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Watch my YouTube videos where I give tips and exercises to help you increase

your self-confidence, self-worth, self-love, manage your fears, anxiety, etc.

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Self-Love Workbook

Download the Self-Love workbook and do the 3 exercises to start healing yourself and falling in love with yourself. 

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Grounding Meditation

Download this free meditation to ground yourself and elevate your frequency to stay in great physical and emotional health.

Self-love is all about self-care, healing, growth and leads directly to success!

QUIZ: What mask is preventing you from being truly yourself

Discover the wounds and masks preventing you from being truly yourself, confident and at peace. In this Guide you will find an easy Quiz, tips and exercise to let go of your masks and dare the be your true self.


The Self-Healing Spiral™


This book is for those who wish to improve their relationship with themselves, heal themselves and fall deeply in love themselves. It offers a 6 steps method to heal our emotional and spiritual wounds.

After months of research, Eleonore created this method for herself when she went through her divorce. As soon as she applied it, she quickly felt better, knowing the right things to, gradually healing and rebuilding self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love.


Realizing the difference the method made in her life, she decided to share it, in all humility, through a book.

Hayat Kabel

Beautiful book!


Super rich, well explained, and I loved the conclusions at the end of every chapter. 

This book gave me a "second life" and puts words on the things we feel but can't express. It's a book everyone should have near them!


Only positive message explained with sweetness and emotions.

I started reading and couldn't stop! Everything Eléonore explains makes so much sense and you she does it in such a good way! Maybe taking care of ourselves actually start by reading this book!

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Who am I?

A few years ago, I was in India for a Yoga teacher training, when I thought: "You should definitely lose weight if you want to attract students to your classes.” This thought made me realize I had always been hard on myself. Confused and helpless, I got back to my room and googled "How to love yourself?”.


Bullied as a kid, facing eating disorders, attracting toxic partners, and needing to be perfect, I never had felt good enough.


On the day I came back, my husband then told me he didn't love me and was leaving me. I couldn't love myself so I had married someone who couldn't love me either.


My Self-Love journey began. On that day, I promised myself I would learn to love myself no matter what. 

I quit my job at the bank, divorced, sold my flat and moved to Canada to study Energy Healing and Coaching. I then healed myself and published a book sharing my method: The Self-Healing Spiral™.

Now, it's my life's mission to help high performing women, just like you, to replace self-doubt and overwhelm with self-love and inner peace so that they can become a magnet for success.

Isn't time to be happy?

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