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Online Course
21 days to Embody your Divine Feminine

21 days of Healing workshops, Spiritual practices, Prompts & Ancient wisdom to experience Unshakeable Confidence, Irresistible Magnetism and Effortless Abundance

Are you feeling stuck in the masculine do-do-do, hustling all the time?

You want to learn to surrender, flow and move from your intuition?

You want to embody your feminine and receive more abundance in your business and life? 

Then this 21-day course is for you, 
And it will awaken parts of you you didn't know you had.



Hi, I'm Elé,

And I have designed this 21-day Course for every woman that wants to experience more Confidence, Flow, Power, Abundance, Intuition.

This course brings together 5+ years of my experience as a Yoga teacher, Energy healer, Priestess, Divine feminine expert and intuitive.

I am really excited to bring this accessible but powerful course to you as I know how much it is going to transform your life and give you access to unknown parts of yourself.

How does it work?

Every morning,
set aside time for an exercise, journaling questions or meditation to reconnect with your divine feminine and embody her powerful gifts.

This will be your spiritual practice, your daily sadhana.

20-30 minutes each morning,

to step into your most confident, powerful and abundant self.


It's time to reclaim your feminine essence and have the Confidence, Magnetism, Abundance and Life you were designed to have! Just like it's done for our past students:

“Alignment and New Opportunities coming my way"


Before working with Ele, I was stuck in my masculine of doing and I didn’t understand how to be fully in my feminine and receiving. Working with her really helped me to lean more into my being and do from an aligned place. It's been incredible the opportunities that have come my way since then. Thank you so much Ele!”

Crystal, Human Design Expert and Illustrator, Canada



It’s been life-changing, life-giving, like coming home to someone I’ve known about but now I truly see. Learning about those 6 feminine gifts is one thing, but bringing them into practice changes everything.This work is for any woman that is seeking a life she absolutely loves.


Charlyn, Transformational Coach, Florida

“Intuition & Feeling Light”


It’s made me realize the beauty of my Divine Feminine Energy. It also helped me get in touch with my intuition, learn to not doubt and it, and the Universe.I feel so much more light, much lighter and I want to embody this and keep this going in the real world.


Kiran, Relocation Agent, Hong Kong

“Liberated to be myself”


I’ve gained the ability to be who I truly am. I feel liberated to be her. I would recommend this work to everyone, and particularly to my sisters because the healing that takes place, the identifying of your wounds, the practical and spiritual tools to work through them and heal them, I want them to experience that.


Marissa, Influencer, Connecticut

Let’s see whats waiting for you inside

once you become a member

Weekly Workbook & Practice.png
  • 21 rituals, healing workshops, spiritual practices, prompts & Ancient Wisdom

  • 1-1 Mentoring from Ele in comments

  • Peer Support

  • Community of 300+ like-hearted students

  • Instant & Life-time access

Sneak Peak into the first days that will activate your feminine energy since DAY 1:

21day course content.png

See why our coaching clients said: "This is well worth over $2500!"

When women want to do this work with me in person, they sign up for my Divine Feminine Retreats which are a minimum of $2500. As a bonus, I offer them this 21-day course and they all agreed: The 21-days to Embody your Divine Feminine alone was worth the investment.

The best part is that you don't have to pay $2500 to get what they got!

When enrolling, you get instant access to 5+ years
of my experience in teaching women about
Divine Feminine Embodiment that has
helped them live with Confidence, Purpose,
Magnetism and generate thousands more in their business.

And today, these clients have not only shifted their way of living, by learning to be more in flow, surrender, follow their intuition, they have opened themselves to magnetize and receive the love of their life, move into their dream homes, launched new aligned business where they serve with their gifts. The ripples effects have been immense!

Now, you're about to learn what I've taught them about Divine Feminine Embodiment but without the big price tag!

The 21-day course is a $349 self-investment. At that price, it is a no-brainer! Why? Because if you only did a FEW days of the course, you would recoup your investment and quickly start seeing your external reality change!

Plus, you can easily rest as I remove ALL risk from investing!




(Just $197 today)

Click here to save $45 when you Pay in Full

3D book.png

You've read The Path of Femininity?

You are going to love this course! 💛

In my book, The Path of Femininity, I share 15+ exercises and practices to reconnect with your Divine Feminine. Most exercises are journaling prompts and meditations.

This course is bringing it one step further and activating you at an even deeper level with videos and audios that contain light codes, healing reiki energy, powerful meditations, etc.

If you have enjoyed reading the book, you are going to love the new practices from this 21-day course!

"Confidence & Abundance come from the Embodiment of Your Feminine."

Eléonore de Posson, The Path of Femininity

Graphic Flower.png

I listened to your Divine Feminine Meditation, nothing happened in the moment but the next day, during a walk I closed my eyes and I saw the answer to a question I had! I felt so much peace. It is the first time this happened, it was beautiful! Thank you!

Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 9.29.07 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 5.01.25 PM.png

I loved your light language song! I felt like it was purying my soul!

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 6.58.19 PM.png

"Practical access to the feminine mysteries"

“Eléonore’s embodiment of the tools she offers is unparalleled, and she is incredibly gifted at translating the feminine mysteries into accessible, practical applications. ”

Makhosi Nejeser, The Royal Shaman


If you have been craving to:

  • Have a regular spiritual practice to increase your connection with self & Spirit

  • Heal your witch, bitch, whore wounds

  • Say NO and learn to pur yourself first

  • Surrender, trust and move more into flow

  • Increase your intuition

  • Call in more money and abundance

  • Connect with your Divine Feminine and embody her power

  • Feel more confident and aligned

  • Release emotions of fear or shame

Then this course is exactly what you have been waiting for.

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