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Beautiful altar with rose petals and goddess breasts. ceremony space..jpg
Beautiful altar with rose petals and goddess breasts. ceremony space..jpg

Sacred Roots
 Mystery School

Coming back to who you truly are and who you came here to be.

  Dive into the Mysteries...


Are you lacking direction in your life?


Feeling there is more your soul wants to express?

You have a curious sensation or interest around Ancient Egypt, Greece or Celtic Myths?

You are ready to embrace the divine, abundant, magical, powerful being that you are?


Desiring to unleash your spiritual gifts and power within?


Unveil the Mysteries of the Feminine and the Universe?

Lead women circles and be certified as a Women Circle Facilitator?

The Initiation of the Sacred Roots Modern Mystery School is for you.

Next Dates: September 21, 2023 - June 21, 2024

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Do you feel  the call  to explore the unseen realms, embody your divine feminine and have the Life your soul wants for you?


Re-member who you truly are...

In a world that is overstimulating, praising a go-go-go mindset, disregarding intuition and emotions, pressuring you to be a certain way although you feel that you don’t fit in, there is very little room for silence and sacredness that would help you remember who you truly are and who you came here to be.


But this old, patriarchic, paradigm is falling. Something new is birthing. And we are in tremendous need of women in their power. Magicians, Witches, Creatives, Leaders, Queens like you.


Your soul knows. She is craving this awakening for yourself and for others that you would lead.


This is why you are here. Right now, reading these words.


It is time.


"Life-Changing Wisdom​"

“Eléonore’s embodiment of the tools she offers is unparalleled, and she is incredibly gifted at translating the feminine mysteries into accessible, practical applications. The wisdom contained is her teachings is life-changing for women.”

Makhosi Nejeser, The Royal Shaman

   Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Woman

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What is a Mystery School? 


Mystery schools have been existing since the dawn of time. They offer teachings that lead to an enlightened and empowered life. We call these teachings mysterious because they were long hidden from the public, only taught to a very few that had eyes to see and ears to hear - those who were ready to learn about the invisible, spiritual, energetic aspect of the world. As a way of protecting these teachings, they were taught in between closed doors, as they would empower their students tremendously and help them to be free from the control in place in society. 


Today, more and more mystery schools are “open” and accessible to the public as we are in a great spiritual awakening, all invited to remember who we are and live as empowered, enlightened, sovereign creators of our lives.


Sacred Roots is a modern and holistic Mystery School build on 4 pillars: 

  • Teaching 

  • Healing

  • Integrating

  • Leading others

The 9-month initiation of the school is dedicated to Spiritual Awakening, Earth Wisdom, Alchemy, Intuition, Energy Healing and Divine Feminine Embodiment and you will receive those through the 4 pillars cited above.


This profound experience will empower you with the right knowledge, rituals, practices, healing and integration to help you heal and build the Life your soul wants for you. It will also certify you as a women's circle facilitator so that you can share some of the rituals and teachings with your family, friends or co-creators (clients).


"Proud of who've become​"

“Ele's teachings helped me stop doubting myself and honour my truth. I build strong boundaries as result. I am growing in self-love and have created much more space in my business, which helped me sign my first 10k contract! I am proud of all the steps I took and who I have become along the way!”

Helene Allard, Running Coach, Brussels


A   Mystery School for visionaries & feminine leaders

Who is this for?


The Sacred Roots Mystery School is for every women ready to awaken the Magician, The Priestess, The Healer, The Oracle and The Queen within, and step into her unique leadership, soul alignment and purpose. 


This school of the Divine Feminine will change your perspective on yourself, your life and the world. It will make you grow spiritually, personally, professionally, romantically and financially, as all these areas of Life are intertwined.


It will also empower you with tools, rituals, teachings, and healing modalities to lead, inspire and awaken other women through women circles and ceremonies.


Sacred Roots for Entrepreneurs


If you are an entrepreneur and are desiring to step into more alignment in your business, Sacred Roots will help you find clarity on who you came here to be as a business owner, what kind of offers are lighting you up, have a more profound and compassionate leadership, share your unique gifts with the world and impact more women with your unique activated magnetism.


Sacred Roots for Healers 


If you are en energy healer, reiki practitioner, embodiment coach, body worker or womb priestess, Sacred Roots will help you bring even more of your soul and healing gifts into your work. Our rituals and practices will activate your intuition and psychic abilities so that you can be a greater channel for healing through your hands, heart and mind.


Sacred Roots for Artists 


If you are an artist, your creativity will be unleashed and you will be able to channel more healing and empowering energy into your art. Sacred Roots will strengthen your connection to your soul and to Spirit so that you can be a channel for Spirit's work and use your art to bring more beauty into people home's and hearts.


Sacred Roots for those seeking their path

Whether you have a job or not, you might be feeling lost and lacking direction in your life. If this is so, Sacred Roots will help you re-member who you are, how to surrender to your Soul so that she can guide in the right direction and help you build a life that is fulfilling, abundant, joyful, orgasmic and in full alignment with who you came here to be.


Foundational teachings

The teachings and practices chosen for this initiation revolve around 3 main purposes:
🌙 Reconnecting you with the divine spark within and all around
🌙 Helping you re-member who you are and embody all of your feminine essence,
🌙 Supporting you in stepping into spiritual leadership.

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  • The Spiritual Laws of the Universe

  • The 7 levels of Consciousness

  • How to listen to your intuition, the Universe & your guides

  • The energies of the seasons, solstices, equinox & rituals for each passage

  • Living with the Cycles of the Universe, The Moon & your body

  • Unveiling The Mysteries of the feminine and Her-story

  • Healing the Wounded Feminine 

  • Awakening the Archetypes of the Oracle, The Healer, The Priestess, The Force of Nature, The Alchemist, ...

  • The Chakras, Energy Bodies, Activating the Mer-Ka-Ba

  • Sacred Geometry and Sacred Sounds

  • Reconnecting to the Earth; Grounding and Sola-Tera Alchemy

  • Time Magic

  • Women circles, rituals, sacred practices 

  • And much more that will be revealed during the course…



7 Initiations, each containing:

- 3 Mystery Classes

- A Healing Circle

- An Embodiment Practice

- A self-study or integration week; no call

We meet weekly, on Thursdays, and you receive ongoing

support through our private portal.


Initiation 1 - Autumn Equinox - Bringing the Sacred Home 

Initiation 2 - Samhain - The Oracle 

Initiation 3 - Winter Solstice, Yule - The Healer 

Initiation 4 - Imbolc - The Creatrix 

Initiation 5 - Spring Equinox, Ostara - The Force of Nature 

Initiation 6 - Beltane - The Priestess 

Initiation 7 - Summer Solstice - The Goddess 

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"I truly KNOW and LOVE myself"

“I worked with Ele 1-1 and it was life-changing personally, romantically, financially,... Then I did her 9-months group program and I truly discovered myself. Every week was mind-blowing, and I can truly say that I deeply love myself now. I also launched a new business that is deeply aligned with my purpose. I wish everyone could feel like this!”

Pauline Dubois, Entrepreneur, Brussels

Women's Recovery Group. Diverse Girls Smiling Holding Hands Sitting In Circle Indoor. Sele

Lead Others

Become a Women Circle Facilitator with Lead Teacher,

Melissa Ironside

Mel Headshot.jpg

We are thrilled to have Melissa as a Lead teacher and Integration Coach of the Sacred Roots Modern Mystery School.  She will be teaching the module "Leading Others" that will certify you as a Women Circle facilitator. 

Mel (she/her) is an experienced event curator, co-creatrix of Wickxd Womxn Full Moon Circles & Ecstatic Dance, certified pre-natal yoga (85hr) and Hatha yoga (200hr) teacher, circle facilitator, and birth doula.

She is also a childhood educator and mentor, specializing in mindful self-compassion, conscious connections, and self-regulation.

Her work breathes belonging as she is a bridge for many to reconnect to their bodies and their intuitive wisdom. Mel believes self-nourishment and returning to ceremony is essential for a healthy, thriving community. The deep healing experienced while being in circle with women is the foundation upon which Mel holds women both individually and collectively.

As Lizzy Jeff speaks, “when we heal our women, we heal our planet.” Mel is a heart-open space holder and gifted healer whose energy will leave you feeling nourished, connected and seen.


The Initiate

7 Initiations with weekly 2h calls
Course material, PDFs, audios, videos
Ongoing support on our private portal

Bonus: 21-day course to Embody your Divine Feminine

Early Bird $888/mo

The Inner Circle

7 Initiations with weekly 2h calls
Course material, PDFs, audios, videos
Ongoing support on our private portal
Monthly Group Healing Call with 1-1 mentoring

Bonus: 21-day course to Embody your Divine Feminine

Early Bird $1200/mo
Anchor 1
Early Bird $1400/mo

10 monthly payments

10 monthly payments


Early Bird

If you are ready to follow the call
And it is a
whole body yes for you,

Get the opportunity to join for only
888$ per month.
Available until
Sept 8th, 2022.


"My most beautiful encounter!"

"I was struggling with depression, saw many doctors and healers but Elé was my most beautiful encounter. She is the one that helped me heal, see my true worth and love myself again. I rebuild my life thanks to her. Thank you so much Elé!"
Nathalie, Brussels, Interior Designer


"An inner shift happened, even my sister told me I had changed!"

Before working with Elé I was struggling with self-confidence. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me know myself better. I'm still the same, but an inner shift happened! I'm more at peace, energized, joyful, confident. Each call was so powerful, I am going to miss them!

Valerie, Brussels, Co-founder of Amalou Health Center


Ready to Enter the Mysteries?

What attracted you to this page and reading this far?

Are you feeling there is more to be expressed, experienced, in your life?

You feel strangly connected to
Ancient Egypt, Greece, Celtic Myths?

You feel it is time for you to awaken or step up, whatever that means?

You're being
called to explore the unseen, the mysteries, the spiritual? 

If you answered YES to 3 of these questions,
You're ready and a part of you has been craving this. 

Follow your intuition that sent you here and join us, in the Sacred Roots Mystery School.



Impact Thousands and Co-create New Earth

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Feeling deeply nourished on a soul level,

Coming home to yourself, your most authentic self, 

Letting go of your biggest fears, wounds and replacing them with self-confidence, self-love and power,

Having clarity on your life's path, 

Being guided by your intuition and deeply trusting that intuition,

Waking up with a sense that everything is possible and truly believing in yourself,

Having a deeper connection with your guides and the Great Goddess,

Connecting heart-to-heart with like-minded sisters, 

This is exactly what you are going to experience during those 9 gestational months. 

Reclaim your Howl


"I healed my trauma & made 6-fig in my business"

Eleonore is extremely good! She has expertise in many different disciplines: Energy Healing, Meditation, EFT, NLP,... She helped me reconnect with myself, be more confident and love myself. I healed traumas and moved in my feminine energy which helped my have my first 6-figure year in my business. Thank you Elé, So happy you entered my life!

Olivia, London, Painter, @oliviadeposson


"Healing, Confidence & Abundance"

6 months into Ele's vortex and my life completely changed! Ele taught me to be in my power and accept myself for who I am. I healed family blockages and past trauma's as well. Today, I experience much more joy and flow in my daily life and my business had its first 15k & 22k months!​

Lisa, Brussels, Nutritionnist and Mindful Eating Coach, @onebiteatatime


"Life-changing; health, money, love & direction"

“Working with Ele was a life-changing investment. I gained clarity on my purpose, saved my relationship, lost weight, let go of my past and stepped fully in my power. A few months later I even sold my business and made 150k cash! I cannot recommend her enough!”

Paula, CEO, Brussels


"Clarity on my genius and abundance of clients!"

Working with Ele is deeply transformative. I now have clarity on my genius, pivoted my business and got 5 new clients in the first month of working together. 3 months later, I had 5 clients in 5 days! I feel so in flow and excited for what's to come!

Farrah, Intuitive Song Doula & Song Medicine, @farrahtheresa

Build your Wildest Life from Within

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Hi, I'm Ele. 
And I'm inviting you to join me in the
Sacred Roots Mystery School.

I'm a Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Podcast host and published Author. A Priestess, daughter of Isis, with a modern, life-style because Sacredness is everywhere to me.

My soul's vibrational name is Sumytha, which means The One who takes care of the crib and looks after Life. As our world is rebirthing, we are all invited to go through a rebirth (awakening) process. I am here to guide those who are ready to step into this mysterious process, desiring to remember who they (truly) are, live the life they were meant to live and build New Earth with me, and all other Lightworkers, Leaders, Creatives, Priestesses, Magicians and Queens.

As a young child, I was fascinated by the stars and would spend evenings observing the Sky through my Telescope. A part of me remembered my Stellar Home.

At 11 years old, I taught myself how to write in Hieroglyphs. Another part of me remembered past lives in Ancient Egypt.

And during my whole teenage years, I spend hours writing songs and singing in my room. Yet another part of me remembered the magic contained in sound, and how sound is the basis of all creation.

It took me a few life-shattering events, known as the Saturn Return, to quit my job, my house, my family, my country and start bringing all those pieces of myself together.
 I then got certified in the 4 corners of the world; as a Yoga teacher in India and New York, Reiki Master and Access Bars in Belgium, SAIME Energy Healer in Quebec, Mystery Teachings in Israel, Biomancy Magic School online, ... and have received many sacred teachings through dreams, personal and psychic experiences. Now, I have been asked to share these mystical teachings with you.

So if you are ready to remember who you are, 
Unveil the mysteries of Life,

Step into your feminine power,
And your whole body is saying YES to a Life of abundance, wealth, divine connection, purpose, and leadership, then come and join us.

You are about to embark on a journey you won't come back from, and I can promise you that the light is brighter on the other side. 

It is time. 

We are waiting for you.


1. Do I have to attend all sessions to receive the Initiate & Women Circle Facilitator Certificate?

We ask that you attend all the Temple Days Live. Book the dates in your calendar and create the space in your life to be there. The Full/New Moon Ceremonies and Healing Circles can we watched in replay, though you would benefit more from attending live, of course.

2. Can I be refunded? Is there a Garanty?

If you commit but aren't convinced by your first experience, you can be refunded up to 7 days after the first Temple, so until September 30th, 2022. Simply write an email to

3. What's included in the 9 months initiation?

7 Temple week-ends, 6 New/Full Moon ceremonies, 6 Healing Circles, ongoing support on our platform and app, course material, videos and audios of the tools shared and practices. By the end of the initiation you will receive a certificate of initiated and women circle facilitator. 

4. Will I be certified as a women circle facilitator? What does that mean exactly?

Part of our mission, is to empower you with the tools, skills and confidence to hold space for others, and guide others on their awakening journey. One of our Temple is solely focused on training you as a women circle facilitator. This means that you will be able to hold your own circles and events, sharing the wisdom and tools you will have learned during your initiation.

5. How is this Mystery School different than others?

The Sacred Roots Modern Mystery School is a 9-mo immersive initiation. This immersion, is what will allow you to heal deeply, awaken powerfully, and come home daily to a virtual sacred space. It is a sanctuary to drop your wounds, fears and trauma's, and activate your magic, power and gifts, so that you can step into your purpose and embody your soul's essence. It guides you on a downward, feminine embodiment journey, which is quite unique for Mystery Schools who usually guide you upward, bringing the energy from Matter to Spirit. 

6. Is there any prerequisite to join the Sacred Roots Modern Mystery School?

No, not at all. Come as you are, with your curiosity, your openness and desire to expand.

7. Is there an exam or test to be certified?

No. Nothing to learn by heart and recite on a piece of paper. This initiation is focused on helping you integrate the teachings as we go. You will receive a lot of support from our coaches and community manager to do the regular practices, rituals and integration exercises. You will expand, heal and awaken naturally as we go. The teachings are to be understood by the heart, through experience, not by the mind.

More Questions? 

Email me:

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