Self-Love Sanctuary

March 24th - May 1st

Every Tuesday and Friday

by Elé de Posson

If you’re struggling right now and you are feeling a lot of stress and uncertainty, then come to this safe place:

The Self-Love Sanctuary. 


We will meditate  together  and I will infuse you with loving Reiki Energy so that you can feel more grounded and peaceful. 


 Join me and other women in this self-care ritual to replenish, restore and reset.


Every Tue & Friday, 9am PT / 6pm CET

Practical Details

When:         Tuesday & Friday, 9am PT / 6pm CET. March 24th until May 1st.
How long:   For 30 minutes, twice a week
Where:        Online, on Zoom
What:          Energy Healing Session and meditation
Price:           11.11€ to 22.22€ per session

                     Packs of 1, 4 or 10 sessions.

Hey, I'm Elé de Posson and I have trained with two amazing healers, Dolorès Lamarre and Delphine Brasseur, in Belgium and in Quebec, to become a Reiki and SAIME Practitioner. 

I learned to understand how energy works and master this beautiful tool that brings lightness, grounding and healing in times of stress.

It is now my turn to infuse you with this loving energy. You will feel more joyful and at peace after each session.

You can purchase sessions one by one or in different packages:

2 sessions

for free


"A return to mental clarity"

An appointment with Eléonore is a real return to mental clarity. She naturally emanates light and sweetness which makes you feel safe. After her treatment, you feel light, soothed, revitalized and ready to step forward with joy in your heart.


"My anxiety lifted"


Before Ele's treatment, I was skeptical about energy healing. During the first session I was surprised to experience physical sensations and afterwards I really felt my anxieties lifted. It is an experience I would recommend to everybody as I now receive Energy Healing regularly from her.


"It's like bathing in sunlight!"


I was lucky enough to receive both Reiki and Saime treatments and they are both wondrously soothing. Eléonore immerges your body and soul in a calm and peaceful state of mind. I always feel like I'm bathing in sunlight for an hour! It's blissful and I always leave lighter than I came, glowing from within!

Let's come together, meditate and open our hearts to the loving and healing energy of Reiki.

The Self-Love Sanctuary is a safe space where you can replenish, restore and reset, while being surrounded by other beautiful women. 

It is there for you, to help you replace all kind of stress with grounding, light and peace thanks to the group meditation and energy healing.

Join our next sanctuary:

2 sessions

for Free


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