sacred Roots Podcast and learn from me and my amazing guest. 

Every episode has golden nuggets to make you move closer to wealth and alignment in your business and life.

What is your Divine Feminine Gift? 
Take this free 8 questions quiz to find out.

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"Confidence & Abundance come from the
embodiment of your Divine Feminine."

21-day Course
to Embody your Divine Feminine

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For 21 days,
One ritual day,
Embody your Divine Feminine.

Embark on this deep healing and transformative journey to awaken all your feminine gifts to live in Flow, Purpose, Power, Intuition and Abundance.


"Clarity on my genius and 5 new clients!"

Working with Ele has been deeply transformative. What I loved most was that she completely catered the workshop to me so that I could reach breakthroughs. I left the workshop feeling so energized, I got clarity on my genius, my truth, pivoted my business and achieved so much after that. As a result, I got 5 new clients in the following month. I am so excited about my business, what’s coming next and cannot recommend her more!

Farrah, Squamish, Intuitive Song Doula & Sound Medicine


"I did less and my business exploded"

Eleonore is extremely good! She has expertise in many different disciplines: coaching, energies, meditation, EFT, NLP,... She helped me heal myself, and bring in spiritual principles that made my business explode. I am now making multiple 6-figures years and exhibited in New York on Times Square! Thank you Elé, So happy you entered my life!

Olivia, London, Spiritual Painter


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Hi, I'm Elé! 

Belgian, living in Canada, happily married to an amazing English gentleman, Mother of 1, and I have lived in my masculine for a very long time! 

Whether I was doing a Business master in evening classes,

Working in a world renown bank,

Launching my coaching business,

Learning Energy Healing in Quebec,

Teaching the method I created - The Self-Healing Spiral™,

Writing my next book or Following Coaching Programs,

I always did it from a very masculine place.


Even though I was proud of being so effective, structured, competitive,... I felt more and more out of alignment and exhausted. Something was off...


I realized there was another way of living; working, healing, coaching, writing, doing everything basically... A way that was made of ease and magnetism. A Divine Feminine Way.


It is through healing, awakening and aligning with your divine feminine energy that you can unlock your sovereignty and magnetize magic and wealth in our business.


This work is deeply transformative at a physical and soul level, and I believe it is part of building the New Earth you came here to do.


I will teach you how to reclaim your feminine power, your sovereignty, so that you can run an abundant business with ease, alignment and magnetism.