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Soul School Retreat, Squamish
April 1-5, 2024

5 days of Soul Embodiment & Awakening
with Balinese High Priests Ida Rsi Wisesanatha & Ida Rsi Mahadevi

Feminine Flow A 4-day Retreat.png

"The best thing that ever happened to me"

No amount of words could describe the magic and expansion I received from these two masters. Being able to feel my soul so deeply changed my Life forever. I am a different person now, more connected, more at peace, happier. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for changing my life for good.
Daniela Almeida, Equador


"Prepare yourself for a Quantum Leap"

In 17 years of yoga, plant medicine, meditation, and self-development, I have done a lot of retreats. Nothing came close to what these two masters are embodying and teaching. I witnessed and experienced so much transformation during those 5 days, I signed for up for next retreat too. My fellow mystics, please tune in and prepare yourself for a quantum leap like never before.
Fabrice, France

A FIRST time & UNIQUE Opportunity to receive their Teachings & 1-1 Activations in North America

You've had a spiritual awakening and you are ready for more?

Want to live as your true self?

Want to activate your soul gifts & purpose?

Want to feel more alive, at peace, happier than ever before?

Then the Soul School Retreat is for you 🙏🏻

Only 20 spots available


"Completely Renewed & Excited about my Life"

I thought I was going to learn about Balinese Spirituality, instead I dove deep into my own spiritual journey and gained access to my soul. I walked away completely renewed, empowered, excited about my life. If you love spirituality and being fully present on your life's journey, I highly recommend to join this retreat.
Petra, Czech Republic


"Life-Changing Experience"

Enrolling in Soul School has been a life-changing experience. It's a curriculum that delves in spirituality but also guides you towards the essence of an awakened human existence. I've let go of burdens and have found a new sense of happiness and inner peace. It has opened my heart wider, deepened my sense of purpose. This journey was truly extraordinary. I wouldn't want to miss it for anything!
Ombiya Casey, USA



Coming home with the huge smile on your face,
A deep sense of who you are and who you came here to be,
Knowing how to serve with your soul gifts,
Deeply connected to your purpose,
Feeling more at peace than ever before.
Having let go of what was holding you back,
And connected with a new soul family.

This is what is waiting for you at Soul School.

5 days that will change your Life forever...


DAY 1: Balinese Water Purification
Water cleansing guiding you to open the 7 doors of your heart, free yourself from burdens, pains and let Divine love in.

DAY 2: Soul Dimension
Learn about the anatomy, the 7 dimensions of the soul and how to live soul-embodied.

DAY 3-5: Soul Healing & Activations
Ceremonies, group meditation by Alice Lake Healing Sessions,
1-1 Soul Activation,
1-1 Akashic Record Reading,
1-1 Tarot Reading,
and true embodiment practices to accelerate your own spiritual embodiment & awakening.


"New Gifts from the Divine"

I have done this retreat 3 times, and each time I went deeper and deeper into my soul. These are 5 special days from purification, to activation, prayers and receiving new gifts from the Divine. I am so happy to have integrated all this wisdom into my life.
Giedre Pukiene, Lituania


"Soul Expansion"

Soul school is the experience you didn't know you needed. No matter how far you already are on your spiritual journey, the teachings and activations will quantum leap your soul expansion and maybe even gift you a happiness you don't come back from. Trust the call and join this life-changing experience."
Eleonore de Posson, Canada


Who is this Retreat for?

This retreat is for the Spiritual Seekers who wants to live closer to their truth,
The Mother who wants to be the embodiment of divine love and raise conscious children,
The Father who wants to step up as a Warrior of Light,
The Entrepreneur who wants to serve in alignment with her/his gifts,
The Healer who wants to increase their power and healing abilities,
The Artist who wants to channel Divine Art that touches people's heart deeply.

It is for you if you are ready to:

  • Embrace your Purpose

  • Express your Highest Potential

  • Heal deep unresolved wounds

  • Learn about the multidimensionality of the Soul,

  • Practice powerful meditations and bring new techniques home

  • Strengthen your connection to Spirit

  • Activate your Soul Gifts

Is this you? There are only 20 spots available. Book yours now!

Any question? Email me at


Merge with your Soul &
Get Clarity on your Gifts & Purpose.



WHEN: Monday April 1st - Friday April 5th, 2024
You are expected at 1pm on Wednesday the 3rd, in Squamish, BC.
You will be very grateful to have the following week-end to integrate this powerful experience and travel back home. Give yourself even more time if possible.

WHERE: Squamish, BC, Canada.
Day 1: Ele's house in Amblepath, 40137 Government Road, Squamish
Day 2-5: Squamish United Church, Downtown Squamish

Closest airport: Vancouver Airport YVR, 75min drive from Squamish.
Carpooling will be organized. Let us know if you need one.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY: Only 20 spot available for the retreat

ACCOMODATION: The retreat fees are without accommodation but with 3 meals included. Email me at if you want help in organizing your hotel or airbnb in Squamish. We can also support you with carpooling & transport.


Soul School Retreat
Payment plan

5 days Retreat
Group teachings, Ceremonies & Workshops
1-1 Water Purification

1-1 Soul Activation 
1-1 Akashic Record Reading
1-1 Tarot Card Reading
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included
Water, tea and drinks included


= 3 x $497USD

Soul School Retreat
Pay in Full -10%

5 days Retreat
Group teachings, Ceremonies & Workshops
1-1 Water Purification

1-1 Soul Activation 
1-1 Akashic Record Reading
1-1 Tarot Card Reading
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included
Water, tea and drinks included


- Save 10% by paying in full
- Pre-Recorded Heart Opening Activation Meditation by Ida Rsi Wisesan


 = $1400USD


"Expressing my gifts into the world"

Attending Soul School retreat gave me great insights in how to express my gifts into the world. I feel more connected, more confident and more inspired by Life!
Audrey Sarquilla, USA


"Catalyst on my spiritual journey"

This experience was truly transformative for me as we delved into the understanding of our multi-dimensional bodies and divine connectivity. The activations were a true awakening and meditation techniques were expansive. Back home, I have carried with me a sense of tranquility and bliss. Soul School has been a catalyst on my spiritual journey and I am so grateful!
Kwame, USA & Bali

About Ida Rsi Mahadevi & Ida Rsi Wisesanatha

Ida Rsi Wisesanatha was a businessman and very respected hotel manager when he was called to walk the spiritual path. He trained as a priest and then High Priest of Bali which is a very arduous training. 

With his wife, Ida Rsi Mahadevi, who is also a Balinese High Priestess, they have been devoting their lives to training other priests, officiating ceremonies and travelling around Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan to support the spiritual health of those countries.

A few years ago, they received the call to start working with the many foreigners coming to Bali and seeking deeper spiritual growth.

This is when they founded Soul School. 

More than 10 Soul School Retreats have already happened since then, and this will be the first time Soul School comes to North America to support the awakening population that lives here.

We are incredibly lucky to have the presence of these two masters in Canada. They are very much revered in Bali and treated as Saints.

You will very quickly feel comforted and inspired by their loving, compassionate, wise presence and I am hoping you will honour their teachings & healing gifts and offer them the same honour and respect as they do on the very sacred island of Bali.


Why am I organizing this retreat with these two High Priests?


Hi, I'm Eleonore, the organizer of this Retreat in Squamish, BC, Canada.

Let me share with you WHY I have chosen to organize a retreat with Ida Rsi Wisesanatha & Ida Rsi Mahadevi instead of doing yet another one myself.

For the past 5 years, I have been on a deep spiritual journey. Becoming a Healer, Author, Founder of a Mystery School and devoting my time to my soul's embodiment, activating my gifts, expressing my highest potential and serving with my purpose.

My mission is to support the awakening, healing and evolution of the collective so that all beings can live their highest potential, while being deeply led by their Soul and Spirit.

I've learned from the best teachers around the world, and Soul School left me speechless.

When I got home from these 5 days, I knew their work was meant to reach more people and I truly wanted to help because this meant helping the evolution of the collective.

This retreat will be a catalyst on your path, a journey you will remember for the rest of your life. It has been for me and the 100+ other students who have already attended Soul School. I have no doubt at all, it will be for you too.

If you are feeling the call for this life-changing experience, I cannot wait to welcome you to Squamish and I am soul excited for what you are about to experience.


Terms & Conditions for Soul School Retreat

Please read the following terms and conditions for all payments towards your retreat experience. By making a booking for the Soul School Retreat, you accept on behalf of yourself and all those named on the booking, to be bound by these Terms and Conditions:

1. If you cancel due to COVID restrictions (meaning that your country’s borders are legally closed and you can not travel to Canada for the retreat), your full payment will be transferred to a future retreat within 1 year of the scheduled retreat start date.

2. If the retreat is cancelled by Eleonore de Posson or by Isa Rsi Wisesanatha & Ida Rsi Mahadevi, you will receive the option to transfer your full payment amount towards:
-  another retreat organized by Eleonore de Posson, within 18 months of the scheduled retreat start date.
- a future retreat organized with the two High Priests, within 18 months of the scheduled retreat start date.

3. If you cancel due to any personal reason up to 90 days prior to the date of the retreat you will be eligible for a 50% refund from Mel Wells.

4. All retreat payments become non-refundable less than 60 days before the retreat start date.

5. All payments are final and all payment plans are a legal commitment to pay in full.

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