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Feminine Magic

A 2-Day Online Retreat to activate
your Purpose
, Intuition & Womb Wisdom


You are Magic. Did you know? Accessing your own Magic, Power and Wisdom is key to being fulfilled, aligned, fully expressed and step into your unique purpose.

And it's even more fun when you do it surrounded by like-minded women who can truly SEE you.


Reconnecting with your own Magic and Power is KEY to live in alignment with your essence... And when you couple this journey with Ancient Wisdom, Moon Mysteries and a Practice that opens your third eye, you reach the stars. 

✅ Learn about the Story of the Feminine, your story! and why it is time to be fully expressed

✅ Learn about the nature of your Soul & Ego, how to differentiate them

✅ Activate your intuition and spiritual gifts

✅ Reconnect with the wisdom of your Womb and receive clear guidance

✅ Heal your witch wound and dare to be SEEN for who you truly are

✅ Be led for a Full Moon Ritual & cleansing (Next full moon is August 1st!)

Mystery Teachings, Healing & Awakening

Feminine Magic is a 2-day Online Retreat from July 2022. We are closing this course down before revamping it next year. This is your opportunity to get it for only $97 instead of the original $299.

Feminine Magic will reconnect you with yourself, your soul, your intuition, your womb, your power and wisdom.

You receive:

- 24/7 Instant access
​- 5+ hours of Content

- Access to my online free community with the other participants
- Bonus Isis Meditation

DAY 1 - Feminine Magic Teachings

  • 1.1: The Story of the Feminine and why she is rising again

  • 1.2: Time Magic: What is Time really?

  • 1.3: What are the Cycles of Time

  • 1.4: The Celtic Wheel of the Year

  • 1.5: Womb Magic: Tap into your innate power

  • 1.6: Soul VS Ego

  • 1.7: Activate your intuition

  • Full Moon Ritual & Oracular Breathwork for spiritual guidance


DAY 2 - Feminine Magic Integration

  • 2.1: Swan Mysteries: You are a Visionary, here is your tribe

  • 2.2: Healing the Witch Wound: It is safe the walk the Earth again and BE SEEN for who you truly are

  • 2.3: Circle & Sisterhood

  • 2.4: Closing Meditation with Light Language transmission

Plus, Receive this Bonus

Isis Meditation

Practice this meditation daily to connect with the Powerful Goddess Isis, and receive guidance from her


Join this unique 2-day online experience, for women entrepreneurs, visionaries and wayshowers desiring to:

🌙 Bring more of their
soul into their work

🌙 Make
aligned decisions in their business, thanks to a powerful intuition

🌙 Grow spiritually and professionally

🌙 Collapse time, thanks to their understanding of Time Magic

🌙 Get in tune with the cycles of the Earth, and the
cycles of their business

🌙 Have a more powerful impact

🌙 Embody their feminine energy as a leader

🌙 Call in ease, flow and abundance

🌙 Heal in sisterhood

🌙 Connect with your
womb wisdom and womb power


Why you can NO LONGER AFFORD to ignore the truth of your
power, magic and wisdom

- Your intuition and power are the key to stepping into your purpose and highest potential. How much longer will you stay stuck?

- The rising of the feminine means, the rising of women in their power
 and gifts. This is what you are being asked to do.

- Women are natural born leaders, creators and intuitives. Everything begins with the feminine as Nature teaches us.

- Women think about the community, whereas man have more individualistic energy. This has led to our current patriarchy that is slowly destroying the Earth and Life of Earth.

​- Only when women will embrace their power and wisdom, will the collective come back to a place of peace and harmony


"Life-changing wisdom for women"

Ele's embodiment of the tools she offers is unparalleled and she is incredibly gifted at translating feminine mysteries.
Makhosi, the Royal Shaman

Headshot MArissa_edited.jpg

"Becoming the brightest light"
Day after day, I've been embodying more of who I am and shining brighter. This retreat allowed me to come home to who I truly am. The healing that takes place in a retreat like this is something I want my sisters to experience!
Marissa Maede, Founder of Style cusp

Woman In Hat

"Excited to be my most authentic self"

This 2-day online retreat helped me release people's judgments, and finally connect with my true power. I launched my new podcast with confidence and excitement to express myself and serve. Thank you Ele!

Sophia, Life Coach

Your Investment

After this Quick Cart Close this Online Retreat
will NEVER be available anymore. We are taking it down.


Feminine Magic
Pay in Full

2-day Online Retreat

5+ hours of content

Life-time access

Access to my free online community


Standard Price: $299



Feminine Magic
Payment plan

2-day Online Retreat

5+ hours of content

Life-time access

Access to my free online community

Standard Price: $299

NOW 2 x $49



"I unlocked my highest potential"

Ele saw what was possible for me. She saw a potential beyond what I could not see and helped me come home to myself, honour who I am and know my purpose. Ele, thank you, you are so much more than a Business and Spiritual Mentor.

Shannon Clarke, Wild Woman Coach, Ottawa


"Coming back home to my feminine"

Ele helped me come back to my being and do from an aligned place. I learned how to work from my feminine, from flow and alignment and the opportunities that came as a result of this have been incredible. I am so grateful for you Ele!

Crystal McIntryre, Human Design Expert & Book Illustrator


Hi, I'm Ele. 
a Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Podcast host and best-selling published Author. A Priestess, daughter of Isis, with a modern, life-style because Sacredness is everywhere to me.

My soul's vibrational name is Sumytha, which means The One who takes care of the crib and looks after Life. As our world is rebirthing, we are all invited to go through a rebirth (awakening) process. I am here to guide those who are ready to step into this mysterious process, desiring to remember who they (truly) are.

As a young child, I was fascinated by the stars and would spend evenings observing the Sky through my Telescope. A part of me remembered my Stellar Home.

At 11 years old, I taught myself how to write in Hieroglyphs. Another part of me remembered past lives in Ancient Egypt.

And during my whole teenage years, I spend hours writing songs and singing in my room. Yet another part of me remembered the magic contained in sound, and how sound is the basis of all creation.

It took me a few life-shattering events, known as the Saturn Return, to quit my job, my house, my family, my country and start bringing all those pieces of myself together.
 I then got certified in the 4 corners of the world; as a Yoga teacher in India and New York, Reiki Master and Access Bars in Belgium, SAIME Energy Healer in Quebec, Mystery Teachings in Israel, Biomancy Magic School online, Learning from High Priests in Bali, ... and have received many sacred teachings through dreams, personal and psychic experiences. 

It is time. We have been waiting for you. Join us today.


That's right. You are covered by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you haven't learned anything or didn't enjoy the course, email us and we'll refund you.

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