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Ready to dance with the unknown and allow your most aligned and miraculous life to unfold?

3-week intensive

It is time to Surrender, and stop controlling everything, all the time.

Hustling, Grinding and Pushing through only gets you that far and mostly doesn't work. It only burns you out.

There is another way. An easier way to live in flow and abundance.

And I will teach you how.

Now is your time to Surrender and Receive more, much much more

than what you could have dreamed of.




"New Aligned Client and Unexpected Money in 3 weeks"

I've been working with Elé since September 2021. She's an amazing teacher and mentor that brings out the best in you by connecting you back to your power. This course was yet again a hit! I have attracted a new client who paid in full my highest offer, unexpected money, love. Moreover I am embodying a new frequency and feel more peaceful and at ease. Somehow I know deeply within myself that everything is working out, and everything is working for me. 

Lisa, Nutritionnist, Brussels


"Surrender brings ease"

This course taught me easy and effective tools to surrender and start trusting Life/co-creator (again). Before I felt desperate, had negative thoughts most of the time and was very much in control. The course gave me hope again, proof that life is a dance and many synchronicities!

Helene, Running Coach, Cape Town

Ele de Posson (10 sur 17).JPG

Do you relate to any of these:

You've been following all the strategies to build a 6 or 7-figure  business, but haven't gotten there (yet!).

You feel like pushing, hustling, grinding to reach your goals and are wondering if there could be an easier, more sustainable way to make it work.

What you're doing in your business doesn't light you up anymore, it doesn't feel aligned anymore but what now? You want to wake up feeling so lit up by your day and what you're doing in your business.

You feel something more wants to come through in your life but you don't have clarity and you don't know how to find it.

You know you are meant for more. More Success. More Joy. More Health. More Money. More Peace. More Soul Sisters. But how can you call it in?

How you used to live, work, play, and connect with people doesn't feel as good anymore. You've changed and it is destabilizing to birth the new you. 

Life is uncertain, it's like someone just pulled the rug under your feet. Where do you even being? How do you start over?

If you said YES to even one of these, 
Then it is
time to Surrender and let the Greater Plan unfold.
Magical and Miraculous people and situations want to come in your life,
Surrender and let them come in.

Ease & Flow

Surrender is a 16-week homecoming experience for:

the high-achieving CEO,

the creative,

the visionary,

the intellectual,

the perfectionist,

the control freak,

the driving force,

the busy mom,


Who craves,

Flow, Ease, Effortless Abundance, Magnetism, Spaciousness, Deep trust, Alignment, Soul-led decision making, Purpose, Wholeness and Feeling divinely supported.


This is for the woman who knows deep down, it is time to stop pushing and controlling everything but learn to surrender, and follow the whispers of the Divine.


It is time to co-create with ease the

life and business you were always meant to.


Surrendering is NOT

⛔️ Giving up 

⛔️  Weakness 

⛔️  Passive energy 

⛔️  Letting life pass you by

⛔️  Settling down for less


Instead it is,

🌟 Co-creating with the higher intelligence at play behind everything 

🌟 Knowing when to take aligned action, and when not 

🌟 Recognizing and moving with divine timing 

🌟 Letting go of was doesn’t serve you 

🌟 Deeply trusting yourself & Life 

🌟 Allowing the greatness & abundance meant for you to come into your life

🌟 Opening yourself to receiving all you dream of (and more)

🌟 Living in constant connection with your soul 

🌟 Feeling enough, whole, and at peace with who you are 

🌟 Creating a life of greatness, impact, and purpose 

🌟 Witnessing daily, weekly miracles 


"Life-Changing Wisdom for Women​"

“Eléonore’s embodiment of the tools she offers is unparalleled, and she is incredibly gifted at translating the feminine mysteries into accessible, practical applications. The wisdom contained is her teachings is life-changing for women.”

Makhosi Nejeser, The Royal Shaman, Florida

This course is not some woo woo fluff,

It is based on 10+ years of research, training, certifications

and personal experience in,







Nervous System Regulation

Emotional Healing

3-week Intensive
February 23rd - March 10th

3 x 90min transmissions, you receive lifetime access to replays
Weekly Workbooks and Practices
7 Bonus videos with practices and teachings to surrender even more
Support from Ele & Community on our private portal

Transmission 1- DECLARE
The Ins & Outs of the co-creative relationship
Connect with your Soul's Desires
Heal your Control Wound & Trust

Transmission 2 - DETACH

Law of Detachment - Release your expectations
Alchemy of Darkness & Magic of the Unknown
Move into Flow now

Transmission 3 - DANCE & RECEIVE

Expand your ability to Receive
Activate the Magnetism of your Heart
Live in complete Surrender


Ele de Posson (12 sur 17).JPG

Drop down from your head into your body.
All the answers you seek are there.

- Eléonore de Posson

Aligned & Abundant

By the end of this Live Course, you can absolutely expect to:

🌟 Run your business and life from a place of flow and ease
🌟 Have healed "the controlling you" that wants to have everything figured out
🌟 Be completely at ease with the unknown, uncertainty and lack of clarity
🌟 Know when to take aligned action, and when to rest, restore and receive
🌟 Have increased your income (doubled or tripled it) by doing less
🌟 Feel a deep trust in yourself and in life
🌟 Go after those big dreams you have
🌟 Be surprised by weekly synchronicities, opportunities, miracles
🌟 Receive more love, support, money from your friends, community and clients
🌟 Have a Soul-Led Life and Business

🌟 Be in true co-creation with the divine, for your highest good and the highest good of all

This transformation is absolutely real and will change you, your life, your business and your reality. 


I have been on my own 3-year initiation into Surrender, and all the love, success, abundance, purpose, joy, adventure I have is thanks to that. I cannot wait to take you on this accelerated deep journey with me.


🙏🏻 This can be your reality in the next month(s) 🙏🏻

When I healed the control freak that I was and Surrendered, that is when 


  • I married the love of my life

  • I pivoted my business to be in true alignment with my purpose

  • I channeled a book in the middle of the night; the Path of Femininity

  • I made my first 30k cash month out of the blue 

  • I healed family relationships and ancestral wounds

  • I found our dream house in a saturated market with excessive demand, twice!!

  • I noticed daily synchronicities, signs, messages

  • I softened and received more than I could imagine

  • I moved to Bali to be initiated even more deeply into what Surrender is, 


Then Spirit told me it was time to teach this to you.

Ele de Posson (5 sur 17).JPG

"Whole and complete, I now know who I am here to be"

Elé, you saw a path for me that I couldn't see for myself. You saw a potential beyond what I could imagine. I have completely pivoted my whole way of being and expanded into claiming this wild woman energy. You were the wind that reignited the fire inside of me. I feel whole again and know why I'm here, earthside. 

Shannon, Ottawa, Wild Women Mentor

Prices are in USD

Surrender Goddess

3 x Live Transmissions
Weekly Workbooks
Community Support
7 Bonus videos


You only pay $799

Surrender Queen

3 x Live Transmissions
Weekly Workbooks
Community Support
7 Bonus videos
with 1-1 SUPPORT from Ele


You only pay $1399

For all students of the course

Total value $797

  • The Surrender Meditation & Light Language

  • Surrender Light Code Phone Wallpaper

  • Reiki for Abundance

  • Access to the Soul Path Masterclass

  • 7th Chakra Opening Activation

  • Yoga Nidra to move into trust

  • Foods that create Flow energy and Surrender 


"Alignment and Flow, working from my feminine"


Before working with Elé I was too much in my masculine and didn't know how to receive. I have learned to work from my feminine, in alignment and more in flow. And it's been incredible the results and opportunities that have come as a result! I am so grateful to you Elé, I look forward to working with you again!

Crystal, Book Illustrator & Human Design Expert

Surrendering really comes down to living in full alignment with your soul, following the whispers of the Divine, and opening yourself to receiving all the abundance that wants to come in your life.

Surrendering is coming back to your true nature and
natural, intuitive way of living.

This homecoming happens through the
healing of your ego, awakening of your mind and embodiment of your soul. It invites you into another way of living, more aware of the energies and universal laws supporting your blossoming.

The teachings you will receive are
like an initiation, a rite of passage, once you have learned and embodied them, there's no way back.

The breathwork sessions will help you
release at a somatic level the beliefs, fears and potentially past lives experiences that made you control, hustle and push through in the first place. They will also help you regulate your nervous system and experience more safety and trust in your body, so. that you can experience safety and trust in your mind.

This course is
designed to support you mentally, emotionally and spiritually and can also be followed in your own divine time.

Your dreams and desires are just around the corner,
all you might have to do now, is to Surrender.

Pauline Headshot.webp

"I discovered my true self and deeply love myself today"


I worked with Ele 1-1 and it was life-changing. Then I did her 9-months group program and I discovered my true self. Each week was mind-blowing. I launched a new business that is deeply aligned with my purpose.  And now I can truly say that I deeply love myself! I wish everyone could feel like that. Thank you Elé.

Pauline, Brussels, Founder of Microsteps

Ele de Posson (15 sur 17).JPG

Hi, I'm Elé,

And I cannot wait to take you on this deep, life-changing journey with me.

I've done many trainings and certifications to be where I am; 
Yoga Teacher Trainings in India and New York, Reiki Master and Saime Energy Healing Training in Quebec, Access Bars, Life Coaching, Biomancy, Light Language Channeling, Breathwork, ...

But my greatest teacher was Life. She taught me how to dance with fear, how to heal myself, how to trust my intuition, how to Surrender to her guidance, how to build the Life I was meant to build. She's the one that helped me live my dharma and be the Spiritual Teacher that I am today.

You also have a unique path to walk, a unique message to share with the world, a unique expression to be, and Surrendering is absolutely key to let your essence come through and walk that sacred path.

If you know this is for you, join me now in this incredible adventure!


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