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Divine Feminine Retreat
April 9-15th, 2023
Feminine Flow A 4-day Retreat.png

Are you going through a transition or you're up levelling your

Life & Business?

Feeling like a new you is coming through?

You might have seen a healer, or listened to podcasts to find clarity,

but you’re still stuck and something seem to be holding you back.

If this is you, I would bet it’s probably because you haven’t taken enough time and space to truly listen to your soul.

Join me for a 7-day, intimate, luxurious, spiritual,

Divine Feminine Retreat in Bali,

and embody the gifted, impactful, purposeful, powerful

new you that is coming through.


Only 5 spots left



waking up with a gentle yoga practice,
receiving a traditional balinese massage,
expanding with soul awakening and healing workshops,
having deep a-ha moments about who you came here to be,
releasing the old in a water purification ceremony,
opening your heart with a cacao ceremony,
connecting with like-minded sisters,
finding clarity on your path and your next steps,
feeling empowered to express your most authentic self,


Are you craving:

◦ Deep connection with yourself & others

◦ Clarity on your path 

◦ Physical and Emotional Regeneration, restoration & rest

◦  Nourishing workshops for the body, mind and soul

◦ Silence, Space, Nature 

◦ Healing and Soul Alignment

◦ Feeling like a Goddess, a Queen for a week (and the rest of your life!)


"It's the 4th day and I don't want to leave! When is the next one?"

Natalie, Interior Designer


"After this week-end, I feel recharged, more at peace and I am going home with concrete actions and clarity!"

Elise, Yoga Teacher


Time away to find clarity, nourishment & healing


5 years ago, end of February 2018, I came home from India my head full of dreams. Little did I know I was entering a portal, a conversation, that would change my life. Within a few months, I divorced, quit my banking job, sold my flat and moved abroad.  

Now I can see I was going through a rebirth. The moment where I finally listened to myself and followed my intuition above anything else. This is what allowed me to be where I am today; married, with an amazing 2 year old, living in Bali for a year, bought and renovated a house we adore, with an aligned 6-figure business, 3 books published, and helped 100+ women heal and live their most aligned and magical life.

Transitions are hard moments. They're synonym of unknown, lack of stability, lack of clarity and difficult choices. Transitions are also moments where
everything becomes possible and it is important to create space to tune in and listen.

This Divine Feminine Retreat is a sacred space that will help you in the transition you are in. 

Maybe you're seeking a new direction in your career or business, 
Maybe you're leaving a long lasting relationship,
Maybe you're grieving a loved one or an old version of you,

No matter the transition you are in, now is the time to
To listen to your intuition so that you can find clarity.
To open yourself to
receive so that you can magnetize all that your heart truly desires.
And to heal, so that you can express your most authentic self with confidence, boldness and impact.

And this is exactly what this retreat is about.


Why is Bali so special? Why come to Bali - at least once in your life!

Bali, also known as The Island of Gods, has been making the conversation since... centuries! And it is easy to see why.

First, Bali has a lot to offer. From the 4 Sacred Mountains, to the 10.000 temples, to the Wild Jungle of Ubud, the Unesco rice terraces of Tegalalang, the white sandy beaches and cliffs of Uluwatu, to the dramatic volcanic black beaches of Canggu. Everywhere you go, there is beauty and amazement to be found.

But if you
have eyes to see and ears to hear… Bali will offer you much more than her beauty.

Bali is a highly spiritual place blending hinduism, buddhism, animism, and other old spiritual traditions.
6 different Ley Lines cross the island
and she is a minor chakra of the Earth. This is why she is the purification centre of the Earth.

Bali cleanses the energetic blood of the Earth and all the people who set foot on her. She has invited me into a deep healing &
 rebirthing journey to the point that I shaved my head to anchor this journey into my being. And she will nourish you the same way she nourished and healed me.

Bali is a blessing to anyone who is ready to let her energy guide and heal you.

Are you hearing her call?


Your most aligned, purposeful and magical life begins
the day you ask yourself:

What do I truly want?
What do I need?
What is calling me right now?

And give yourself just that...

Ele de Posson (12 sur 17).JPG

Practical Details

When is it?

April 9th, 4pm until Saturday April 15th, 11am.

You are expected at 4
pm on Sunday, and we will wrap up the next Saturday morning.


Bali, Ubud. The address will be shared with you after you sign up.

Typical Day: 

7:30am - Gentle Yoga Practice, no experience required
8:30am - Breakfast 
10:00am - Workshop 
12:30am - Lunch
2pm - Embodiment Practice 
4pm - Rest, Walk or Swim in the ocean
6pm - Sunset Gazing
7pm - Dinner 
8pm - New Moon Circle / Sound bath / Breathwork / Connection time


What to expect?

New teachings, New tools & New soul sisters

🧘🏻‍♀️Yoga Classes
 & Soundbath
🧘🏻‍♀️Water Purification Ceremony 

🧘🏻‍♀️Time in silence to resource your soul

4 workshops to journey towards clarity & healing:

📖 Deepen your intuition and understand how it talks to you
📖 Open yourself to receive more love, money, support, creativity
📖 Surrender and have a soul-led life & business
📖 Heal your witch wound and own who you are

🥗 Nourishing meals prepared by a local chef


Download the complete schedule below. 

1. Additional 1-1 time will be available for any of you desiring 1-1 mentoring with me during the retreat. 
2. This schedule is subject to change.


"Ele, you bring us really far into ourselves and guide us powerfully on this inner journey. Thank you!"



"This retreat was a success thanks to Ele’s charism, wisdom and generosity. She gave so much and I am leaving with clarity on who I am, what I need, how to stay centred and how to move forward."

Pia, Intuitive & Reiki Healer


Self Investment
Prices are in USD

Join us today by choosing your prefered option below:

Share a Room or come with a friend - Pool View

Queen bed Room with Jungle View

Capacity is limited to 10 women,
5 spots left.

Price includes:
- Accomodation & nourishing meals 
- All workshops with Elé
- Morning Yoga classes
- Water Purification Ceremony
- One Traditional Balinese Massage 
- Sound Bath, Breathwork, Cacao Ceremony, ... 

BONUS : Access to my 21-day course to Embody Your Divine Feminine (value 349$)

Not included in the price:
- Your Flight to Bali
- Transport to the Villa.

If you want to make this experience even more transformational, I will have availabilities
1-1 sessions to support you on your spiritual journey at an exclusive
Retreat Price of $444 instead of $1111. Email me to book this:

You are advised to arrive the Friday or Saturday in Bali, to acclimatize to the new time zone.

Once you have booked your flight to Bali, please email me your details.
I will gladly help you organize the transport to the Villa.

Discover the boutique Villa that will host this deeply nourishing and healing experience
Ele de Posson (15 sur 17).JPG

Hi, I'm Ele,
Your host for this Bali Retreat

I'm a Spiritual Teacher, Divine Feminine Expert, Healer, Speaker and Author of The Path of Femininity; The 6 Gifts of your Sovereignty.

I know what it feels like to hustle, push, be in your masculine all the time and not knowing how to be in flow and surrender.

I know how it feels to loose yourself in your business, have a lack of clarity in who you are, and not dare to show up boldly and with authenticity.

I know how it feels to want to express yourself, show up, serve but having fear hold you back and make you freeze.

But through the chaos I found my way back to myself, my wisdom, my purpose.

During this retreat you will experience my medicine,
so that you can come back to yourself as well, and come home with new tools, new ways of doing business and life, new perspectives on who you are and what you came here to do.

You are a Goddess, a Healer, a Leader,
And it is time to gift yourself with the same
self-care & love you give others. 

Join us at the Bali Divine Feminine retreat.

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