Elé de Posson Presents the

3-Part Masterclass


For coaches, therapists and every woman 
to heal the world,
one person at the time,
starting with themselves.


AUGUST, 25, 26, 27, 2020

1pm ET / 7pm CET

"An inner shift happened, even my sister told me I had changed!"

Elé helped me gain confidence, get out of my comfort zone and know myself better. Thanks to her method, I feel more grounded, capable of moving mountains with more joy and less worries.


She has so much to share and I already miss our weekly call!

Valérie, Brussels

"My most beautiful encounter"

I met a lot of people when facing depression, but Elé was definitely my most beautiful encounter. Thank to her, I releases my anxieties, let go of my fears and learned to love myself as I am.


She helped me rebuilt my life and I wouldn't be where I am without her and her method, the Self-Healing Spiral.

Nathalie, Genval

Hi, I'm Elé,

Self-Love Coach, Healer, Author and Founder of the Self-Healing Spiral

My life's work is to support high performing women, just like you, to replace overwhelm and self-doubt with self-love and inner peace.

I certify coaches, healers and therapists with the Self-Healing Spiral™ so that they can serve their clients and family in a life-changing way and heal the world one person at the time.

Join me on August 25th-27th,  at 1pm ET, for a 3-part masterclass that will introduce you to this powerful method.

Have you ever found yourself thinking:​

"How could I help this person?"

"Maybe I need more tools?"

​"How does healing really work?"

​"How can I heal myself and help others better?"

​"I have ticked all the boxes, I should be happy..."

Then, this Masterclass is for you !

"Elé, you are an angel"

Elé helped me to calm my negative emotions by actually allowing them to happen! It has been an amazing process to befriend my emotional me. I work through negativity and anxiety with more understanding and have learned to be more empathetic with myself as well as others. My self-worth has elevated too. Thank you Elé, you are an angel.

Lisa, Park City, USA

"So happy you entered my life!"

Elé is extremely good. She has a lot of different expertise (Coaching, Counselling, Energy Healing, Meditation, EFT,...) and sincere empathy. She helped me reconnect with myself and taught me all the tools to live an abundant and joyful life, resilient through the trauma I was facing.

Thank you Elé! So happy you entered my life!

Olivia, London

I can't wait to share this 3-part Masterclass with you! 

The Self-Healing Spiral™ is my life's work.


I created this method, for myself first,

when wanting to heal from my divorce and start over.

Then, seeing the huge difference it was making in my life,

I decided to share it in a book, coaching and now,

I am teaching it to other coaches.

Join me for this 3-part Masterclass.


Everyday, I will take you through a tool or exercise


Everyday, you will feel something shift inside of you


Everyday, you will increase your self-love and self-confidence


Everyday, you will feel empowered, knowing how to better serve

your clients, community and family.

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