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Consciousness Quiz

What stage of consciousness are you at?

As a spiritual being living a human experience,

your soul craves expansion and reconnection with the divine. 


Whether you are aware of it or not,

part of your purpose is to remember that you are divine, and the divine incarnate.


Which means that you are here, at Earth School, to embody the limitless being that you are and use your infinite potential to co-create a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

Un-covering your stage of consciousness will help you to:

  • Know where you are on the spiritual path

  • Bring awareness to the way you perceive life

  • Understand how aligned you are

  • ​Assess what might be holding you back, limiting your potential

  • Receive two activations to expand more

Which one are you?


Hi I'm Eleonore,

Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, Author & Healer passionate about helping leaders and change makers re-member who they came here to be and impact the world with their gifts.

Life can be wild sometimes... isn't it? This is because your soul has chosen to expand, grow, and take you from one experience to the other (perceived as obstacles) to reclaim your divine heritage.

With this quiz, let me help you find clarity on your soul embodiment and level of consciousness. This will help you know where you are at and what next steps you are invited to take. 

May you be blessed, 


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