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Fully Expressed,
a 3-day Challenge

Express all of you for more
Power, Purpose, and Prosperity


Are you experiencing a lack of time, money, direction, maybe even purpose...?

Feel there is more for you to express?

You want to be bolder, more boldly you?

You are

A Queen, a Goddess, a Wild Woman, & an Enchantress

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It is time to be FULLY EXPRESSED,
as this is KEY to live a life of FULLNESS, with true 
Power, Purpose and Prosperity.


At any given point in our lives, we experience Gaps. Gaps may manifest as:

not enough money,

not enough clients,

not enough time,

not enough patience,

not enough fun.


Or we may identify gaps through uncomfortable emotions like depression, anger, jealousy, or anxiety. 


Gaps always indicate a lack of balance between the feminine archetypes.


If you’ve been expressing one too much or for too long, or simply haven’t made room for another to be expressed, this is going to show up in your life as something that is missing, and a knowing there is more for you out there.


Fully Expressed, is your opportunity to express more of your essence and bring these archetypes into balanced, full expression.


"Where there is a woman,
there is magic."

 -Ntozake Shange -


3 years ago, my Queen archetype was the most dominant.

My days where structured, planned, and I was going after my vision of changing the world, empowering and healing women, one women at the time.

It is the most masculine of the archetypes. It is the visionary, the leader, and is definitely present in women entrepreneurs, because we need that energy to birth empires.

But this Queen archetype was taking over the Priestess, The Wild Woman, the Maiden, the Lover.


There was no more room for play, spontaneity, intuition, for creativity. And I became exhausted and misaligned.


I brought back the Lover; who values pleasure. The Creator; who writes songs. The Maiden; who plays for the simple fun of it. The Wild Woman; who goes for walks in the forest on her own and howls to the moon. The Priestess; who is a Vessel for the Divine to be expressed in form.

Each Archetype is important for a balanced & empowered Feminine Life.


They each have strengths, qualities and values that allow for your essence to be fully expressed and that calls in power, purpose and prosperity.


Suddenly things start flowing for you.


You get paid to be yourself.


You serve others with your gifts, and enjoy doing it.


You impact and inspire, simply by embracing all parts of you, even those you thoughts you had to hide.


This challenge will help you identify which archetype is most present in your life right now, and how you can bring the others in, in order to live a fully-expressed life, where all your beauty, wisdom, power and creativity are celebrated.


The Main 8 Archetypes


Which one is most you?

Which one do you need to call in?

Join us for a heart-opening challenge that will help you embody these archetypes and have them transform you,
for more
Power, Purpose and Prosperity.

Complete Feminine Activation

What to expect from those 3 days?

There are 8 main archetypes, and we can bring them together into 4 groups. 
We will activate one archetype of each group so that you can have a
complete feminine activation that will expand you and bring you more power, purpose and prosperity.


Day 1 
We'll start with a short presentation of the
8 main archetypes, and activate the Priestess,
also known as the Oracle or the Goddess.


  • Increased intuition

  • Stronger connection to your soul & the invisible realm

  • Receive guidance for yourself and others

  • ​Allow your unique path and purpose to unfold

  • Be a Vessel for the Goddess to be expressed on Earth

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Heading 2

Day 2
We will activate of the Enchantress who values
mystery and sensuality,
and the Wild Woman who values freedom & power.


  • Express your sensuality & beauty

  • Enhance self-confidence

  • Connect with the wild part of you

  • Be unapologetic about who you are

  • Magnetize the right people, clients, opportunities

  • Call in abundance and prosperity

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Day 3
We will activate the Creator, the Visionary who belong to
the same category as the Queen. She values beauty and
knows that her work, her art, her creation, her empire is
there to leave the world a better place.


  • Connect with your vision

  • Embody courageous and disruptive leadership

  • Expand your ability to receive more money, love & support

  • Feel into your mission purpose

  • Uncover the powerful creator that you are

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