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Awaken to your true self 

Release the masks preventing you from being truly yourself and connect with your inner power that's always showing you the way.

You're looking for answers? You want to know Who you Are, What your purpose is?

You want to feel free, aligned and connected to your inner power?

You want to get rid of that "not enough" feeling? Heal and Love yourself?

But, you don't really know where to start?

It's finally time to find your inner happiness.

READ a lot of books


done daily journaling

Learned how to tap 

Maybe you have already...

READ a lot of books


done daily journaling

Learned how to tap 

But nothing really helped you feel aligned, connected, happy and working towards your purpose.

When turning 30, I remember hearing this voice saying :

You've ticked all the boxes but this is not why you came.

It is time to think about you. What do YOU want? 

I started looking for answers, went to India for a Yoga teacher training, the day I came back my husband left me, we divorced 6 months after getting married, I quit my job at the bank, sold my flat and moved abroad with my guitar on my back. 

I then went through a year of inner transformation to heal myself, let go of my fears and connect with my inner power. I awakened to my true self and found my purpose. I am here now to guide you on that path. 

As an Awakening Coach, I guide entrepreneurs looking for answers to awaken to their true self and live a free and aligned life. Your inner happiness starts here. Today. If you're willing to.

I invite you to start with downloading my free guide. Take the quiz, apply the tips and start uncovering that beautiful light you are.

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Transform yourself deeply thanks to our individual programs helping you discover the true light you are. Awaken to your true self to find your life's purpose, rebuild self-esteem & self-love, become the manifester of your dreams, reach your goals and learn to follow your intuition. Isn't it finally time to find your inner happiness?


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What they say about it


Eleonore is extremely good: very professional with sincere empathy. She has expertise in many different disciplines: counselling/coaching, energies, meditation, manifesting, yoga, etc… She helped me connect with my inner-self and taught me all the tools to live an abundant and joyful life, resilient throughout the inevitable obstacles that will come and go.


She gives concrete exercices to do and very achievable mini goals so you can start feeling positive effects straight away : more joy, peace of mind, confidence, abundance and happiness. 


I like that she has been through all the hardships herself and created her own powerful method : The Self-Healing Spiral. Thanks to that she really understands what we are going through.


Her book “The Self-Healing Spiral" is a great tool to combine with the therapy as it summarizes what we do together. It is of high quality in terms of self-help content and has beautiful illustrations. You can always come back to it in the future for a powerful refresh.


Thank you Eleonore!

The Self-Healing Spiral™

This book is for those who wish to go beyond difficult moments, improve their relationship with themselves, live in harmony with their emotions, heal their ego and finally love themselves as they are. After months of research, Eleonore created this method for herself when she went through her divorce. As soon as she applied it, she quickly felt better, knowing the right things to, gradually healing and rebuilding self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love. Realizing the difference the method made in her life, she decided to share it, in all humility, through a book.


Made of theoretical and practical elements, this book suggests a healing method of our emotional and spiritual wounds, based on self-love.

The Self-Healing Spiral™ 

The Self-Healing Spiral™ is a method Elé created for herself when going through her divorce. It's aim is to heal our emotional and spiritual wounds through Self-love as Only Love Heals. This method allows to:

- let go of the masks preventing you from being truly yourself

- live in harmony with your emotions (stress, anger, frustration, guilt, shame,...) 

- Rewire fears, limiting beliefs and blockages

- Free yourself physically and energetically from the emotions, replace them with peace, calm and confidence

- Love yourself as you are

- Create a life of harmony, inner happiness and peace

Watch this video to learn more about it.

How it works : The 6 Steps

1.  An event (divorce, break-up, burn out, depression, ...)

triggers a conscious or unconscious wound. We all have wounds we came on Earth to heal

2.  They show up through our emotions : anger, sadness, guilt,....

3.  Our emotions have to be welcomed, they have a purpose and a message to deliver

4.  Once they're expressed, we transform them into positive thoughts. We rewire our limiting beliefs to manifest a joyful future

5.  We then clean ourselves physically and energetically from the emotion and the stress caused by it. We fall back into peace

6.  All this self care and compassion will increase our self love. This is all we need because : Only love heals

Steps 3, 4 and 5 are practical steps where I created 7 different tools to go through this healing circle and rise in the Self Healing Spiral.

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Awaken to your true self 

Release the masks preventing you from being truly yourself and connect with your inner power that's always showing you the way.

Book your free call now to start finding answers and awaken to your true self

Who is Elé de Posson ?

Bullied as a kid, facing eating disorders, attracting toxic partners, needing to be perfect and never feeling enough, Elé built a fortress around her. 


When turning 30 her life seemed perfect : The 3 bed-room flat, the prestigious job at the bank, the wedding,... but she kept hearing this voice saying "You've ticked all the boxes and proven the world you could do it, but what are you doing for yourself? What do YOU want?"


Elé then went on a personal quest to find answers to the questions : Who Am I? What do I want? What is my purpose and the purpose of all this? 

She left the world of finance and banking, divorced, sold the flat and moved abroad to study Yoga in India and NYC, Energy Healing in Canada and Coaching in the UK.


She is the Author and Founder of the Self-Healing Spiral, a method she created to heal herself from her divorce (and all her life really) and finally love herself. Through all the tools, expertise and experience she has, she shares her message with women across the world : 

“Listen to your inner wisdom, you will find out you already have everything in you."

Her passion and purpose is to help women entrepreneurs find the answers they are looking for to live a free and aligned life. 

Isn't finally time to find your inner happiness?