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How to fall deeply in love with yourself and become a magnet for success?

Here are my 3 best kept secrets!


I am sharing with you most powerful exercises to replace negative self-talk and overwhelm with self-love and success. 


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Tired?  Worried?  Stressed?

Then this grounding meditation is for you.


It will elevate your vibration to stay in great physical and emotional health and bring you back to a place of calmness.

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QUIZ: What mask is preventing you from being truly yourself

Discover the wounds and masks preventing you from being truly yourself, confident and at peace. In this Guide you will find an easy Quiz, tips and exercise to let go of your masks and dare the be your true self.

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Fall deeply in love with yourself and replace overwhelm with success

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5 TIPS to raise your vibration and attract whatever you want

We are made of pure energy and everything we experience, a conflict, a nice conversation, healthy food, toxic food,... is imprinted in our energy field. The higher your vibration, the higher your energy and the more you attract what you want.

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TEST: Measure your current level of stress

Do you know what your body needs 12 months to deeply and completely recover from a stressful period? High stress can impact your physical and emotional health and cause burn-out, depression, cancer,... Maybe it is time for a little check of where you're at?


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2What to expect from the Self Healing Sp
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Charlotte, France

Thanks to the workshop with Elé, I finally know what it means to welcome my emotions. This method is an easy but effective tool to live in harmony with your emotions and turn them into positive allies.


Caitlin, New York City

Working with Ele feels like putting your biggest ideas and fears into the arms of a loving, super smart, and intuitive mother. She made me feel confident moving forward and gave me clarity in direction. I feel lucky to have had her in my corner and I know you will too!

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Marie, Brussels

Working with Elé helped me get over a burn-out. It taught me to let go, open up to my own fears, take care of myself, recenter and listen to myself. I now feel more at peace, with less worries and better day after day.

Love yourself
and the world will fall
in love with you.

Who am I?

A few years ago, I was in India for a Yoga teacher training, when I thought: "You should definitely lose weight if you want to attract students to your classes.” This thought made me realize I had always been hard on myself. Confused and helpless, I got back to my room and googled "How to love yourself?”.


Bullied as a kid, facing eating disorders, attracting toxic partners, and needing to be perfect, I never had felt good enough.


On the day I came back, my husband then told me he didn't love me and was leaving me. I couldn't love myself so I had married someone who couldn't love me either.


My Self-Love journey began. On that day, I promised myself I would learn to love myself no matter what. 

I quit my job at the bank, divorced, sold my flat and moved to Canada to study Energy Healing and Coaching. I then healed myself and published a book sharing my method: The Self-Healing Spiral™.

Now, it's my life's mission to help high performing women, just like you, to replace self-doubt and overwhelm with self-love and inner peace so that they can become a magnet for success.

Isn't time to be happy?

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