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Friday, the 13th: The day of the Goddess

Friday the 13th is not a day that brings "bad luck".

It's the day of the Goddess.

But like many things connected to the Path of the Goddess, its true meaning has been perverted, transformed, suppressed, hidden,...

Let's unveil it together and see how you can honour the Goddess today.

This is the Venus of Laussel, a 25.000 years old limestone carving found in France, and she is the perfect representation of Friday, the 13th.

You have to understand that during those times and all the way up to 3000 BCE, cultures in Old Europe would worship the Goddess and be mostly matristic. A tremendous amount of Goddess figurines dating from those times attest of how deeply venerated she was.

The Goddess was considered to be the Birther of the Universe.

This meant that there was also a deep reverence for the fertility and birthing power of women, who just like the Goddess, could birth Life.


Now, when looking at this statue, we see that she is holding a horn in her right hand with lines on it.

How many lines?


This sacred number refers to the 13 cycles the moon goes through in one year.

This means that women who were/are deeply in tune with nature and the moon, were fertile during the 13 full moons (mostly) and had the power to conceive 13 times a year.

13 refers to our feminine sacred power to create Life.


Moreover, this statue is called "Venus".

Many goddess statues are called "Venus" as this name is deeply encoded with Sacred Feminine Energies and refers to the Planet Venus, who's the brightest planet in the sky but also the Roman Goddess Venus, Goddess of Love, Beauty & Fertility.

Each day of the week refers to a planet of our solar system, and in French it is very obvious, let me show you:

Monday / Lundi - The moon, la Lune Tuesday / Mardi - Mars Wednesday / Mercredi - Mercury Thursday / Jeudi - Jupiter Friday / Vendredi - Venus Saturday / Samedi - Saturn Sunday / Dimanche - the Sun

Friday, is the day of Venus. It is a day of Love, Beauty and Feminine Energy.

Friday the 13th, is the day of the Goddess, the Giver of Life.

This is a very auspicious day to honour and celebrate the Goddess, all that she has given you but also the Goddess that you are.


How is that all resonating with you?

Here are 3 ways that you can honour the Goddess, the sacred feminine aspect of Source/Spirit, and of you, on this special day:

  • Sing Sacred Songs

  • Dance, let your body move intuitively for the pleasure of dance

  • Having a Yoni Steam and meditate or give thanks during this intimate, healing and energetic practice (Don't do it if pregnant or bleeding)

Which one will you do?

I am definitely getting my guitar out and will sing some of my own Goddess Songs 🎶



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