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Are you desiring to unlock your highest potential?

Identify your Soul's desires and Soul Path?

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Join me in this unique Soul Path free Masterclass, September 7th at 1pm EST to:

  • Understand the power behind the energies of September & Fall Equinox

  • Connect with your Higher Self, Your Soul

  • Get Clarity on your soul path, where you are at and where you are lead to go

  • Learn the embrace the zero point, the point of intuition, downloads, guidance

  • Experience divine connection and divine wisdom

  • Unlock your highest potential

  • And Align to your purpose; who you came here to be

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Hi, I'm Elé, 

A Priestess, Initiator, Founder of the Sacred Roots Modern Mystery School, Energy Healer, Speaker and Author of the Self-Healing Spiral and The Path of Femininity.

I help sacred rebels, wayshowers, and feminine leaders live their purpose, lead in soul alignment and embody their feminine energy so that they can impact more people and experience freedom, abundance, ease and flow.  

In a chaotic world characterized by disconnection, you might find yourself in tremendous need to reconnect with:
- Yourself 
- Your Soul Path, Your Purpose, Your inner wisdom
- The Divine 
- The Earth 
- Others; Soul sisters you can heal, grow, expand with

As feminine-essenced beings, it is this connection that allows us to thrive. And I am here to guide you on that path to remember, reclaim, and restore that connection in everything you do and are.

Re-member who you are,
And who you came here to be


This free masterclass is for :

The Healer

The Coach

The Creative Entrepreneur

The Visionary

The Leader

The Seeker

The Sacred Rebel


That wants to connect with herself, her inner wisdom, her power, her soul path to step into more alignment and unlock her highest potential. 

Is this you? 

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"I moved in my feminine and my business exploded"

Eleonore is extremely good! She has expertise in many different disciplines: spiritual teachings, the divine feminine, energies, meditation, EFT, NLP,... She helped me heal myself and bring in spiritual principles that made my business explode. I'm now making multiple 6-figures a year!

Olivia, London, Painter


"An inner shift happened, even my sister told me I changed!"

Before working with Elé I was struggling with self-confidence. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me know myself better. Even though I'm still the same, I feel an inner shift happened! I'm less worried and more energized, joyful, confident. I loved all our calls, each of them left such a powerful impact on me!

Valerie, Brussels, Co-founder of Amalou Health Center


Your Soul Path is about gathering information, healing, releasing the old to embody more of who you truly are so that you step more and more into alignment each day.  

Alignment isn't created one day, and then this is it. It is a constant journey, as you constantly evolve and life puts more growing opportunities on your path each day.

This Masterclass is a growing, aligning opportunity for you, as together with other sisters, you will learn, embody, feel, connect, receive guidance and potentially experience something completely new; your own truth.

If you are feeling the pull in your body, join us today.


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This Masterclass is brought to you by the Sacred Roots Modern Mystery School.

At the end of the class, and if you desire to dive deeper into this spiritual work, you will be invited to join the 9-months initiation of the School. 

To learn more about the initiation, and what to expect from this unique and profound rebirthing experience, click the image below.

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