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Re-member who you came here to be and walk your unique path of abundance, purpose and impact?

Guiding, mentoring, supporting others is a natural gift of mine. I was my parent's, my friend's and stranger's psychologist as I'd always find words of wisdom to support them. This gift has been crafted and pressurized by my life's experiences and 10+ years of studying Psychology, Emotional healing, Spirituality, Nervous sytem, Energy Healing, Earth Wisdom, Biomancy,... 

Below, you will find different opportunities to work with me or learn from me, so that my magic can deeply transform you and your life.


The Sacred Roots Mystery School

The Sacred Roots 9-month initiation is a University for the Soul. It's a homecoming. A re-membering. An Awakening. This journey will help you find clarity on your path and who you came here to be.

The Mystery Teachings will take you through a deep rebirth experience, connected to the rhythm of the season, the witches wheel of the year, a descend through the 7 chakras and an activation of the different deities.

If you are ready to dive into the Mystery and let it transform you to your core, for your highest good and the highest good of all, then this is for you.


The Swan Temple
Divine Feminine Community

The Swan Temple is a divine feminine community and membership where we gather twice a month around powerful workshops. If you are seeking community, and desire to connect with other women who are also on the wild ride of spiritual growth, this is your place.

When joining this sacred space, you'll feel supported on your journey, have a safe space to address all topics your friends believe are weird, and finally find your tribe of witches, priestesses, wise woman, creative and mystics to learn, grow, heal and connect with.

Soulful Rebirth
1-1 Mentoring

Soulful Rebirth is my 6 or 12 months 1-1 Mentoring for high achieving women entrepreneurs who feel there is more that wants to come through. I help you find clarity on your path, bring you home to your deepest essence and use your gifts and voice to serve and impact the world.

The work we do is deep, rooted in spirituality, healing, alignment, embodiment and you reap life-changing results in your business, finances, relationships, health and life. 

More about 1-1 Mentoring

21 Days to Embody your Divine Feminine

This is a beautiful online course with a daily video or audio to support you in the embodiment of your feminine energy. Through the course, you will learn to activate your intuition, surrender, be more magnetic, open yourself to receive, heal your witch wound and live with more flow and ease.

If you are tired of pushing, forcing and being in your masculine, this hands-on, practical course is for you. And you can start today!

Feminine Magic 
2-day online retreat

Come and sit in circle with me for this 2-day online retreat where we will:

  • Uncover the Story of the Feminine
    Awaken the Witch and her Magic in you
    Help you re-member who you are
    Activate your intuition and spiritual gifts
    Align your energy with the Earth
    Heal your witch wound and dare to be seen,
    Dive into Time Magic & Time Mysteries
    Lead from the Wisdom of your Womb

Access Feminine Magic now

Spiritual Retreats

Every year, I host a retreat to connect with you in person. Retreats are filled with synchronicities, healing, awakening, connecting, breakthroughs, powerful workshops and opportunities to rest, restore and renew. 

The next upcoming retreat will be in Belgium in August. Stay Tuned.

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"I truly KNOW and LOVE myself"

“I worked with Ele 1-1 and it was life-changing personally, romantically, financially,... Then I did her 9-months group program and I truly discovered myself. Every week was mind-blowing, and I can truly say that I deeply love myself now. I also launched a new business that is deeply aligned with my purpose. I wish everyone could feel like this!”

Pauline Dubois, Entrepreneur, Brussels

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