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Life changing question for high performing women who don't feel good enough:

If there is an easy proven method to help you fall in love with yourself, heal your inner child and unleash the Goddess in you,

Would you (finally) commit to yourself to being successful and living your best live?


"My most beautiful encounter!"

"I have seen a lot of doctors/coaches/healers during my depression, but Elé was my most beautiful encounter. She helped me heal, see my true worth and love myself again. I rebuild my life thanks to her and wouldn't be where I am if I hadn't met her. Thank you so much Elé!"

Nathalie, Brussels, Interior Designer


"An inner shift happened, even my sister told me I had changed!"

Before working with Elé I was struggling with self-confidence. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me know myself better. Even though I'm still the same, I feel an inner shift happened! I'm less worried and more energized, joyful, confident. I loved all our calls, each of them left such a powerful impact on me!

Valerie, Brussels, Co-founder of Amalou Health Center


"I healed my trauma thanks to Elé"

Eleonore is extremely good! Very professional with sincere empathy. She has expertise in many different disciplines: coaching, energies, meditation, EFT, NLP,... She helped me reconnect with myself, be more confident and love myself. I really enjoyed the weekly exercises, they gave direct positive transformation and helped me heal on the long term. Thank you Elé, So happy you entered my life!

Olivia, London, Painter

You've already tried meditation, yoga, counselling,

journaling and tapping,

You still have doubts about yourself,

You still don't feel good enough,

You still are easily stressed out.

But you have that inner voice telling you that;

You can do better

You can be successful

You can reach you goals


You can, yes, by



Therefore, I am inviting you to join my 12 week group program:



What is it?

A 12-week group program, June 1st until August 22nd.

Limited to 8 women


You will be empowered with the tools, knowledge and mindset to fall in love with yourself and become a magnet for success.  

During these 12 weeks we will focus on reconnecting you with the true Goddess that you are. So that become unstoppable and have more success than you ever imagined in your personal and professional life.

Because when you love yourself, the world falls in love with you.

What to expect?

  • Weekly Live training on wounds, beliefs, authenticity, self-love,...

  • 6 Practical sessions such as heart healing, meditations, yoga nidra,... 

  • 6 Light sessions (We shed light on your inner world; individual coaching)

  • 2 Expert sessions

  • Powerful exercises to practice at home daily

  • An individual gift for your own transformation

  • A Goddess Ceremony

  • And much more... 🙊

My Promise to you


  • Weekly transformative trainings and practical sessions

  • Exercises and tools to support your healing and growth in between our calls

  • Identifying and rewiring of your limiting beliefs

  • Increasing your self-confidence 

  • Healing your self-worth issues

  • Healing your inner child and its wounds

  • Shifting negative self-talk

  • Deeper relationships with healthy boundaries

  • Identifying and fulfilling your own needs

  • Not caring about other people's judgment

  • No more people pleasing

  • Mastering your own energy field 

  • Realizing how beautiful, powerful and unique you are

  • Better personal and professional choices leading to success

  • Deep Self-Love & Self-Compassion


Caitlin, New York

​"A loving, intuitive mother"

IMG_0067 2.jpg

Lisa, Park City

"Elé, you are an angel"

Testimonial Lisa.png
Portrait Marinette.jpg

Marie, Brussels

"I got over my burn-out"

Before working with Elé, I was completely burned-out. 


Thanks to her I started setting healthy boundaries and understood why I struggled to say "no". She taught me how to let go, face my own fears, take care of myself, recenter and listen to myself. 


I am now much more at peace with myself, more confident and less worried day after day.



Queen program

  • 12 weeks

  • Weekly 60min group meeting

  • Biweekly Integration Session

  • Biweekly Light Session (individual coaching)

  • Experts Session 

  • Goddess Ceremony

  • Customized Gift

  • Individual support during light sessions and on threads


Goddess program

  • 12 weeks

  • Weekly 60min group meeting

  • Biweekly Integration Session

  • Biweekly Light Session (individual coaching)

  • Experts Session 

  • Goddess Ceremony

  • Customized Gift

  • Individual support during light sessions and on threads


  • Luxury Retreat in a Belgian Castle
    (When safe to travel again - Aug/Sept)

  • 4 Individual 60min Calls


It's not as difficult as you think... 

You can be in a place where it becomes easy to say no, respect your own boundaries, feel confident, creative and powerful. 


A place where you make choices based on self-love rather than fear, knowing that everything will be alright.


Give yourself permission to love yourself and be successful.

Because this is your birthright, my dear Goddess. 

You deserve to have a loving and deep romantic relationship.

You deserve to have a job where you are enjoying yourself and sharing your gifts with the world

You deserve to be proud of yourself, in love with who you are.

You deserve to have the life of your dreams.

But it starts with you, and your willingness to do the inner work I will guide you to do. 

No drama, no facing our demons, no darkness. Only sheding light on ourselves, healing ourselves and loving ourselves every day a little more.

Yes, it can be that easy... and it will be that easy with me by your side.

What is inside the program?

Monday Live Training

on Zoom - 10am PDT

Every Monday, we will meet for an hour live training, on a specific topic (beliefs, fears, confidence, mindset,...). You will get a replay of these.

Thursday Light Session

Every two week

These sessions are an opportunity for you to get individual coaching. Bring your questions and let's shed light on your struggles.

Thursday Integration Session

Every two week

Beautiful 45min practices to enhance your integration of the program; Meditations, Yoga Nidra, Energy Healing, Light Language,...


in Facebook Private Group

Every Wednesday, you can ask me anything you want and I will answer through a Live or comment.


in Facebook Private Group

Every Tuesday, we will compliment ourselves or someone in the group. That's the root of Self-love. 


in Facebook Private Group

Every Friday, we will show our gratitude for the week that passed and the lessons/teachings it brought. 

Goddess Ceremony

On Zoom

Beautiful ceremony to integrate and celebrate your inner Goddess.


Customized Gift

Personalized gift you will receive by post.

Expert Session

2 experts will share their expertise with us to help us embody our inner Goddess even more. Read more here below.

Jaymie Gerard photo (2).jpeg

Jaymie Gerard - Breathwork workshop

Jaymie will lead a beautiful breathwork workshop for us during the program. Jaymie is a modern-day priestess with over 20 years of experience both a seeker and a teacher in the healing arts, emotional/spiritual wellness and mindfulness.  She helps her clients release blocks and trauma, to discover the beauty of their humanity, and to remember the truth of who they are.  


LINDSEY CURTIS - Sensuality workshop

Lindsey will lead a sensuality for sustainability workshop for us. She will help us reconnect to our bodies, sensuality, sexuality and embody our divine feminine. To be embodied is literally to have the fullness of your spirit in bodily form, to bridge the spiritual & material & to be able to imbue all of your creations with the fullness of who you are. 


Laura Grandry - doTerra Essential Oils workshop

After many years in the Tech industry, Laura's search for more inner peace and balance led her on the road of alternative therapies. Besides her reiki practice, she’s also a dōTERRA wellness advisor. She will be very pleased to share with you her beautiful experience with essential oils and tell you more about how you can introduce natural solutions into your daily life.

You might be wondering: 

Question 1: What if I can't make it to one of the live trainings or practical sessions? 

No worries, everything will be recorded. You will have life-long access to the videos, practical sessions, expert sessions.

Question 2: What if I need individual support during the program?

Great! This program is design to grow in group, but will also give you opportunities to seek individual support. Every two weeks, we will have a Light Session, where you will be able to ask your questions or share what you are going through. The confidence and sisterhood we will have created will make this a safe space for you to open up. 

There will also be an #askthread to ask your more practical questions every Wednesday.

Question 3: Where will it take place exactly?

FB Group & Zoom. Every training, expert session and light session will take place on Zoom. We will have a private FB Group dedicated to the program, with weekly ask treads, gratitude threads and other surprises...

Question 4: How many hours a week will it be? Not sure I have the time...

This will take you two to three hours a week. You have two 60 min calls and then exercises and tools to do at home that should not excess 60min per week.


But it also depends on how much energy you are ready to invest into your own transformation and healing. I'm sure you have plenty of things to do; work, kids, friends, hobbies,... 


But you know what's the real time suck?

Figuring things on your own. Listening to gurus dishing out their cookie-cutter advice that's not sharp enough to dig deeper into your true potential. Instead of doing that, you can reallocate that precious time instead to the activities that would TRULY propel yourself to the next level.

Question 5: What if I'm afraid to face my own fears or darkness... ?!

Be reassured, our work together is based on LOVE. I want to bring you to a place of deep self-love and success. This will be done by helping you see what is holding you back and loving that fear that is only trying to protect you.

No drama, no darkness, no weird things... Only love, healing, support, and relief 💞 That is my promise to you.

Question 6 : What if I want to join but I don't have the money? 💸

Yes, it's tricky. Wanting something but not knowing how to get the money or wondering if it's a good investment. I get it and I'm not going to ask you to rob a bank. 

But here's the thing:

Never feel guilty about investing in yourself. These are the best investment I ever made and I am still doing. I am frequently buying courses, coaching programs, books,... Because I know how much it propels me and transforms me to be the happy and fulfilled person I am today.

Let me help you with these questions: 

How can you create the money income?

What could you sell that you don't really use and put that value into your own growth & healing? If this matters to you, ask the Universe and answers/help will come to you. 

Otherwise, we can also discuss payment plans. I don't want money to be in the way of your own happiness and success. Money is only energy, it comes and goes. And this is a powerful and beautiful investment to do in yourself that will set you up for success.

Question 7 : OK, but will this really work for me?

Let me show you how it worked for other women:

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 5.01.25 PM.png

OK. Thank you. I am going to apply the different steps. Thank you for listening and your benevolence. Never doubt yourself. What you do, you do it divinely well. 😍😘😘 Talk to you next week.

Olivia post group.png

Who AM I to Guide you?

A few years ago, I was in India for a Yoga teacher training, when I thought: "You should definitely lose weight if you want to attract students to your classes.” This thought made me realize I had always been hard on myself. Confused and helpless, I got back to my room and googled "How to love yourself?”.


Bullied as a kid, facing eating disorders, attracting toxic partners, and needing to be perfect, I never had felt good enough.


On the day I came back, my husband then told me he didn't love me and was leaving me. I couldn't love myself so I had married someone who couldn't love me either.


My Self-Love journey began. On that day, I promised myself I would learn to love myself no matter what. 

I quit my job at the bank, divorced, sold my flat and moved to Canada to study Energy Healing and Coaching. I then healed myself and published a book sharing my method: The Self-Healing Spiral™.

Now, it's my life's mission to help high performing women, just like you, to replace self-doubt and overwhelm with self-love and inner peace so that they can become a magnet for success.

Isn't time to unleash your inner Goddess too?


Are you Ready to


Unleash your Inner Goddess?

Love yourself
and the world will fall
in love with you.
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