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Elé's Wisdom and Teachings


Talk 1

The Self-Healing Spiral™, How to heal and love yourself

As the Founder of the Self-Healing Spiral, Elé shares in a 60-90min talk how this method helps women heal trauma through the power of Self-Love. This method has helped over 1000+ women today and is being taught as a Coaching Certification accredited by the ICF.

Learning Outcomes:

- The 6 steps leading to self-healing

- The 5 emotional wounds related to trauma

- How to welcome and honour emotions

- How the body heals itself, leading to emotional and mental healing

- Why Love heals

Audience: Coaches, Therapists or Women interested in personal growth


Talk 2
Feminine Alignment for Magic and Wealth

This 90min talk is for every woman entrepreneur wanting to bring more of her soul in her business as well as experience more abundance, success, flow and magic.

During this session, Elé addresses the 3 feminine wounds that are keeping women entrepreneurs away from wealth and how their healing open them to more abundance and success.

Learning outcomes:
- How to align to wealth energy
- How to heal the 3 feminine wounds
- The 6 Gifts of grounding your business in feminine energy

Audience: Women entrepeneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Creatives


Story telling & hands-on teachings

Selena Dorsey, Founder of Hypnobiz & Hypnobiz Summit
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Chitra Rochlani, Nutrition, Fitness and Mindset Coach
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Elisa Canali, Business Mentor, Founder of Your Lane Summit
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Speaking Gigs

September 2021   Synarchy of Queedom, The Royal Shaman, private Expert Session
June 2021               Hypnobiz Global Summit

September 2020   The SoulMate Society private community
August 2020           The Aligned Soul private community
August 2020           Pregnancy Loss Healing Summit
July 2020                 Your Lane Summit
June 2020               Hypnobiz Global Summit
April 2020               Unleash your abundant CEO private community
April 2020               Fit Warrior Private community 
October 2019         Cook & Book "Self-Healing Spiral Presentation", Belgium
October 2019         Salon Art de Vivre, Belgium

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Book Elé for your event or summit

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