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Next cohort will be in September 2020. 

Apply now & enjoy the EARLY BIRD BONUSES (31/08):

- Extra Individual support from Elé

- Easy payment plans

Heal & Love Yourself

The Self-Healing Spiral™ is more than just a training.

Whether you're a women wanting you Heal & Love yourself,


A coach looking for a powerful method to help your clients

heal and love themselves,

Then this is for you. 

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This method, accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation), 

has helped over 500+ women worldwide.


This is your opportunity to serve your clients and family in a powerful way and heal the world one person at the time. 


What clients working with the Self-Healing Spiral™ say

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Thanks to the 90min workshop on the Self-Healing Spiral, I finally know what it means to welcome my emotions. This method is an easy but effective tool to live in harmony with your emotions and turn them into positive allies. Honestly life-changing!

The Self-Healing Spiral gave me the willingness to heal from a difficult break-up and to take more care of myself. Mostly, because now know how to heal myself and have the right tools to do so.

The Self-Healing Spiral 3-months Coaching helped me heal from a burn-out. It taught me to let go, face my own fears, take care of myself, recenter and listen to my emotions. I feel more at peace, less worried and happier day after day.

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The method supports women with

  • Healing from a break-up / divorce

  • Conflicts with family members or friends

  • Increasing self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love

  • Frustration or anger on the workplace

  • Have a success mindset to grow your business

  • Making your dreams come true

  • Healing your body image and eating disorders

  • Letting go of fears / blockages holding you back

  • Setting healthy boundaries in your relationships

  • Being a loving parent for your inner child

  • Heal all emotional and spiritual wounds

  • Create more inner peace and happiness in your life

Apply now & enjoy the EARLY BIRD BONUSES:

- Extra Individual support from Elé

- Easy payment plans



In 4 months you will have the tools, knowledge and confidence to deeply transform the life of your clients.

Amazing, right?


Who am I?

One sunny day of June, I finished a 2-year master in evening class when I hear a little voice say: "You've ticked all the boxes. But what are you doing for yourself? What do you want?". On paper I had everything, but inside I felt lost.


I went on a quest to find myself and my purpose. I started with a one-month Yoga teacher training in India. The day I came back, my husband left me. We were married for 6 months, my world fell apart.


What was the most difficult experience of my life turned into the greatest gift. My Healing and Self-love journey began

I quit my job at the bank, divorced, sold my flat and moved to Canada to study Energy Healing and Coaching. I then healed myself and published a book sharing my method: The Self-Healing Spiral™.

Now, it's my life's mission to help high performing women, fall in love with themselves and certify coaches with the Self-Healing Spiral so that they can help others heal and thrive too.

Isn't time to be happy?

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