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The Swan Circle is a divine feminine community and membership for sensitive, creative and visionary women seeking deeper spiritual growth, alignment, healing and divine feminine embodiment. 


We meet in circle twice a month to connect, expand our consciousness, dive into feminine mysteries, heal and align.

  • One session is a spiritual workshop where teachings and tools will be shared with you.

  • The other session is a feminine embodiment practice where we connect with a particular Goddess and call her energy and gifts into our field; Isis, Hathor, Sekhmet, Lakshmi, Kali, Oshun, IxCacao, … 


By getting on the waitlist you get the opportunity to: 

  • Join before the doors open to the public

  • One of you will win a free spot to my upcoming retreat in Bali in 2023


We only take members who are ready to commit for a 12-month cycle because we want women committed to their spiritual growth and who desire to build relationship with like-minded sisters.


When joining, you will have access to a library of pre-recorded workshops such as; The Energy of Money, Thriving the Feminine Way, Magnetize Clients, Feminine Alignment for Magic and Wealth.




This is for you if you:


  • Had a spiritual awakening and want to go deeper within yourself to get to know yourself truly

  • Want to learn Ancient Mysteries, Feminine Embodiment Practices, Modern Modalities, Tools and Rituals to empower you and align with your soul

  • Are a busy mom, desiring to have a sacred space to restore, recharge and rejuvenate your energy biweekly 

  • Are a Women entrepreneur desiring to embody your feminine energy and thrive the feminine way, with ease, flow, intuition and trust

  • Are craving a community with women LIKE YOU who love to talk witchcraft, crystals, oracle decks, plant medicine, dream interpretation, moon water, …


Feminine Seekers craving spiritual growth, mystery teachings and alignment within a community with like-minded seekers

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