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If you are ready to move away from who you think you should be and step into who you came here to be

Join the prioritary waitlist for 2024. 


If the Mysteries are calling you,
Watch this short video 🌹

A  University for the Soul

Do you feel you are meant for more?


Desiring to serve with your unique gifts?

Live in alignment with your deep truth and purpose?

Bring the Sacred and the Feminine back into your life?

And you're curious about Ancient Egypt, Greece, Celtic Myths
Feminine Mysteries?

The Sacred Roots Mystery School is for you.

Next Dates: December 21, 2023 - March 28, 2024. 15 weeks journey.


Do you feel  the call  to explore the unseen, dive deep into Feminine Mysteries, and express your highest potential?


"Life-Changing Wisdom​"

“Eléonore’s embodiment of the tools she offers is unparalleled, and she is incredibly gifted at translating the feminine mysteries into accessible, practical applications.”

Makhosi Nejeser, The Royal Shaman

Headshot Charlyn .jpg

"Completely Life Changing"
The Mystery School was one of the most profound experience of my Life. Ele, you changed my life. You taught me how to truly feel, heal and embrace the truth of who I really am!"
Charlyn, Transformational Coach, Florida

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"I stepped into a new, unexpected, aligned path"

“The Mystery School has opened a new path for my career and my new offer started selling effortlessly. No matter how deep you already are on your spiritual journey, you will be activated by this initiation. 

Kubra Ozguvenc, Spiritual Guide, Healer, Astrologer & Artist, Brussels

Deep Spiritual teachings

The teachings and practices of the Mystery School are designed to help you
Re-member who you came here to be 
🌙 Identify your soul gifts and serve with them
🌙 Walk the highest, most aligned path where work feels like play
🌙 Receive clear and powerful guidance in your meditations/spiritual practices
🌙 Know exactly when you are being sent a sign by your Spirit Guides, the Universe, the unseen
🌙 Have MORE energy after working with clients than before
🌙 Use Sacred Sexuality to Manifest and
Magnetize a publisher for your next book
🌙 Wake up on Monday morning with 4 DMs from ideal clients
🌙 Invite your whole family on a luxurious holiday to visit the Sacred Sites of Egypt or Macchu Picchu
🌙 Dance with soul sisters under the full moon during our Sacred Feminine Retreat

🌙 Coming home after our 4-day retreat feeling soul nourished and more alive, aligned than ever before

Divine Feminine
Awaken, Heal and Embody your Feminine Energy, Her-Story, Feminine Gifts, Womb Wisdom, Sacred Sexuality

Energy Healing 
Learn the basis of Energy Healing, 7 chakras, 7 bodies, and how to protect yourself as an empath

Divine Masculine
Embrace the protective, nurturing Masculine that is there to support the feminine and create Sacred Union

5 Principles of Life
Life is ruled by 5 principles that offer you a greater understanding of why we are here

Learn about the journey, the anatomy, the wounds of the Soul and embrace your soul's purpose

Sacred Sites & Earth Chakras
Earth Chakras, Ley Lines, Stone Circles & How to prepare yourself for Sacred Sites

Sacred Sounds & Geometry
Harness the power of Sacred Sounds & Sacred Geometry to merge with Soul & access unity

Moon Mysteries 
Dive into the cyclical nature of the Moon, the Dark Moon Mysteries and how these support your soul's evolution

And so much more...


"Alignment & going deep within"

The Mystery School offered me a much wider perspective on Life, taught me to go deep within while feeling safe, create a more aligned version of myself and meet soul sisters. It was amazing!


"I unlocked my highest potential"

Ele saw a potential beyond what I could not see and helped me come home to myself, honour who I am and know my purpose. I am whole again. As a result, clients came effortlessly to me and I just launched the most aligned program. 

Shannon Clarke, Wild Woman Coach, Ottawa

One of the most profound experiences of your life


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