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1-1 Purpose workshop

Your purpose is not what you came here to DO. But WHO you came here to BE. As you connect with your soul and the highest expression of your essence, the doing naturally flows out of your beingness.

Are you ready to:

Fully embrace the truth of who you are

Uncover your gifts?

Serve powerfully with your gifts and impact millions?

And connect with who you came here to be?

Then this 3 hour 1-1 Purpose Workshop is for you.


I am ready!
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Re-member who you came here to be and finally walk your purpose.

This workshop will bring you home to your essence, giving you clarity on who you are, your gifts and how you can serve and impact humanity powerfully.

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Rachel, London

​"Tears of Joy to find my purpose..."

Elé, thank you so much for taking me through your workshop ! Obviously, you know that I was a bit of a crying mess by the end of it... but they were tears of Joy about realizations on my own self worth and that everything I dream is possible. 

I had been thinking about my purpose in the past but never had someone structure the discovery like you did so I'm truly grateful for the experience and guidance. 

I have already started on the next mini steps on my path ! Once again, thank you for helping me find my true purpose !


Anaïs, Colombia

"I felt so peaceful and positive after the workshop!"

I left this workshop feeling much more peaceful about my future and knowing how to think in a more constructive and positive way.


The everyday exercice you give to make the seed grow, make my days start in a healthy, positive and active way. I now have a clear vision of who I am, and how to look into my future. You are a real professional and I’ve been regularly reading the notes from the workshop.


Thank you !

  Align. Embody. Thrive.

You are unique.

You have unique talents, and a unique way to bring those talents to the world.

And guess what?

The world need those talents of yours. The world needs you in your power, owning your essence, fully expressing yourself. 

Because we are all here to support each other and help the evolution of humanity. If you are holding yourself back and fitting into a life that is not exactly you, you are taking away from all those people who need what you have to bring.

Get out of your own way, and start walking your purpose now.

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This 3-hour workshop is for you if:

🌙  You feel stuck in your career or business

🌙 You know you're meant to do something else, but what?

🌙  You want to feel lit up by your work when you wake up in the morning

🌙  You want to make an impact and help others

You want clarity and practical next step to move forward

What you receive when you join


3 HOUR 1-1 CALL 

3 hours that will bring you deep within yourself. You'll connect with your soul, connect with your gifts, connect with who you came here to be and how you can support the evolution of humanity with your gifts.



When signing up, you'll receive a few links and homework to do before our time together. This will speed up the workshop and allow us to go straight to the point. Put one hour aside for this preparation work.



You have a question? You need support to integrate the workshop? You suddenly feel stuck? I am here to support you during the following 2 weeks after our workshop through voxer (or whatsapp).



Receive free access to my Soul Path Masterclass, a 90min masterclass to help you unlock your highest potential and understand how you are guided into walking your purpose.

Transform your Business & Life like these women.

"I unlocked my highest potential and owned my true wild woman power."
Shannon Clarke, Wild Woman Coach

"Alignment and recurring 15-22k months."
Lisa Van Den Bunder, Nutritionnist


"Coming back home to my feminine"

Working with Ele helped me come back to my being and do from an aligned place. I learned how to work from my feminine, from flow and alignment and the opportunities that came as a result of this have been incredible. I am so grateful for you Ele!

Crystal McIntryre, Human Design Expert & Book Illustrator

Pauline Headshot.webp

"I hired Ele 3 times, and I want more!"

“I worked with Ele 1-1, in a group program, then 1-1 again, and she completely changed my life. Every sessions she has blown my mind and brought me so deep within myself. I sold my business, made multiple 6-figures, and launched a business that is deeply aligned with my purpose. Today, I truly love myself. I wish everyone could feel like this!”

Pauline Dubois, Entrepreneur, Brussels


"Proud of who've become​"

“Ele's teachings helped me stop doubting myself and honour my truth. I build strong boundaries as result. I am growing in self-love and have created much more space in my business, which helped me sign my first 10k contract! I am proud of all the steps I took and who I have become along the way!”

Helene Allard, Running Coach, Brussels


"I did less and my business exploded"

Eleonore is extremely good! She has expertise in many different disciplines: coaching, energies, meditation, EFT, NLP,... She helped me heal myself, and bring in spiritual principles that made my business explode. I am now making multiple 6-figures years and exhibited in New York on Times Square! Thank you Elé, So happy you entered my life!

Olivia, London, Spiritual Painter


"My most beautiful encounter!"

"I was struggling with depression, saw many doctors and healers but Elé was my most beautiful encounter. She is the one that helped me heal, see my true worth and love myself again. I rebuild my life thanks to her. Thank you so much Elé!"

Nathalie, Brussels, Interior Designer


"Healing, Confidence & Abundance"

6 months into Ele's vortex and my life completely changed! Ele taught me to be in my power and accept myself for who I am. I healed family blockages and past trauma's as well. Today, I experience much more joy and flow in my daily life and my business had its first 15k & 22k months!​

Lisa, Brussels, Nutritionnist and Mindful Eating Coach, @onebiteatatime

Purpose Workshop

3-hour 1-1 workshop

2 week Voxer Support

Bonus - Soul Path Masterclass

2 x $499

Payment Plan


Purpose Workshop

3-hour 1-1 workshop

2 week Voxer Support

Bonus - Soul Path Masterclass

Pay in Full

 On the Fence?

I don't do sales call. You already have the answer inside of you.

This is your opportunity to start taking bold actions and trust yourself.

First, bold actions are key to create the legacy and life you desire. It is out of the comfort zone that you grow and thrive. You will learn to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, starting today.

Second, trust is practice, and it is highly rewarded by the divine. I want you to start trusting yourself, today. If your gut is saying yes, go for it. You're probably still reading for a reason...

And if you want to feel into my energy and wisdom more, listen to my podcast, read my books, or tune into one of my free masterclasses. 

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Eleonore is a Spiritual Mentor and Healer for women entrepreneurs that have reached success, but feel there is something new that wants to come through. Once you have financial security, you start wondering: Is this it? I feel there is more... but what?

I help you fully embrace the truth of who you are. Uncover unknown parts of you. And serve deeply with your gifts in alignment with who you came here to be. 

I don't know your highest purpose, and you neither. You can't actually, because your mind has a limited perception of what is.

But there's a way to let it unfold for you with ease, and I will guide on on that transcendental path.

I've walked this path before, journeyed into the darkness, lost my direction, got distracted and finally brought myself back to live my highest purpose. Let my experience, wisdom and knowledge be the light in your rebirth journey.

Read more about me & my journey
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