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As your Inner Happiness Coach I would like to support you as from now on. This is why I have chosen to share all my freebies with you here! 


Download them, read the articles, watch the videos and start replacing self-doubt and overwhelm with self-confidence, inner peace and Abundance.

Remember, you already have everything in you!

How to welcome Abundance in your life

Discover the Abundance Spiral and the 6 steps to welcome abundance in your life as from today. Abundance is everywhere around you. But you need to align yourself with it by releasing your money blocks, beliefs, and being ready to receive its blessings.


QUIZ: What mask is preventing you from being truly yourself

Discover the wounds and masks preventing you from being truly yourself, confident and at peace. In this Guide you will find an easy Quiz, tips and exercise to let go of your masks and dare the be your true self.

5 TIPS to raise your vibration and attract whatever you want

We are made of pure energy and everything we experience, a conflict, a nice conversation, healthy food, toxic food,... is imprinted in our energy field. The higher your vibration, the higher your energy and the more you attract what you want.

TEST: Measure your current level of stress

Do you know what your body needs 12 months to deeply and completely recover from a stressful period? High stress can impact your physical and emotional health and cause burn-out, depression, cancer,... Maybe it is time for a little check of where you're at?

What is Inner Happiness?

Drinking cocktails on the beach and see the bright side of life? No, not really. Discover what it IS and what it IS NOT according to my 6-steps Self-Healing Spiral method. You'll then know what I will coach you with to make you find true inner happiness.


​"Listen to your inner wisdom, to find out that you already have everything in you.


Thanks to the workshop with Elé, I finally know what it means to welcome my emotions. This method is an easy but effective tool to live in harmony with your emotions and turn them into positive allies.

Caitlin, New York City

Working with Ele feels like putting your biggest ideas and fears into the arms of a loving, super smart, and intuitive mother. She made me feel confident moving forward and gave me clarity in direction. I feel lucky to have had her in my corner and I know you will too!


Working with Elé helped me get over a burn-out. It taught me to let go, open up to my own fears, take care of myself, recenter and listen to myself. I now feel more at peace, with less worries and better day after day.

Who is Elé de Posson ?

Bullied as a kid, facing eating disorders, attracting toxic partners, needing to be perfect and never feeling enough, Elé built a fortress around her. 


When turning 30 her life seemed perfect : The 3 bed-room flat, the prestigious job at the bank, the wedding,... but she kept hearing this voice saying "You've ticked all the boxes and proven the world you could do it, but what are you doing for yourself? What do YOU want?"


Elé then went on a personal quest to find answers to the questions : Who Am I? What do I want? What is my purpose and the purpose of all this? 

She left the world of finance and banking, divorced, sold the flat and moved abroad to study Yoga in India and NYC, Energy Healing in Canada and Coaching in the UK.


She is the Author and Founder of the Self-Healing Spiral, a method she created to heal herself from her divorce (and all her life really) and finally love herself. Through all the tools, expertise and experience she has, she shares her message with women across the world : 

“Listen to your inner wisdom, you will find out you already have everything in you."

Her passion and purpose is to help high performing women to replace self-doubt and overwhelm with self-confidence and inner peace so that they can soar. 

Isn't time to be happy?