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Start leading your life with ease and alignment instead of hustle and control thanks to these free resources.



Guide: 5 ways to live in your feminine now

Download this amazing guidebook I am very proud to have given life to 🤩


It holds a many pearls of wisdom and will help you reclaim your feminine power with 5 concrete, hands-on, short exercises. 

It is time to start leading your life with ease and alignment!


YouTube Videos

Watch my YouTube videos where I give tips and exercises to help you reclaim your feminine power and lead your life with ease and alignment.

This is where to start if you want to enjoy quick and free results. 



The Self-Healing Spiral™


This book is for those who wish to improve their relationship with themselves, heal themselves and fall deeply in love themselves. It offers a 6 steps method to heal our emotional and spiritual wounds.

After months of research, Eleonore created this method for herself when she went through her divorce. As soon as she applied it, she quickly felt better, knowing the right things to, gradually healing and rebuilding self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love.


Realizing the difference the method made in her life, she decided to share it, in all humility, through a book.

Hayat Kabel

Beautiful book!


Super rich, well explained, and I loved the conclusions at the end of every chapter. 

This book gave me a "second life" and puts words on the things we feel but can't express. It's a book everyone should have near them!


Only positive message explained with sweetness and emotions.

I started reading and couldn't stop! Everything Eléonore explains makes so much sense and you she does it in such a good way! Maybe taking care of ourselves actually start by reading this book!


Hi there, I'm Elé! 


Belgian, 33 yo, living in Canada, happily married to an amazing English gentleman, mom-to-be (May 2021) and I have lived in my masculine for a very long time! 


Whether I was doing a Management master in evening classes, Working in a world renown bank, Launching my coaching business, Learning Energy Healing in Quebec, Teaching the method I created - The Self-Healing Spiral™, Writing my next book or Following Coaching Programs, I always did it from a wounded masculine place.


Even though I was proud of being so effective, structured, competitive, proving myself,... I felt more and more out of alignment and exhausted. Something was off...

I realized there was another way of living; working, healing, coaching, writing, doing everything basically... A way that was made of ease and magnetism.

A Divine Feminine Way.


I did all the inner work and energy healing my soul guided me to and realized we all need to heal and awaken the divine feminine energy within to unlock our sovereignty. This work is deeply transformative at a physical and soul level, and I believe it is part of building the New Earth where we are all our own sovereign.


Today, I am your Modern-Day Priestess. And I will teach you how to reclaim your feminine power, your sovereignty, so that you can lead your life and your business with ease, alignment and magnetism.





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