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A healthy mind in a healthy body

I started Yoga in 2006. I was only 18 and it wasn't trendy at the time. Year after year, I loved it more and more until the day where I decide to share my passion with others. I found a lot of joy on the mat and wanted to bring that to others. More than just a physical practice, yoga helped me to heal from back pain, release emotions that would stay stuck in me and recover from eating disorders. But above all, it connected me with myself, showed me the way by increasing my intuition and taught me how to listen to my inner wisdom.


In February 2018, I got certified as a Hatha Yoga Teacher from the Padma Karma Yoga School, in India. RYT - 200. 
Hatha Yoga is the most traditional yoga type where we hold poses for a minute, use breathing techniques and meditation to align ourselves and increase our consciousness. An hour of class brings muscles stimulation but also deep relaxation and self awareness.


In May 2018, I became a Strala Yoga Guide after following the training in New York with Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor. Strala Yoga is influenced by Tai Chi and teaches us how to move with ease, find our own alignement and create our own yoga. An hour of this practice offers permanent movement but also pushes us to sensitize, soften and relax to help our body regenerate itself.


Yoga has opened many doors inside of me. It helped me overcome eating disorders, improve my relation to myself and increased my intuition. My practice is as well physical as spiritual, making sure to have a healthy mind in a healthy body. My classes offer a moment of physical stimulation, body regeneration, emotion release, deep relaxation and self connexion. I'm always happy to lead private or group classes in studios around the world (Montréal, Brussels, Paris, Nicaragua,...) or at your place.


Eléonore's teaching is really powerful! She leads with a lot of care and has an amazing voice. She offers beginners and advanced postures as well as personal discoveries. Her classes are energizing and deeply relaxing! 


Rediscover your potential. Elé really helped me make new resolutions to a new daily routine and that made a world of difference to me.


A yoga class with Elé is like a sunset on the beach. Exactly what you need at the end of your day to let go of your stress and reconnect with yourself.


Let's flow on the mat together for more self awareness and well-being


Private Class

A one-to-one class only for you.
Wherever you want a relaxing, a dynamic or a prenatal class to keep moving even when pregnant, I'll be happy to offer you a class that meets your needs. At your place or mine.


10 Private classes

Subscribe to 10 private classes to get back in shape, increase your self awareness or simply for self care. We'll plan dates together and meet weekly for an hour of self connexion and well-being.
Get 9 classes + 1 for free !

$20 / PERSON

Group class

Organise a yoga class with your friends or your family. For a special event (birthday, sportive weekend, bachelor party,...) or for a weekly meeting to stay in shape. I'll come to you and make sure we spend a great hour together ! Minimum 4 participants.


A question ? I'll be happy to help you!

Brussels, Belgium / Vancouver, Canada / Skype


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