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Ready to Express your Highest Potential and Live your Purpose?


3-day Challenge
Dec 13, 14, 15 at 1pm EST / 7pm CEST

Live your Purpose


I am crazy excited to invite you to this 3-day Challenge "Live your Purpose"

Join me on Wednesday 13th, Thursday 14th and Friday 15th, 1pm PST / 7pm CEST, to un-cover Ancient Wisdom and Spiritual Teachings that will help you Live Your Purpose. 

If you are feeling called to:

💫 Un-cover who you really are,

💫 Connect with your Soul & your Soul's Purpose,

💫 Learn Ancient Wisdom & Spiritual Teachings that will Empower & Activate you,

💫 And start living your HIGHEST POTENTIAL and TRUE PURPOSE,

Join us now inside this free 3-day Challenge ⬇️

All sessions will be LIVE and REPLAYS will be available for the following 7 days, until December 20th.




"Alignment & going deep within"

The Mystery School offered me a much wider perspective on Life, taught me to go deep within, and create a more aligned version of myself. It was amazing!
Lauranne, Mother of 2, B

Un-cover the truth of who you are

Live Your Purpose, is a 3-day Challenge to help you be more aligned, connected, empowered and clear on your purpose than ever before.

Our modern society has lost most sense and understanding of our spiritual essence.

This means, that many of you are seeking meaning, alignment and purpose.

The Ancient Wisdom and Mystery Teachings that offer a path to those truths have been hidden and kept secret for centuries. Today still, you can’t google them.

So the question is;

How are you ever expected to live your purpose if you don't
know who you truly are and who you came here to be?

Join this challenge to access the Ancient Wisdom that will help answer these questions.

Wed December 13th - Her-Story: Why do women have imposter syndrome?


- Her-Story, the Story of the Feminine
- Why have we been playing small, hiding, feeling like imposters?

- Why is the Feminine Rising now? It is time for YOU to Rise.
- How to step into your Purpose

Thu December 14th - How to Live your Soul's Purpose?


- The Law of Dharma

- Create your unique Karmic-Dharmic Arc
- How is Life supporting you to live your purpose: Karma vs Kriya

- Allow your Purpose to come to you now
- Meet & Magnetize your Future Self Meditation

Fri December 15th - Express your Highest Potential TODAY


- The Teaching of Goddess Isis for your Highest Potential
- What is YOUR Highest Potential?

- How can you tap into your highest potential TODAY

- Quantum Leaps & true soul's embodiment

3FB94820-9DD3-49DC-8C3E-6D77905F1915 - Kubra Ozguvenc.jpeg

"Stepped into a new, unexpected, aligned carreer path"

“The Mystery School has opened a new path for my career and my new offer started selling effortlessly. No matter how deep you already are on your spiritual journey, you will be deeply activated and brought in alignment by this work

Kubra Ozguvenc, Spiritual Guide, Healer, Astrologer & Artist, Brussels


Do you relate to any of these:

You've ticked all the boxes of what society says is a successful life, but still, something is missing.

You're tired of pushing, hustling, grinding and often feel like there's too much on your plate. To be honest, you're exhausted...

What you're doing doesn't light you up anymore. You don't identify with old labels and ways of doing things anymore. But what now?

You feel something new wants to come through in your life but you don't have clarity and you don't know how to find it.

You feel you are meant for more. More Purpose. More Impact. More Alignment. More Money. More Peace. More Soul Sisters. But how can you call it in?

You want a sacred space where you can grow spiritually, connect more with your soul, your spirit guides, the Goddess but struggle to give yourself to time and space to do so.

You're ready to un-cover mysteries and open your perspective on what Life really is

If you said YES to even one of these, 
Then you are ready for the Mysteries that will allow you to Live your Purpose.

Headshot Charlyn .jpg

"Living my Purpose"
It was so transformational for me to join The Mystery School. I connected with myself on a much deeper level which allowed me to express my true soul's purpose. Thank you Ele, for the ways you've blessed my life. 
Charlyn, Transformational Coach, Florida


Why should you listen to what I have to say?

Hi, I'm Ele. 
Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, Energy Healer, Podcast host and published Author. But also a Priestess, daughter of Isis, crazy passionate to support others on their awakening journey.

My soul's vibrational name is Sumytha, which means The One who takes care of the crib and looks after Life. As our world is rebirthing (awakening), I am here to guide those who are ready to step into this mysterious process, desire to remember who they (truly) are and co-create our #AncientFuture, where we all serve with our soul gifts.

As a young child, I was fascinated by the stars and would spend evenings observing the Sky through my Telescope. A part of me remembered my Stellar Home.

At 11 years old, I taught myself how to write in Hieroglyphs. Another part of me remembered past lives in Ancient Egypt.

During my whole teenage years, I spend hours writing songs and singing in my room. Yet another part of me remembered the creative magic contained in sound.

It took me a few life-shattering events to quit my job, my house, my
friends, my family, my country and start bringing all the pieces of me together. I got certified in the 4 corners of the world; as a Yoga teacher in India and New York, Reiki Master in Belgium, SAIME Energy Healer in Quebec, Mystery Teachings in Israel, Biomancy Magic School online, Ancient Wisdom in Bali, ... and have received many sacred teachings through dreams, personal and psychic experiences. Now, I have been asked to share these mysterious, mystical and empowering teachings with you.

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