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 Feminine Force Retreat 
March 12-15, 2024 

Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada

Awaken your Inner Power to
Birth your Dreams

4 days of Feminine Embodiment & Soul Activations

Feminine Flow A 4-day Retreat.png

Deeply Healing & Soul Activating

"It's the 4th day and I don't want to leave! This retreat was all I needed. It was deeply healing and actived my soul. When is the next one?"
Natalie, Interior Designer

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Unleash the Magnetic, Unstoppable you

Want to Merge with your Soul and Express your Fullest Essence?

Unleash your Power, Magnetism, and Wild woman?

So that you can Birth your dreams and ambitions in 2024?

And feel more alive, at peace, happier than ever before?

Then the Feminine Force Retreat is for you 🙏🏻

Only 4 spots left

Headshot MArissa.jpg

"Becoming the Brightest Light"

This retreat allowed me to un-cover and express my true light, my essence. I feel like I'm beaming of light as I leave this incredible, life-giving week!
Marissa, Connecticut, Entrepreneur

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"Life-Changing Experience"

I am leaving a totally different woman than when I arrived and I've doing this work for decades! I would recommend this retreat to every woman who wants to embody the Goddess that she really is. It will change your life!
Charlyn, Florida, Transformational Coach



Coming home with a huge smile on your face,
Having awakened your Feminine, Goddess Energy that allows you to birth your dreams in 2024,
Feeling unstoppable and clear on your path,
Deeply connected to your soul and intuition,
Renewed, refreshed and shining bright,

More at peace than ever before,
And connected to a new soul family.

This is what is waiting for you at the Feminine Force Retreat


4 days that will change your Life 


DAY 1: Your Personal Power
- Opening Circle 
- What is your relationship with power? Personal Assessment
- How to dismantle power in relationships for more Harmony

DAY 2: Your Infinite Power
- Access your infinite power: spiritual & experiential workshop
- Increase your Magnetism & Power of your heart

- Embody your Feminine Force to birth your dreams

DAY 3: Soul Healing & Activations
- 1-1 Soul Activation
- Access your soul's power once and for all
- Spring Equinox Celebration

DAY 4: Fire Ceremony & Integration
- Fire Ceremony & Closing



I realized what was holding me back and finally freed myself from it. I feel so ready to focus on my new project!
Valerie, Belgium, Accountant & Founder of Illuminarte


What to Expect

Sister, we’ve really been through it. The past years have been intense. And as women, mothers, entrepeneurs, we have been trying to hold it all together.

As women, we were raised in a society which did its best to keep us small. Making us believe we weren't enough, didn't have it takes and pushed the imposter syndrome on us, whilst the men did it big.


Because of this, we forgot about the “sacred feminine”. We weren't taught how to awaken this wise, powerful, limitless, magnetic, intuitive, unstoppable part of us. We even forgot that potential existed in us.

So, we put up with the shitty relationships, let our dreams spill out into our journals without bringing them to fruition, listened to those that told us we were “too much” for their liking, and allowed the shadow to bear a little too comfortably over our heads.

As a result, we were left feeling so disconnected from our own divinity that we very nearly didn’t realise it lived inside us all along. Things didn’t feel as though they were landing, we thought we were doing the work but our goals weren’t falling into place, and essentially, there was a missing ingredient to ignite the fire within.

But it is time to change the status quo and allow the fire inside of you to burn.

This retreat is designed to help you to awaken this Feminine Force, evoke your Goddess energy, activate your magnetism, and truly unleash your inner Wild Woman so that you can birth your dreams into reality.

It is for you if you are ready to:

  • Embrace your limitless power & magnetism 

  • Express your Highest Potential

  • Merge with Your Soul

  • Birth your dreams, projects and ambitions

  • Release self-doubt, sacrifice, overgiving, caring about other people's judgment

  • And step into unapologetic confidence, healthy boundaries, deep trust in yourself


You spend so much time giving and nurturing others,
Isn't it time for you to
receive and be nurtured?

Slow down to speed up, Goddess.



WHEN: Tuesday March 12th - Friday March 15th, 2024
You are expected at 11am on Tuesday the 12, at Linwood House, Sechelt, on the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada. We'll finish at 2pm on the Friday.

WHERE: Linwood House, Sechelt, BC, Canada. 
Check out our beautiful location here
To get there you will first need to fly to
Vancouver Airport YVR.
Then get a taxi to Horseshoe Bay, Vancouver, from which you'll take a 30min Ferry to Langdale, Sunshine Coast. All details will be shared with you once you sign up as well.

Carpooling can be organized too. Let us know if you need support. We will gladly help.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY: Only 6 spots available for the retreat

INCLUDED: The retreat fees are with accommodation, chef meals, morning yoga classes but no transport included.


Feminine Force Retreat

4 days Retreat
Morning Yoga Classes
6 Group Workshops
Fire Ceremony
Spring Equinox Celebration

1-1 Soul Activation 
Breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by gourmet Chef
Water, tea, drinks, daily snacks

- 2 Integration Calls in the month following the retreat
- Workshop: Dragon & Pluto Energies to Express your Highest Potential



"Expressing my gifts into the world"

Attending this retreat gave me great insights in how to express my gifts into the world. I feel more connected, more confident and more inspired by Life!
Audrey Sarquilla, USA

🎁 Plus, you get 3 Bonus Gifts when Joining!

Bonus #1: Preparation & Integration Calls

We'll meet BEFORE the Retreat, for a zoom call where we'll set intentions and start connecting with the energy and what you are calling in. 

We'll meet AFTER the retreat for an Integration Call to help you integrate the powerful work we'll have done together and support you with any new blocks that might have appeared in your life/business.

Bonus #2: Heal your Witch Wound Workshop, AKA your fear of being seen for who you really are

One of my most powerful workshop is the Witch Wound Healing Workshop that helps you transform your fear of being seen, fear of your own power, fear of rejection and failure to Owning your Power, Your Gifts, your Uniqueness. This is absolutely KEY to living a life of purpose, fulfillment and abundance, and has transformed the life of many of my clients. This workshop is not for sale anywhere, but you get it for free when joining the retreat!

Bonus #3: Dragon & Pluto Energies to express your Highest Potential

Last week, we had a really powerful session inside the Mystery School with guest teacher Sabrina Lynn on the energies of 2024. This year is the year of the Dragon, in Chinese Astrology. This is a mystical year of death-rebirth, transformation, and many grace bombs coming our way if we lead with our intuition. Learn how to harness this energy to express your highest potential in this workshop. You'll also receive direct access as soon as you join.



It's been a very transformational week. I feel much more connected to myself and my power. I'm excited to get home and apply all the tools I've learned for the rest of my life really!
Emma Hodgkinson, Squamish, Canada

Slow down to speed up.

Why join a Retreat in the Wild Nature of Canada?


The retreats I host, are designed to be sacred pauses in our busy lives.


Healing cocoons that nourish the body, mind, and soul.

​Birthing chambers, that you leave empowered, activated, clear and renewed.

Divine boudoirs, where you are cherished, pampered and taken care of like a Queen

Feminine Temples allowing you to slow down, go within, activate your soul, reconnect with your essence, heal and release your past, uncover more of who you are and connect with other magical women.


It is in retreats that I have experienced some of the deepest transformations of my Life,

which is why I am so passionate about curating these sacred space for others to heal, open, align, bloom, expand and thrive.

It is in retreats that you have the opportunity to hear the stirrings of your soul, reconnect with your essence, your truth and gather the power and clarity to bring your life into more alignment with who you truly are and who you came here to be.

If you want an in-person experience in your year 2024, that is going to support you in:

❤️Birthing your dreams

❤️Expressing more of your true essence

❤️Embodying the true Goddess that you are

❤️Deepening your spiritual practice and spiritual path
❤️Merging with your Soul

❤️Find clarity, direction & confidence for your next steps

❤️Connect with women who speak the same language

You will find all of that at the Feminine Force Retreat, this coming March.


Who am I to host a Retreat like this?


Hi, I'm Eleonore, but everybody calls me Ele.

Let me share with you WHY I have chosen to organize a Feminine Force Retreat.

For the past 5 years, I have been on a deep spiritual journey. Becoming a Healer, Author, Founder of a Mystery School and devoting my time to my soul's embodiment, activating my gifts, expressing my highest potential and serving with my purpose.

My mission is to support the awakening, healing and evolution of the collective so that all beings can live their highest potential, while being deeply led by their Soul and Spirit.

But getting the clarity, purpose, direction, confidence I have now, wasn't an easy journey. 

I had a lot of un-learning, healing, re-learning to do. I had everything within, but I didnt even know I did or how to access it. 

And what allowed me to express my truth, my power and my wisdom into the world is working with teachers, mentors, spiritual masters w
ho had walked this path before. 

Retreats were the most life-changing. Each retreat I joined truly Quantum Leaped my personal, financial, professional journey and I am so, so, so grateful for each one I did. 

Now, it is my turn to guide you towards the expression of your power, gifts, magnetism, wisdom that are already inside of you and simply need a little push.

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