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A 6-months program for Feminine Leaders

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Flowers background gold.png

Are you desiring to impact and serve more clients with your genius

Are you tired of hustling and want flow, ease, alignment?

You want to master your energy, embody your feminine power and lead your business with your powerful intuition? 

Are you looking for a blend of strategy, energy, alchemy and spiritual teachings to build your business to 500k years


Then this program is for you!

"I moved in my feminine and my business exploded"

Eleonore is extremely good! She has expertise in many different disciplines: spiritual teachings, the divine feminine, energies, meditation, EFT, NLP,... She helped me heal myself and bring in spiritual principles that made my business explode. I'm now making multiple 6-figures a year and exhibited in New York on Times Square!

Olivia, Painter, London, @oliviadeposson

Lead, Serve and Magnetize Effortlessly
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You are here to build the New Earth and to share your genius with the world. 

But in order to do so, you have to come back to your authentic genius and let go of fears, beliefs,  layers that do not serve you (and the world!).

This 6-months program is a safe and intimate container that will allow you to remember your power, your genius, your gifts and translate these into a magnetic and abundant business your run with ease.

By the end of these 6 months you will: 

👸🏻 have clarity on your genius and purpose
👸🏻 magnetize clients effortlessly
👸🏻 run your business with ease and intuition 
👸🏻 replaced control and hustle with surrender and flow
👸🏻 stepped into a wealth mindset
👸🏻 Have a multiple 6-fig business that is deeply helping others
👸🏻 Embody your Queen identity and be treated as such



"From 5k months to 150k"

“Working with Ele was a life-changing investment. I had my first 10k month, lost weight, let go of my past, got more confident and gained clarity on my purpose. A few months later I even sold my business and made 150k cash! I cannot recommend her enough!”

Paula, CEO, Brussels


Hi, I'm Elé!

A Intuitive Business Mentor, Divine Feminine Expert, Healer, Speaker and Published Author.

I help feminine leaders and visionaries translate their genius and purpose into a feminine-energy-business so that they can magnetize more wealth, alignment, flow and impact humanity in their unique way. 

My Spiritual Gifts of Depth, Wisdom, and Clairvoyance lead you to yourself, your purpose, your magnetism, and your soul alignment.

This program brings together 10 years of my business expertise, knowledge, spiritual work and wisdom

And I know it will deeply transform you so that you can step into your most authentic self, be paid to be you and deeply impact the world with your genius.



15k - 22k months are my new normal 

In 6 months of working with Ele, I had a 15k month followed by a 22k month. I have butterflies every time I think of the first 6-figure year I am on track to achieve while working 4-hours a day!
Lisa, Nutritionist and Emotional Eating Expert, @onebiteatatime_nutritionist

Structure & Flow

March 9th until August 25th, 2022


1 session a month

2 hours


  • Your Genius & Purpose

  • Authenticity in Business & the 3 feminine wounds

  • Soul offerings

  • Magnetize Clients

  • How to manifest & receive

  • Surrender & Flow

  • Wealth Mindset

  • Wealth Energy Formula

  • Cycles & Rhythms in business

  • Human Design

Integration Circle

2 sessions a month 

2 hours

This is your opportunity to get 1-1 support from me.

In these sessions we will see how you are integrating the theme of the month into your business & life.

Come with your questions, obstacles, struggles and receive support from me and your sisters.

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Magnetize Magic & Wealth
in your business

This container is for you, if you:

       Are a Healer, Coach, Consultant, Creative Entrepreneur, Visionary, Leader

       Have tried all the strategies, but realized it is only 10% of the work and you want to                    discover the 90% others that is spiritual-energy-mindset-healing work

       Have a business that is making between 50k - 500k a year

       Want to triple (or more) your income

       Want to impact more women with your gifts, knowledge. expertise and step up into the          lighthouse and leader that you truly are

       Take full responsibility for your results and transformation 

If this you, we are so happy to welcome you into the program!


"Clarity on my genius and 5 new clients!"

Working with Ele is deeply transformative. Her 3-hour workshop gave me so much clarity on my genius. I then pivoted my business and got 5 new clients in the first month of working together. 3 months later, I had 5 clients in 5 days! I feel so in flow!

Farrah, Intuitive Song Doula & Song Medicine, @farrahtheresa


Invest in yourself

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Leader Plan

6 payments of 1,399$

or 7,999$ Pay in full (-5%)

What you get:

- 3 sessions per month, for 6 months

- Recordings of every session

- Life long access to my platform, app and community

- Voxer Group

- Signed copy of my book "The Path of Femininity" before its official release

- Sisterhood & Collaborations

BONUS (Value of 5250$): 

1. Access to my ICF coaching certification "The Self-Healing Spiral™" (Value 4900$)

2. 21 days course to embody your Divine Feminine - meditations and journaling prompts (Value 349$)

Queen Plan

6 payments of 1,999$

or 11,111$ Pay in full (-5%)

What you get:

- 3 sessions per month, for 6 months

- 1 x 1:1 session per month, 60minutes

- Recordings of every session

- Access to platform & app

- Voxer Group

- Signed copy of my book "The Path of Femininity" before its official release

- Sisterhood & Collaborations

BONUS (Value of 5250$):

1. Access to my ICF coaching certification "The Self-Healing Spiral™" (Value 4900$)

2. 21 days course to embody your Divine Feminine - meditations and journaling prompts (Value 349$)

Only 1 left

I want to see you embody your Queen Essence
Lead with magnetism, ease and abundance
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Join the container before Thursday, 2nd of March, midnight and get a 60min 1:1 session with me where you will receive:
- A Divine-Feminine-in-Business Assessment
- A customized Light Code Activation for Wealth.

The Feminine is mysterious, she is awakening in you and I can lead you on the path of meeting and embodying her. The result of this encounter, is a deep transformation that leads to more wealth, alignment, flow, purpose and joy.

If you are still reading, there is no coincidence. 

I believe you are meant to be part of this revolutionary container where you while create Sacred Union, Awaken Your Divine Feminine and step into the Feminine Leader that you are.

I know my expertise and wisdom, blended with the power of sisterhood will create a safe place for you to feel home, transcend and rebirth yourself from the Womb of the Great Mother. 

This work is deep and deeply needed. 

At the end of the road, is the promise of a Golden Age for you, your family, your business, your whole life and those you will touch with your own magic.

Listen to your intuition, take the leap and join us for this beautiful feminine journey.

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