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You want to reach a next level financially & Quantum Leap?

You want to let go of your money blocks, rewrite your money story and build conscious wealth?

You want to magnetize money by embodying your unique wealth frequency?

Then I can't wait to welcome you inside Feminine Wealth Accelerator
and make some magic (and money!) together!
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A quantum leap happens when you align with another potential timeline.
How do we do that?

By letting go of who you think you are, and embodying more of who you truly are. 

It's not magic. It's physics. And it is available to you, right now.


"I did less and my business exploded"

Eleonore is extremely good! She has expertise in many different disciplines: coaching, energies, meditation, EFT, NLP,... She helped me heal myself, and bring in spiritual principles that made my business explode. I am now making multiple 6-figures years and exhibited in New York on Times Square! Thank you Elé, So happy you entered my life!

Olivia, London, Spiritual Painter

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Healing & Unblocking Money

Your Unique Wealth Frequency

Magnetize & Quantum Leap

Building Conscious Wealth

Every week, I will take you through my spiritual approach to money that is made of these

4 categories and includes:

  • the 7 principles of Money 

  • How money moves, operates and flows

  • How feminine energy (and sexual energy) call in money

  • Letting go of mental, emotional and spiritual blocks 

  • Embodying your unique wealth frequency - with Human Design & Gene Keys

  • My unique formula to magnetize wealth that lead to 30k days & 55k months

  • Pricing your offers

  • How to build Conscious Wealth & impact the world positively with your wealth

  • Light Language activations, meditations and Reiki for Abundance - Energy and Alchemy work



In 16 weeks from now, you will have: 

  • Changed the way you see money for ever

  • Healed your relationship with money and have a healthy, flirty, respectful and loving relationship with her

  • Magnetized money - made money effortlessly

  • Mastered my formula and method to call in money 

  • Aligned with your unique wealth frequency

  • Regulated your nervous system to experiencing wealth

  • Stepped into conscious leadership and wealth

  • Received Light Language activations, meditations, energy work, ...

Structure of the program:

2 hours / week live on Zoom

Ongoing support through my platform and app 

Life-time access to the program and recordings

 🎁 Meditations and activations for ongoing use

Confident Woman

"From 5k months to 150k"

Ele's work is life-changing. While working with her, I had my first 10k month, lost weight, gained clarity on my purpose, sold my business and made 150k cash!

Paula, CEO, Brussels

This program is for leaders, healers and visionaries who:
- Understand that with more money, they have the power to change the world
- Desire to step into conscious wealth
- Want to heal the wounds that have kept them financially small & stuck
- Want to run a multiple 6-figure business with ease & flow
- Align to the Abundance and Wealth the Universe has in store for them

This could be YOUR experience too:
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"Clarity on my genius and 5 new clients!"

Working with Ele has been deeply transformative. I left our workshop feeling so energized, I got clarity on my genius, pivoted my business and got 5 new clients in the following month. I am so excited about my business, what’s coming next and cannot recommend her more!

Farrah, Squamish, Intuitive Song Doula & Sound Medicine

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Invest in yourself and make that money x 3 back (at least) 

Wealth Experience

Early Bird 999$/month

Then, 1111$/month

What you get:
- 16 x 2hour group sessions
- recordings of every session
- ongoing support on my app

- Meditations 
- Activations for Wealth
- My book The Path of Femininity 


Quantum Experience

Early Bird 1799$/month

Then, 1999$/month

What you get:
- 16 x 2hour group sessions
- 4 x 60min 1-1 session
- Unlimited 1-1 Voxer Support (chat)
- recordings of every session
- ongoing support on my app

- Meditations 
- Activations for Wealth
- My book The Path of Femininity



You still have some questions, or want to connect with me to see if we are a good fit?

Book your 30min free clarity call now. 

Hi, I'm Elé, 
And I can't wait to welcome you in this 16-weeks container!

My personal financial journey started young as I was living in and understanding the privileged environment of "old money" to having a scarcity mindset related to transgenerational bankruptcies in my family, to now experiencing a 55.000$ month, 30.000$ day and manifesting 300.000$ outside of my business.

As a spiritual business mentor, I am going to teach you spiritual and "material" principles to help you get there as well. It is time for you to let go of all the blocks that are preventing you from aligning with abundance.

When money is in the hands of women, the world is slowly healing and becoming a better place. And you are part of these women desiring to build conscious wealth. Let me show you how. 

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