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My favourite quote:

"Everything is going to be alright in the end, and if it's not alright, it's not the end yet."



 Hi! I'm Elé,


I was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium, in a priviliged environment with parents coming from the Belgian artistocracy and bourgoisie. And to be honest, for a long time I rejected this part of me. I associated it with superficiality, and my key values being depth and authenticity, that didn't really go together. 

I was a creative, sensitive, wise child that didn't feel like she belonged but tried her best to.


In 2017, at 30 years old, freshly married, working in a bank with a great career path awaiting me, having finished a master in evening classes with the honours, I started questioning my life. Was that it?


I had everything. But something didn't feel quite right.

I went on a quest to find myself... and left for a one-month Yoga Teacher Training in India, Kerala. I had been doing yoga for 15 years, and felt like this training would open doors to more. Little did I know it was the beginning of everything...


As I came back from this month abroad, my then husband told me he didn't love me and my world fell apart. We divorced, sold our flat, I quit my job, left my friends and family behind and moved to Canada to study Energy Healing with a renown Healer and Mystery Teacher, Dolores Lamarre. I had no idea what I was going to do with my Life, but I was determined to finally listen to myself and follow my intuition.


This year in Quebec was a true spiritual awakening. I remembered who I was, activated my psychic abilities, and started writing a book sharing the method I created to help me heal from this traumatic divorce (and my whole life really!); The Self-Healing Spiral.

Certified as an Energy Healer, Access Bars Practitionner and Life Coach, in June 2019, I then launched my business and started helping women heal from trauma through the power of self-love. My life finally started to make sense.



Fast Forward to 2023, and in 4 years only:

I got married to the love of my life,

We bought and renovated a house we absolutely adore in BC, Canada,

We were blessed with the birth of our son Benjamin, in May 2021,

We moved to Bali for a year,

My business has helped hundreds of women heal, step into their purpose, come back to their authentic selves and embody their divine feminine,

I have crossed the 6-figure mark,

I published two others books and am currently writing a new one,

I launched the Sacred Roots Podcast who reached the 20.000+ downloads,

I opened the Sacred Roots Mystery School,

And I am fully embracing my role as a spiritual leader in the changing times we are currently experiencing.

This is the magic and the beauty that unfolds when we say no society's expectations and start living life according to our own rules.


In my case, that means following my intuition, surrendering to the greater plan, healing, releasing, and reframing pain into wisdom to support the ascension and expansion of my adventurous soul, and those who desire to follow my path and my work.



A Creative Childhood

As a child, I was bullied a lot and felt like I didn't belong. To compensate this lack of connection, I spend hours expressing myself through art, dance, music and theatre. 

I was playing the piano every day and listened to the radio a lot, hoping to hear one of my favourite songs, press the record button and write the lyrics down in my song book.


I had ballet classes every Wednesday and loved to prepare for our annual ballet show.

I wrote poems and novels. I wrote my first novel at 12 years old! 

Eventually, I also composed my own music at 18 years old, some of it is still on soundcloud!


I also had an insatiable love for the stage and theater, playing my first role at 8 years old. 7 other plays followed after that, one in high school, one with my father, writing a theater play with a beloved as well,...

Now, reflecting back at it, I was gifted the love of the stage and was designed to have a professional career where I would use my voice and be visible.

Scouts Life, Mothering others;

Next to this artistic expression, I was also very committed to the scouts life. I did 9 years of scouts with summer camps where we'd sleep in tents, learn to make a fires, live in the woods and watch the shooting stars at night.


I then volunteered for 5 years as scouts chief for 6-7 year old boys, becoming the managing chief and ended up Unity chief - chief of chiefs. I was known as Rosier Sauvage, meaning Wild Rose.

🌹 The Goddess was already planting seeds in my heart...



In 2015, I launched a cupcake company with a friend. It was called Flavors Bakery and we specialized in gluten and lactose-free, sweet and savoury cupcakes. 

I had been struggling with eating disorders, which lead to having digestive issues, gluten and lactose intolerances. This inspired me to create delicious sweets for people who can't process gluten and lactose. And as we were baking for fun on a Sunday afternoon, we decided to take a leap of faith and launch a business together. 

One year later, she took the project over and opened a cafe-bakery-bed&breakfast in the centre of Brussels, which still exists!

 Ele in a nutshell



Playing music


books, Songs, Poems...




Channeling Wisdom

 Spiritual Fun Facts about me...

My soul's vibrational name is Sumytha,
which means The One who takes care of the crib and looks after Life.
As our world is rebirthing, we are all invited to go through a rebirth (awakening) process. I am here to guide those who are ready to step into this mysterious process, desiring to remember who they (truly) are, live the life they were meant to live and build New Earth with me, and all other Lightworkers, Leaders, Creatives, Priestesses, and Magicians.

As a young child, I was fascinated by the stars and would spend evenings observing the Sky through my Telescope. A part of me remembered my Stellar Home.

At 11 years old, I taught myself how to write in Hieroglyphs. Another part of me remembered past lives in Ancient Egypt.

And during my whole teenage years, I spend hours writing songs and singing in my room. Yet another part of me remembered the magic contained in sound, and how sound is the basis of all creation.

Ele de Posson (12 sur 17).JPG

What it feels like to be in my vortex


Sofie, Germany

Ele, being in your vortex, I feel seen by you. You see the soul of the person you are talking to, and always give helpful answers. You teach with depth and dive deep into each theme with clarity, simplicity and share from the bottom of your heart. This makes you authentic on all levels! And I love your soft, gentle and kind aura that is represented in your eyes, your smile and your voice - I could listen to you for hours!


You are inspiring, especially when it comes to femininity. I adore how you live in your female energy and embrace being a woman. You are a role model for us!

Kubra Ozguvenc copy.png

Working with Ele has consequences; bringing magic into your life, but also self-compassion, and a feminine energy boost. No matter how deep you already on your spiritual journey, she finds ways to inspire you.


She activated a brand new path for me I was unaware of. Ele is a true feminine leader inspiring us genuinely and creatively! I’m so grateful for her. She is a blessing!

Kubra, Healer & Artist, Belgium

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