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Heal Yourself Spiritually

The Self Healing Spiral helps you UNLOCK your own healing power so that you can heal yourself and find your purpose to create more harmony, success and happiness in your life. 


With practical tools and life-changing knowledge about your inner self and your emotions, you'll easily be able to integrate the method that will help you go back to a place of peace

and healing in about 20 minutes. 

Today but also tomorrow and for the rest of your life. You will have unlocked your own healing power. 


The Self Healing Spiral is already helping many women that are looking to heal themselves. 


I invite you to book your free 45 min Breakthrough Session with me to become one of them ! 

Discover your wounds

Wounds make us carry masks. They prevent us from being our true self.

On the healing path, identifying them is the first step


During this individual program, we're going to meet regularly for an hour and dive deep into every step of the Self Healing Spiral. We will address a personal issue you would like to heal/change and I will be fully devoted to you and your healing ! 


There's is a theoretical side where you'll learn about : 

  • Your own wounds and your masks and how to heal them

  • Your emotions : their nature, their objectives, their messages. Why emotions are actually to honour ! 

  • The different kinds of fears

  • Why we are addicted to stress and negative emotions

  • Your brain, your beliefs, your subconscious and the power of your thoughts

  • Your 4 sources of energy : physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. How to optimise them for your well-being

  • How you can heal yourself 

There is a practical side, with easy tools to implement. You'll receive audios and videos to : ​

  • Welcome and honour your emotions

  • Transform the nature of your emotions from negative to positive/uncomfortable to comfortable

  • Lower your stress and anxiety

  • Optimise your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy

  • Love yourself deeply as you are 

  • Find peace and joy with practical tools

  • Quickly implement this method in your life throughout the course

  • Personal support during our meetings and in between 

Discover your wounds and the masks you carry. They prevent you from being yourself. Learn how to heal them and dare to show up. Dare to be yourself.

Learn to welcome your emotions. What attitude to adopt when you feel the anger or sadness come up and how to transform your emotions into allies.

Use the power of your thoughts to rewire your limiting beliefs. Let's discover how our brain functions and how to use him wisely to manifest what we want in our life.

Learn to love yourself deeply as you are. We are all a duality but we need our shadows and our light. Discover how to fall deeply in love with yourself.


Let's start by getting to know each other ! During these 45 minutes you'll learn how 

Self Healing Spiral works and how it could help you heal and transform yourself.



See this picture ?

This is me exactly one year after my breakdown, which led to a breakthrough... I got divorced, sold the flat, quit my job and moved to Canada. That was all pretty scary but I wanted to start over and discover who I really was.


I would never have thought that one year later I would be so happy! Learning what I'm passionate about : psychology and spirituality, writing a book to share the method that helped me overcome this difficult period, go on holiday to the tropics with a beautiful soul that's taking this picture. If I can do it, you can definitely do it too ! 


As a certified Yoga teacher, Energy Healer and Life Coach, I bring all my experience and knowledge together to help people live in harmony with their emotions, overcome trauma or difficult periods and learn to love themselves deeply. I know I can help you if you're willing to help yourself too. So, let's do this together !


When Elé first showed me the Self Healing Spiral, a method to live in harmony with your emotions and overcome difficult periods, I wasn't sure it would be something for me. I trusted her, so I decided to try. I am a really active and sportive person, had a lot of passion for my work, but couldn't stop for a second. After several years at 200%, I had a "burn out". My body and my mind let me down. I had to stop working for 2 entire months to recover, it was a difficult pill to swallow.

Learning to apply the Self Healing Spiral with Elé's individual program taught me the need of letting go, facing my fears, taking care of myself, grounding myself and listening to my emotions. From that point I started a deep reflexion about my life and my choices. Week after week, I realized some parts of my life didn't suit me anymore. Slowly, I understood that trying to control everything was useless. I also realized I was always losing my energy by worrying about futile things. In each case, the Self Healing Spiral helped me welcome my emotions and frustrations, then release them instead of trying to control them. 


Today, 4 months after this coaching, I still apply her method at home, whenever I need it. Sometimes only one of the steps, such as the meditation, sometimes all of the 3 steps. I'm much more at peace. I'm more grounded, I learned to let go, listen to myself, and to play down situations. I respect my limits, I dare to say "no". I take a step back in every situation before reacting and I worry less. I allow myself to take time for myself, to do more introspection, to let go of the stress from work and permanent solicitation from my friends & family.


Let's start by getting to know each other ! During these 45 minutes you'll learn how the

Self Healing Spiral works and how it could help you heal and transform yourself.