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Finding your True Purpose

We all have a unique talent to share with the world. The world needs you and your talent.

“Finding your True Purpose” is a 3 hour intensive workshop where we are going to tap into your soul's wisdom.


We all have a UNIQUE purpose.


You came on Earth to do something you have a unique way of doing and you are the only one who can do it. Therefore, the world needs it. The world needs you. 

When working towards your purpose, you feel deep Joy and Fulfilment. This is not a coincidence. It's your heart guiding you in the right direction.

This workshop is going to help you find out what your unique talent and your unique message are. Turning these into a passion, a work and serving other's with it is your life's purpose. 


You want to know another secret ?

When you're serving the world with your talent, the Universe unfolds the Red Carpet for you. Love and Abundance are just around the corner ! Yes, it's as simple as this ! 

"Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose."
This workshop is for you
You're bored at work
You keep yourself busy all the time
Or, You're always procrastinating
You work - drink - eat - party - repeat
You're always wishing it was already Friday 
You feel like something is missing
You have forgotten what your dreams were
You don't feel aligned with your values 
You want to discover yourself
You want to live a purposeful life
You want to change your career
You want to end your weeks proud of yourself
You want to serve others with your talent
You want to feel fulfilled 

Finding your true purpose

What to expect ?

A 45 min FREE call where we'll get to know each other and see how this workshop could support you

A 1-2 hour preparation work 


A 3 hour Individual workshop, on- or offline, where you will :

  • Learn about the Law of Dharma

  • Connect with your soul

  • Discover your Unique Talent 

  • Discover your Unique Message 

  • Work on finding your true purpose

  • Start Manifesting that purpose in your life 


A 45min follow-up call two weeks later

What they say about it 

Elé, thank you so much for taking me through your workshop ! Obviously, you know that I was a bit of a crying mess by the end of it... but they were tears of Joy about realizations on my own self worth and that everything I dream is possible. 

I had been thinking about my purpose in the past but never had someone structure the discovery like you did so I'm truly grateful for the experience and guidance. 

I have already started on the next mini steps on my path ! Once again, thank you for helping me find my true purpose !


Rachel, London. Former accountant, now co-founder of a successful start-up

I left this workshop feeling much more peaceful about my future and knowing how to think in a more constructive and positive way.


The everyday exercice you give to make the seed grow, make my days start in a healthy, positive and active way. I now have a clear vision of who I am, and how to look into my future. You are a real professional and I’ve been regularly reading the notes from the workshop.


Thank you !


Anaïs, Brussels. Former Client Satisfaction Manager.

Why work with me ?



In 2017 I was offered a prestigious position in a bank. The joy and pride I should have felt when receiving this offer weren't there. I thought "This is not what I truly want. But what do I want ? What is my purpose ?"



I turned down the offer against all advice and I started looking for my true purpose. Retreats, books, trainings, travels,... I did everything I could to find answers to my questions.



A few months later, I left my job, sold my flat, went through a divorce and moved abroad. As I was finding the first answers, Life helped me free the way to start manifesting the life of my dreams.



I have always been passionate about healing, spirituality and psychology. I went through a beautiful transformation to learn how to heal myself and turn my passion, my talent and my message into my work : 



I am an Awakening Coach, guiding women entrepreneurs find the answers they are looking for to awaken to their true self and live a free and aligned life.