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"Life-Changing wisdom for women"

“Eléonore’s embodiment of the tools she offers is unparalleled, and she is incredibly gifted at translating the feminine mysteries into accessible, practical applications. Her teachings are life-changing for women.”

Makhosi Nejeser, The Royal Shaman

3 courses for Women Entrepreneurs

⭐︎ Are you calling in more money, more abundance ?

⭐︎ Tired of hustling and burning out? You want to thrive the feminine way, with ease, flow and more intuition?

⭐︎ Desiring to unveil Feminine Mysteries and learn about Time Magic, Womb Magic, Healing the Witch Wound and step into your power?

Then these 3 courses are for you

I am exclusively offering these 3 courses at $49 for 48 hours only to celebrate my 35th birthday with you! 🥳

The Energy of Money Workshop

  • 2-hour a recorded live workshop

  • Learn the 7 principles of Money

  • Change the way you see money for ever

  • Let go of limiting beliefs and blocks around money

  • Move from scarcity mindset to abundance mindset

  • Understand how money moves

  • Magnetize money for the end of 2022

  • Light Language activation for Wealth


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21 days to Embody your Divine Feminine

  • 21 days of videos, audios, practices, rituals, journaling prompts to heal and embody your divine feminine energy

  • 30min morning practice to grow spiritually and align

  • Move away from hustle, control and burn-out into ease, flow, intuition

  • Activate the 6 gifts of your feminine energy

  • Learn to Surrender and Trust

  • Heal the 3 feminine wounds; Witch, Bitch and Whore wounds

  • Become Magnetic

  • And so much more...

Avenir Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go-to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

Feminine Magic, a 2-day online retreat 


  • 6 hours of a recorded live course

  • Dive into Feminine Mysteries and Explore the unseen 

  • Learn about the Story of the Feminine, Her-Story

  • Master Time Magic

  • Access your Womb Wisdom

  • Activate your intuition with a powerful breathwork practice

  • Awaken the Swan Priestess inside of you

  • Full Moon Ceremony


Total Value = $745

Now, only $49

Buy today and save $696

They loved it 

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Hi, I'm Ele. 
I'm a Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Podcast host and Best-Selling Author. A Priestess, daughter of Isis, with a modern, life-style because Sacredness is everywhere to me.

My soul's vibrational name is Sumytha, which means The One who takes care of the crib and looks after Life. As our world is rebirthing, we are all invited to go through a rebirth (awakening) process. I am here to guide those who are ready to step into this mysterious process, desiring to remember who they (truly) are, live the life they were meant to live and build New Earth with me, and all other Lightworkers, Leaders, Creatives, Priestesses, Magicians and Queens.

As a young child, I was fascinated by the stars and would spend evenings observing the Sky through my Telescope. A part of me remembered my Stellar Home.

At 11 years old, I taught myself how to write in Hieroglyphs. Another part of me remembered past lives in Ancient Egypt.

And during my whole teenage years, I spend hours writing songs and singing in my room. Yet another part of me remembered the magic contained in sound, and how sound is the basis of all creation.

It took me a few life-shattering events, known as the Saturn Return, to quit my job, my house, my family, my country and start bringing all those pieces of myself together.
 I then got certified in the 4 corners of the world; as a Yoga teacher in India and New York, Reiki Master and Access Bars in Belgium, SAIME Energy Healer in Quebec, Mystery Teachings in Israel, Biomancy Magic School online, ... and have received many sacred teachings through dreams, personal and psychic experiences. Now, I have been asked to share these mystical teachings with you.

So if you are ready to remember who you are, 
Unveil the mysteries of Life,

Step into your feminine power,
And your whole body is saying YES to a Life of abundance, wealth, divine connection, purpose, and leadership, then come and join us.

You are about to embark on a journey you won't come back from, and I can promise you that the light is brighter on the other side. 

It is time. 

We are waiting for you.

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