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and experience shifts in every area of your life!


"Sound and Frequency are the Medicine of the Future."

Albert Einstein.

Did you ever notice music impacted your mood, emotions and thoughts? 

Music is frequency, and frequency directly interacts with our energetic field. We are frequency too!

Sounds of Light is a Light Language Activation Album that will help you relax, release, surrender, align and heal while listening to beautiful soothing music.

Sound and frequency are healing.

Get it now for 55.00$

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What is "Sounds of Light"?

  • An album of 8 songs and 8 light code activations

  • Each song has very specific vibrations, activating directly your DNA

  • Each song has been channeled once only, and went through minimum editing to keep the transmission clear and most potent 

  • You won't understand the language consciously, but your soul and cells will. 

  • Listen to the songs

  • Stare at the codes

  • Enjoy the healing, relaxing, expanding properties




     Be Activated.

The Songs

01. Release ; release emotions, habits, commitments, all things that don't serve you
02. Earth Connection ; Connect to Mother Nature to Call in the Abundance that is your birth right
03. Forgiveness ; Let go of any anger or frustration, forgive yourself first...
04. Surrender ; surrender to what life puts on your path, there's a hidden gift in every challenge
05. You are Worthy ; What if you could see yourself through the eyes of the people you love <3
06. Elevate ; elevate your mood, your vibration, your frequency with this a cappella song
07. Jaima ; I learned this song from a beloved Shaman, it will help you connect with Source within
08. Listen to your voice ; Your inner voice is your truth and your guidance


Track Preview

ReleaseElé de Posson
00:00 / 03:31
Earth ConnectionElé de Posson
00:00 / 03:20

Light Code Preview


How to use these codes?

Let these codes do their work by placing them close to your auric field when you work, meditate or sleep.  Here are some examples:



  • Stare at the code while listening to the related song


  • Meditate while having the code facing you


  • Place your favourite light code as a screen saver on your phone and stare at it 5min/day


  • Put the light code on your desk when you work


  • Put the light code on your night table when going to bed, making sure it faces your head



Get it now for 55.00$

What is Light Language? 

Find out more in this short video ➡️


Who am I?

Hi there, I'm Elé!

Intuitive Business Mentor, Divine Feminine Expert, Healer, Author and Light Language Channeler.

I activate and heal women entrepreneurs with my voice, head and heart. 

My life's mission to guide Feminine Leaders to translate their genius and purpose into an impactful and abundant business they run with ease, flow and magnetism.  

It is time to let your power serve humanity.

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