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The Swan Temple
A Divine Feminine Community & Membership

Doors reopening soon... in May 2023


Did you have a spiritual awakening?


Realized there is more out there than you were taught and want to uncover more?


You might have tried to address these topics with your friends,
but have only been faced with rejection,

and maybe even called crazy, delirious, too deep, too witchy, too much?


If this is you, it’s probably because you haven’t found your tribe yet.

A Warm Hug to your Soul


The Swan Temple is a Divine Feminine community for spiritual seekers, modern mystics, intuitive creatives, feminine leaders, women entrepreneurs, witches and priestesses seeking a safe space to connect, grow and heal together. 

This is a sacred space where you feel safe to fully express yourself, but also uncover the unseen, learn, expand and embody more of yourself. All questions and conversations are welcome, no topic is off limit. #welovetaboos


As we gather twice a month for a workshop, you will feel seen and inspired like never before. As you awaken, heal, align, restore, recharge, you will embody your feminine energy, and uncover more of who you are.

Are you craving a spiritual sisterhood where you can learn, grow, step more into your authentic essence and address all spiritual topics?

Then the Swan Temple is for you 🦢

Daniela Poppe.jpeg

"Guided to step into my most Vibrant Self​"

The Swan Temple is an extraordinary container. I leave every session feeling more inspired, connected, seen, clear, and empowered. I feel safe to be myself and lovingly guided to step into my most vibrant self. I love that the sessions oscillate between teachings, integration, embodiment practices, ritual and sharing.


Elé is an incredibly powerful mentor with immense amount of wisdom, care, intuition, and love for each woman in the circle. I wouldn’t want to miss having the Swan Temple as an integral part of my monthly routines. I feel safer to embody the truest version of me because of it. Thank you Elé ❤️

Daniela Poppe, Moon Whisperer, Germany


If you want to fully step into your Divine Feminine Power,

the best way is to find your tribe. 

Find your women, your witches, your sisters, those who you can fully see

and witness you in your true beauty.

Creating time and space for spiritual growth, ritual, support and connection with like-minded sisters is key to own your wisdom, your power, your gifts and to unlock your highest potential. 

As women, we’re beings of connection. 

We co-regulate our nervous systems and heal in community, 
as we open up, dare to be vulnerable, show up with authenticity, 
laugh, play, c
onnect, and share, We thrive.


Women have known this since the dawn of time. This is why women circles were sacred and present in all ancient cultures. 


Now, in our modern days, you are invited to join our virtual but sacred women circle, the Swan Temple.

 Bring Spirituality in your everyday life


What you get when you join the Swan Temple Community


  • (1) Monthly workshop

    Monthly 90min workshop taught by Elé to awaken, heal, align and embody your soul. Ancient Wisdom and Modern Teachings will be shared with you during this monthly session. You will leave with new insights about yourself, your gifts, your purpose and practical exercises, how to’s, to integrate the teachings.


  • (1) Monthly Feminine Embodiment Practice

    Monthly 90min embodiment practice taught by Elé where you get to restore, recharge, and renew your feminine energy through the body. In these sessions we will connect with the essence of a Goddess and use it in a very practical way to unlock your highest potential, heal and align at a cellular, alchemical, spiritual level.


  • Swan Temple Library

    As soon as you join, you get access to previously recorded workshops, bonus videos and meditations. These are extra teachings and practices to go through on your timing if you desiring to learn more;

    • Heal your witch wound

    • Expand your ability to Receive

    • Clarity on your purpose with Human Design

    • Protect your energy as an empath

    • Goddess Oshun & Sacred Sounds

    • Goddess Sekhmet & Express your Sacred Rage

    • Goddess IxCacao & Cacao ceremony

    • Thriving the Feminine Way; with ease and flow 

    • The Energy of Money

    • A Yoga Nidra

    • Activate your Intuition

    • Meditations: 7th Chakra Opening, Third Eye Activation, Reiki for Abundance, Divine Feminine Meditation, Healing the Ego Meditation, Sacred Union Meditation…

  • Ongoing support within the Community, on our private portal

    Connect with like-minded women who are also seeking healing, empowerment and alignment. The platform (hosted by Mighty Networks) is open for you to connect, ask questions, and support each other. Women thrive when they bond, co-regulate their nervous system and heal together.


  • Early Access to Events and Courses

    You receive first access to all events, retreats and courses.


"Be & Show more of myself"

This community has allowed me to be and show more of myself. I've healed my witch wound by speaking up, knowing this is a safe space where there's no judgement. I love that we meet biweekly, it helps me remain focused on my being (instead of doing), explore new things and somehow, it grounds me. The community and Elé have also helped me heal a loss I was going through. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Elé.
Lisa, Nutritionnist, Brussels

Connection & Teachings.png

Alignment & Healing

This membership is an expansive and inclusive experience for all those that identify as womxn and/or have been socialized female, regardless of gender identity or gender expression.

This is for you if: 

You are devoted and want practical and accessible guidance, exercises and “how to’s" to integrate sacred teachings

You are curious and craving Ancient Wisdom, Modern Teachings and Metaphysical Science


You are busy and want a sanctuary where you can restore, recharge and renew biweekly 


You are a seeker and want to feel nourished intellectually, physically, emotionally, spiritually 


You are ready to awaken the 6 gifts of your feminine energy; Authenticity, Magnetism, Intuition, Surrender, Receiving & Grounding


You want to shed limiting beliefs and blocks preventing you from stepping into your highest potential and soul’s purpose


You know that spiritual work can be hard for the ego, and you are ready for it! We're here to support you.


You are desiring to connect with like-minded women and are excited to journey together


You are ready to trust the fire in your belly that is telling you now “this is for me”.

This is NOT for you if:


You expect results and answers to fall on your lap 


You are not taking full responsibility for your human experience, blaming others and circumstances


You are looking for a coaching program where we will hold your hand


You are looking for superficial spiritual information


You are not committed to showing up live or watching the replays


You don’t care about community. You don’t need to make friends with everyone but we highly value respect, kindness and support amongst each other.


You are hoping to become a Millionaire from this experience (though, it will definitely impact your finances positively as you step into more of who you are)

Ele de Posson (1 sur 17).JPG


6-month commitment 
(cancel anytime after 6 months or continue)


(1) Workshop with Ancient Teachings

(1) Feminine Embodiment Practice

Swan Temple Library

Community on App & private platform

3+ Surprise bonus sessions

Early Access to all events, retreats, ...


1-year commitment 
(one time payment -
save 25%)


6 Workshops with Ancient Teachings

6 Feminine Embodiment Practices

Swan Temple Library

Community on App & private platform

3+ Surprise bonus sessions

Early Access to all events, retreats,...

Save 25%



"Healing & Embodying my feminine​"

“In this community I found like-minded women, who accept and support me. Side by side we make new experiences and dive deeper in our femininity - led and supported by Elé, who is an amazing teacher and great inspiration 🙏🏻 I feel seen, accepted and loved.

Sofie, High School Teacher, Germany


"Proud of who've become​"

“Ele's teachings helped me stop doubting myself and honour my truth. I build strong boundaries as result. I am growing in self-love and have created much more space in my business, which helped me sign my first 10k contract! I am proud of all the steps I took and who I have become along the way!”

Helene Allard, Running Coach, Brussels

The Swan Temple
A Divine Feminine Community & Membership



🌹 Awakening to your own essence and sovereignty


🌹 Learning Ancient Wisdom that applies to your modern life


🌹 Receiving practical guidance for healing and alignment


🌹 Healing old wounds and transgenerational trauma 


🌹 Having a sacred space where you can let go of the stress of today’s world and restore, renew and recharge your energy


🌹 Seeing the magic and the divine supporting

you in your life

🌹 Reconnecting with the Earth, The Moon, the Sun

🌹 Knowing who you are and taking decisions from that grounded place


🌹 Magnetizing your dreams and desires


🌹 Being able to hear and trust your intuition


🌹 Connecting with your soul, the divine, your Spirit Guides


🌹 Feeling seen, heard and held as you journey into your own depths

🌹 Connecting with your purpose


🌹 Building authentic and nourishing relationships with like-minded sisters

🌹 Working from a place of flow, ease and alignment


"An inner shift happened, even my sister told me I had changed!"

Before working with Elé I was struggling with self-confidence. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me know myself better. I'm still the same, but an inner shift happened! I'm more at peace, energized, joyful, confident. Each call was so powerful, I am going to miss them!

Valerie, Brussels, Co-founder of Amalou Health Center

Five years ago, 

I was working in a bank, getting married and doing a Masters in Business in evening classes. I finished one of the first of my auditorium. But the day I left that final exam was a tipping point for me. 


I was done with being “perfect” and checking all the boxes.

I was done with being who I was expected to be.

I was done with having everything but feeling like nothing.


I had a feeling there was more to life than getting a job, getting a husband, getting a house, getting kids and then getting the hell out of here…


I awakened and started my soul searching journey. I prioritized my own desires, my own needs, my own healing, my own self-love. 


And that’s when my 5-months marriage exploded. A gift in disguise as it led to leaving my job, my house, my friends and family, my country. 


I moved to Canada and allowed my true essence to come through and lead the way.

Ele de Posson (8 sur 17).JPG
Ele de Posson (15 sur 17).JPG


I have fully stepped into my purpose.

I allow my wild, sensitive, empathic, creative self to be expressed through my work but also dance, singing, nature walks, cookie baking,…

I have strong boundaries and say No more often than yes.

I have a deep sense of who I am and what I came here to do.

I have healed deep family wounds and a mother-daughter relationship

I see Life as a blessing, an adventure, always inviting us to go deeper within

I have opened my spiritual gifts and serve others with my clairvoyance, eagle-eye perspective, thought leadership and channeling abilities.


But also…

I am still learning to soften

I am still learning not to pressure myself

I am still learning to accept certain parts of myself

I am still learning that being human means embracing a constant rollercoaster, all while trying not to be too attached.

And that's the beauty of it. We are never done with learning and self-actualizing once we step onto this spiritual path.


If you are also seeking growth, healing, purpose, alignment while doing the work with like-minded women, join us today. 

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