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The Path of Femininity
The Six Gifts of Your Sovereignty
By Eléonore de Posson
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You're tired of hustling and trying to control everything in your life and business?

You want to learn to surrender, flow, be magnetic, move from your intuition and have an abundant life and business?

Your want to ground your business and life in feminine energy?

You want more alignment, ease, sisterhood, wealth and joy?

Then this book is what you've been waiting for!


"Practical access to the feminine mysteries"

“Eléonore’s embodiment of the tools she offers is unparalleled, and she is incredibly gifted at translating the feminine mysteries into accessible, practical applications. ”

Makhosi Nejeser, The Royal Shaman

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  • Phone wallpaper with light code activations to awaken the 6 gifts in you
  • Meeting your Divine Feminine Meditation
  • Divine Feminine Prayer
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Why I wrote this book

We live in a world of power. A world where money, hustle, competition and status are praised. We are shown through movies, social media and the press that the more money, power and status we have, the more respected we are.


But is life really about power? Is this quest making you happy and fulfilled?


I don't think so. I honestly believe there's a better, more feminine way, we can be fulfilled and abundant. And it starts with all of us women.


By reconnecting with our feminine energy we can change society into a world where authenticity, acceptance, community and abundance are at the centre of our lives and businesses.


We, women, have the key to create it, because we are the creators of the world. We are birthing a new humanity.


And it starts with rebirthing ourselves into the sovereign, divine feminine being that we have always been.

This book is my most important work. I am so excited to share it with you and to see how it is going to change you as well!

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