Harmonise your energy to harmonise your life

Energy Healing is slowly spreading across the world. Studies start proving its effectiveness and therapeutic qualities. This alternative medicine is complementary to traditional medicine, but also great for prevention. By harmonizing the energy in your body, a treatment can help you on the physical or emotional healing path. I discovered energy healing when going through a difficult period and was amazed by how I felt during and after the treatment. Having brought that lightness in my life, I decided to learn more about it and became an energy practitioner myself. Icould say much more about it, but I believe you have to try for yourself to start understanding it.
Keep an open mind and offer yourself the well-being you deserve.


In June 2019, I became a SAIME practitioner from the Institut Dolores Lamarre, in Quebec. SAIME holds for "Système d'Aide et d'Intervention à la Médecine Energetique". These treatments come from old acquaintances, especially ancient Egypt. They deal with blockages preventing the vital energy from circulating well as they work on a deep levels to balance your chakras and clean the subtle bodies. They are true allies to stay physically and emotionally healthy but also offer great support when facing personal difficulties.


REIKI is now reknowned world wide for its light and sweet energy. By placing hands on the body, I balance your energy through your chakras. Chakras are energy centres that keep track of every event happening to us. Regularly balancing them helps us stay grounded, relaxed and joyful !


You're attracted by these treatment ? You don't know which one you would benefit the most from ? As a certified practitioner, my role is to find that out. A one-time treatment offers a deep relaxation and is great as preventive medicine. If you would like to heal yourself more deeply, this is also possible with several treatments that can be discussed together. The treatments last an hour and are given at my place in Brussels or Vancouver/Squamish.


An appointment with Eléonore is a real return to mental clarity. You can open up to yourself and to her, with confidence thanks to the light and sweetness that naturally emanates from her. After her treatment, you feel light, soothed, revitalized and ready to step forward with joy in your heart.


Before Ele's treatment, I was skeptical about energy healing and knew nothing about chakras. During the treatment I was surprised to experience physical sensation without any touch and afterwards I really felt my anxieties lifted and totally relaxed. It is an experience I would recommend to everybody and actually I now go for treatments regularly.


I was lucky enough to receive both Reiki and Saime treatments and they are both wondrously soothing. Eléonore is not only the adorable kind, she also immerges your body and soul in a calm and peaceful state of mind. I always feel like I'm bathing in sunlight for an hour! It's blissful and I always leave lighter than I came, glowing from within !


Offer yourself the well-being you deserve



Stay energized, confident, joyful and find clarity in your life with these treatments.
Such a treatment will make your vital
energy circulate as it should.

60-90 minutes.


Happy offer : 4 treatments (save 40$)

Let's work on a deeper level with these 4 treatments. Together we'll define the issue you would like to address and create a treatment plan to support you on this healing path. 

4 treatments planned on 8 weeks.



Bring some lightness in your life. By placing my hands still on the body, relaxation and harmony are naturally brought to you with this smooth treatment.

60-75 minutes


A question ? I'll be happy to help you.

Brussels, Belgium / Vancouver, Canada / Skype

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