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1:1 coaching & group programs to help women replace overwhelm with self-love and purpose

Fall deeply in love with yourself 

Replace overwhelm with self-love and become a magnet for success

You're overwhelmed?


Tired of never feeling good enough?


Struggling with stress or anxiety?

I know... I have been there too. 


That's why I care about empowering you with the tools, knowledge and mindset to fall deeply in love with yourself and heal your life. 

Let's get to know each other and see how I could support you.



Reconnect with yourself quickly thanks to these self-love tools.

Get free or paying material here such as:

- The Self-Love Workbook

- Meditations

- My Book "The Self-Healing Spiral"

- Workshop on Limiting Beliefs

- Workshop on finding your purpose


Transform yourself deeply thanks to our 1:1 coaching helping you discover the true light you are.


Self-Love is key to create the life of your dreams and become a magnet for success. 

Discover the different 1:1 coachings here.

Grow with others

Want heal and grow with like-minded women? Working in a group is as transformative and powerful. 

Join us for:

- Group Retreats

- Online group events

- Our 3 months group program 

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“I met a lot of amazing people when trying to face my depression, but Elé was my most beautiful encounter. She helped me reconnect with myself, see my true worth, love myself again and find inner peace. She taught me so many things about the brain, the body and helped my heal. I wouldn’t be were I am if I hadn’t met her and I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you so much Elé!”


Nathalie, Genval

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Fall deeply in love with yourself 

Replace overwhelm with self-love and become a magnet for success

Who is Elé de Posson ?

Bullied as a kid, facing eating disorders, attracting toxic partners, needing to be perfect and never feeling enough, Elé built a fortress around her. 


When turning 30 her life seemed perfect : The 3 bed-room flat, the prestigious job at the bank, the wedding,... but she kept hearing this voice saying "You've ticked all the boxes and proven the world you could do it, but what are you doing for yourself? What do YOU want?"


Elé then went on a personal quest to find answers to the questions : Who Am I? What do I want? What is my purpose and the purpose of all this? 

She left the world of finance and banking, divorced, sold the flat and moved abroad to study Yoga in India and NYC, Energy Healing in Canada and Coaching in the UK.


She is the Author and Founder of the Self-Healing Spiral, a method she created to heal herself from her divorce (and all her life really) and finally love herself. Through all the tools, expertise and experience she has, she shares her message with women across the world : 

“Listen to your inner wisdom, you will find out you already have everything in you."

Her passion and purpose is to help high performing women to replace self-doubt and overwhelm with self-confidence and inner peace so that they can soar. 

Isn't time to be happy?