Reclaim your feminine power

Lead your life and business with ease, alignment and magnetism

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Hi there, I'm Elé, 

A modern-day priestess, Divine Feminine Healer, Speaker and Author. Currently writing my second book, The Path of Femininity.

I help woman entrepreneurs reclaim their feminine power to lead their lives with ease and alignment.

If you are ready to invite your feminine in, lead your life and business with magnetism, and become the Lighthouse and Leader you were always meant to be,



Start living in your feminine now thanks to these books and free resources.



Awaken your sovereignty and create sacred union within to live your life with ease, alignment and magnetism


Soothe yourself with a distance or in person Energy Healing. 

We are pure energy, so let's support our energetic field like we brush our teeth; everyday.

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"My most beautiful encounter!"

"I have seen a lot of doctors/coaches/healers during my depression, but Elé was my most beautiful encounter. She helped me heal, see my true worth and love myself again. I rebuild my life thanks to her and wouldn't be where I am if I hadn't met her. Thank you so much Elé!"

Nathalie, Brussels, Interior Designer

"An inner shift happened, even my sister told me I had changed!"

Before working with Elé I was struggling with self-confidence. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me know myself better. Even though I'm still the same, I feel an inner shift happened! I'm less worried and more energized, joyful, confident. I loved all our calls, each of them left such a powerful impact on me!

Valerie, Brussels, Co-founder of Amalou Health Center

"I healed my trauma thanks to Elé"

Eleonore is extremely good! Very professional with sincere empathy. She has expertise in many different disciplines: coaching, energies, meditation, EFT, NLP,... She helped me reconnect with myself, be more confident and love myself. I really enjoyed the weekly exercises, they gave direct positive transformation and helped me heal on the long term. Thank you Elé, So happy you entered my life!

Olivia, London, Painter


Hi there, I'm Elé! 


Belgian, 33 yo, living in Canada, happily married to an amazing English gentleman, mom-to-be (May 2021) and I have lived in my masculine for a very long time! 


Whether I was doing a master in evening classes, working in a bank, launching my coaching business, teaching the method I created, The Self-Healing Spiral or writing my next book, I always did it from a very wounded masculine place.


Even though I was proud of being so effective, structured, competitive, proving myself,... I felt more and more out of alignment and exhausted. Something was off...

I realized there was another way of living; working, healing, coaching, writing, doing everything basically... A way that was made of ease and magnetism.

A Divine Feminine Way.


I did all the inner work and energy healing my soul guided me to and realized we all need to heal and awaken the divine feminine energy within to unlock our sovereignty. This work is deeply transformative at a physical and soul level, and I believe it is part of building the New Earth where we are all our own sovereign.


Today, I am your Modern-Day Priestess. And I will teach you how to reclaim your feminine power, your sovereignty, so that you can lead your life and your business with ease, alignment and magnetism.