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The Self-Healing Spiral™
coaching certification

Not just an online certification that will help you
heal and love yourself 
at a deeper level. 
This program will 




"So much value for your coaching and personal life"
I thought I had dealt with all my emotions, but going through the program I realized I still had to heal on a deeper level. I shifted to whole new level of thinking and healing. This framework gave so much value to my coaching practice and my personal life!

Sharna, Pregnancy Loss Coach, Australia

Have you ever found yourself thinking:​

"I know I can help others more!"

"Maybe I need more tools?"

​"How does healing really work?"

​"How can my coaching reach that next level?"

​"How can I unlock my fullest potential?"

Then, this coaching certification is for you!


Hi, I'm Elé,

Spiritual Mentor, Healer, Author and Founder of the Self-Healing Spiral™. 

I created the Self-Healing Spiral for myself when I was healing from a divorce, and a life out of alignment. This helped me replace self-doubt with self-love & inner peace, so that I could unlock my fullest potential.

It was so powerful, I started using with my clients and teaching. Today, I certify coaches, healers and therapists with the Self-Healing Spiral™ so that they can serve their clients and family in a life-changing way and heal the world one person at the time.

I can't wait to start sharing this work with you and help you transform inside-out, before you can also offer that transformation to others.

Transform the life of your clients, community, family,... and your own.

This method, accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation), 
has helped over 600+ women worldwide.
This is your opportunity to serve your clients and family in a powerful way and heal the world one person at the time, starting with yourself.


"Every human being has a true authentic self.

Trauma is the disconnection from it,

the healing is the reconnecting with it."

Dr Gabor Maté

An integrative method healing body, mind and soul through the power of self-love.


"I love my new self!"
This work helped me get over a burn out, but also really see, accept and love myself. I identified the fears and blockages that were holding me back from expressing my full potential. I now have the strength to face new professional challenges. This inner work also increased my intuition and self-confidence. It’s been so life-changing that I decided to get certified as a Self-Healing Spiral Coach and I am now supporting other women with this powerful healing method.

Caroline, Self-Healing Spiral Coach and Kinesiologist, Brussels

Unlock your fullest potential


Become a Self-Healing Spiral Coach in 3 months.​

  • 20 Pre-recorded videos

  • 3 live 1-1 Coaching Sessions

  • Unlimited support in the private portal

  • Weekly exercises, 30-60min a week

  • PDF Course material

  • 16 coaching tools

  • Videos & audios of the tools

You will learn a framework and 16 tools to integrate into
your practice and everyday life

You will master new coaching skills such as Powerful Questioning, Coaching Presence, Goal Setting, Planning Progress, ...

This method helps women with

  • Healing from a break-up / divorce

  • Healing from burn-out

  • Conflicts with family members or friends

  • Increasing self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love

  • Having a success mindset to grow your business

  • Making your dreams come true

  • Unlocking your fullest potential

  • Healing body image and eating disorders

  • Letting go of fears / blockages holding you back

  • Setting healthy boundaries in relationships

  • Being a loving parent for your inner child

  • Healing all emotional and spiritual wounds

  • Creating more inner peace and happiness in your life

  • Living an inspired & abundant life

Kubra Ozguvenc copy.png

"A higher income and Self-Confidence"

Before working with Elé, I was struggling with self-confidence and it was impacting my business. It felt luxurious to have her compassionate support. She helped me open a door within me; the door of Self-Love. I had been waiting for that.


My income and self-confidence then both increased and I felt so supported along the way! If you want to unleash your inner power, Elé is your girl!

Kubra, Belgium

"A new life"

I met a lot of people when facing depression, but Elé was definitely my most beautiful encounter. Thank to her method, I healed my depression, released my anxieties, let go of my fears, see my true worth and learned to love myself as I am.


I rebuild my life and I wouldn't be where I am without this. Thank you Elé!

Nathalie, Genval



In 3 months you will have the tools, knowledge and confidence to deeply transform the life of your clients (and yours!)

The world needs you now more than ever!

Simple & Powerful


A 6-steps framework

1.  An event triggers a conscious or unconscious wound. We all have wounds. 

2.  They show up through our emotions : anger, sadness, guilt, fear....

3.  Healing of the Soul through welcoming the emotion and listening to their unique message. 

4.  Healing of the Mind through rewiring the limiting beliefs & taking its power back

5.  Healing of the Body & Energy by moving back into relaxation, regeneration

6.  Increase of self-love, because deep down, Only Love Heals.

You will learn 16 tools to make your own and take into your practice.

You will improve your coaching skills such as Powerful Questioning, Coaching Presence, Goal Setting, Planning Progress, ...


Are you ready to


one person at the time, starting with yourself?


The world needs you at your fullest potential, TODAY.

Who is this certification for?

Coaches, healers, therapists wanting to 

Uplevel their practice

Unlock their fullest potential

Woman & leaders wanting to 


Heal & Love themselves

Serve their communities, families, friends,... by being an example of self-love and inner peace.

Become a world-class Coach


Are you passionate about healing & personal transformation?

You want to help people become their best and happiest version?

You want to be paid while serving and fulfilling your purpose?

You want your clients to be seen, heard, held, supported like never before?

You want an ICF accredited certification?

You are ready to unlock your fullest potential?

Then this program will


Investment in yourself & Coaching Skills

Self-Healing Spiral Coaching Certification
Payment Plan

$499 x 4

20 pre-recorded videos
3 x 1-1 session with Ele
Course Material
16 tools
Lifetime access
ICF Certification


Self-Healing Spiral Coaching Certification
Pay in Full - SAVE 10%

$1799 - Save 10%

20 pre-recorded videos
3 x 1-1 session with Ele
Course Material
16 tools
Lifetime access
ICF Certification


Pauline Headshot.webp

"I know and Love myself truly!"

“I worked with Ele 1-1, and she completely changed my life. Every sessions she has blown my mind and brought me so deep within myself. I sold my business, made multiple 6-figures, and launched a business that is deeply aligned with my purpose. Today, I truly love myself. I wish everyone could feel like this!”

Pauline, Founder of Microsteps, Brussels

Portrait Marinette.jpg

"Healed my burn out"

The Self-Healing Spiral helped me heal from a burn-out. It taught me to let go, open up to my own fears, take care of myself, recenter and listen to my emotions. I feel more at peace, less worried and happier every day.”

Marie, Entrepreneur, Brussels

Why this work is so important to me

Learn about my story in these 4 short videos

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Say YES to yourself and join us!
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