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This is a sacred space for you to

Align, Embody &  Thrive.

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  Hi! I'm Elé,

First, I am so happy to have you here. Welcome to my space, where you are invited to Align with your soul, Embody your true essence and Thrive as a result.

I am a Spiritual Teacher,
Priestess, International Author, Energy Healer, and Founder of the Sacred Roots Mystery School and Sacred Roots Podcast.

It is my Life's purpose (and one of the things I love
most!) to help leaders and change makers, you, come home to your authentic and unique essence. I guide you into birthing who you came here to be, unlocking your highest potential, leading from your soul and womb, making you a magnet for financial abundance and impact.

Fun Facts:
3/5 Sacral Generator in Human Design
Libra sun, Aquarius Rising, Pisces Moon 
ENFJ, the Protagonist 



4 Ancient Wisdom Teachings

To help you Uncover & Live Your Purpose



Start healing yourself and living from your feminine essence now with my books.

SACRED ROOTS Mystery School


Explore the Mysteries of Life & the Feminine, and re-member who you came here to be.


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Listen to the Sacred Roots Podcast and dive into practical solo episodes with hands on exercises and incredible guest interviews.

Let's connect

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Lead from your Feminine Energy
and Activate your innate gifts

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The Feminine is rising.

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Working in a bank, having a cupcake business as a side hustle, doing a masters in evening classes, you can imagine that I spent most of my life very much in my masculine, do-do-do. 

I got tired of pushing, and forcing and started feeling misaligned. There must be another way, I thought... I slowed down, I learned to surrender, I did less, and enjoyed my time more. And one day I received the clear guidance to write a book about the feminine, and how we as women, have been gifted with 6 innate abilities that are meant to help us live our most aligned, abundant and magical life.

This is the book. And it contains 15 practical exercises and a workbook to support you in the embodiment of your feminine energy.

This journey is deeply healing. It's an awakening. A remembering. A homecoming.

- Foreword written by Makhosi, The Royal Shaman

"Confidence & Abundance come from the
embodiment of your Divine Feminine."

21-day Course
to Embody your Divine Feminine


For 21 days,
Receive one ritual or practice day,
To embody your Divine Feminine and activate your innate gifts of intuition, magnetism, surrender, receiving, grounding and authenticity.

Embark on this deep healing and transformative journey to awaken all your feminine gifts to live in Flow, Purpose, Power, Intuition and Abundance.


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Reading Books in Library


Sacred Feminine Books I adore and keep going back to
Get my book list recommendation with some of the best books on the Rising of the Divine Feminine, Mary Magdalene, Sacred Sexuality, Ancient Feminine  Wisdom,... These books will support you when you are ready to go deeper and want to understand more on feminine mysteries.


"I unlocked my highest potential"

Ele saw what was possible for me. She saw a potential beyond what I could not see and helped me come home to myself, honour who I am and know my purpose. I am whole again. As a result, clients came effortlessly to me and I just launched the most aligned program. Ele, thank you, you are so much more than a Business and Spiritual Mentor.

Shannon Clarke, Wild Woman Coach, Ottawa


"Clarity on my genius and 5 new clients!"

Working with Ele has been deeply transformative. What I loved most was that she completely catered the workshop to me so that I could reach breakthroughs. I left the workshop feeling so energized, I got clarity on my genius, my truth, pivoted my business and achieved so much after that. As a result, I got 5 new clients in the following month. I am so excited about my business, what’s coming next and cannot recommend her more!

Farrah, Squamish, Intuitive Song Doula & Sound Medicine


"I did less and my business exploded"

Eleonore is extremely good! She has expertise in many different disciplines: coaching, energies, meditation, EFT, NLP,... She helped me heal myself, and bring in spiritual principles that made my business explode. I am now making multiple 6-figures years and exhibited in New York on Times Square! Thank you Elé, So happy you entered my life!

Olivia, London, Spiritual Painter

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Let's get intimate!
I've always been a sensitive and empathic soul very interested in Ancient Egypt, the Stars, Life after Death... but my spiritual awakening happened when I divorced in 2018, a few weeks before this picture was taken. It opened my heart wide and reminded me of who I am. Spirituality is my favourite topic to teach and I have many memories of being a mystery teacher in past lives, in Egypt particularly... Goddess Isis and Lakshmi run in my blood.

The Sacred Roots Podcast

Your weekly ritual for goddess wisdom, mystery teachings, practical guidance
on alignment, calling in abundance with your feminine energy, awakening, healing,
Earth wisdom with meditations and live 
channeled light language songs.

20.000+ Downloads from 25 countries

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Craving a podcast that makes you feel inspired, goes deep into spiritual topics, taboos and gives you practical guidance, how-to's but without the fluff?

Ancient. Empowering. Practical. Grounded. Heart Opening. Healing.

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I share an episode every Tuesday and have a balance of solo episodes and guest interviews. Sharing personal stories of how I lead myself through challenges, wisdom I gained from experiences, spiritual nuggets I download in meditations or during my walks, this podcast is the fastest and easiest access to my energy, my authentic personality and my work. 

You'll be surprised at how much these episodes go deep and impact your life. They are pearls from heaven to support your spiritual awakening, alignment and healing.


Join the Sacred Roots Mystery School 

The most profound experience of your life

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Are you ready to dive deep into the Mystery?
Fully embodying your soul and leading with your intuition?
Letting the path meant for you unfold?

This 4-months journey is my most profound and life-changing work. It is also my life's purpose to teach these to you and empower you with the ancient wisdom that will help you re-member who you are and who you came here to be. 

These teachings and spiritual practices will bring you in complete alignment and make you feel more fulfilled, alive, at peace and connected than ever before.
 Join the waitlist to enjoy the early bird price.


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The Swan Temple
Divine Feminine Community & Membership


Are you seeking community? Girls to connect with while you are on this wild ride of spiritual growth? Feeling supported, able to talk about everything your friends believe is weird, and finally finding your tribe of witches, priestesses, wise woman, creative and mystics?

Then join us in the Swan Temple where we gather twice a month for powerful and deep workshops that will support your spiritual journey.


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I love writing, and I love to support you, but honouring your time is also really important to me. 

I bring all these together in my weekly newsletter where I am not just writing to spoil your energy and time, but to support you on your spiritual journey. 

When you join my weekly newsletter you can expert to read one or several of those 4 elements. It's practical, uplifting, inspiring, and useful.

If this is calling you, sign up below.


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