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Awaken to your true self

Release the masks preventing you from being truly yourself and connect with your inner power that's always showing you the way.


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awaken to your true self

Rise & Shine Retreat

9-12 January 2020

Betho, Belgium

Meet your inner light, find your purpose and manifest the year of your dreams



4 Days to connect with yourself, meet your inner light, find your true purpose and attract what you’ve been waiting for.


Through yoga classes, modules, meditations, spiritual exercises, personality test and breakthroughs, you will manifest an amazing year !

This retreat is for you if


You feel like something is missing 

You are always tired but don’t know why

You feel a bit low and need to reconnect with yourself

You want to take a break

You want to start the year by taking care of yourself

You want to identify and rewire your limiting beliefs

You want to find your true purpose

You want to manifest the year of your dreams

You want to change career 

You want a more meaningful life

You want a job where you don’t feel like working

You want more abundance (love, money, success,…)

You want to reach your goals

Finding your True Purpose


What is your unique talent ? 

What brings you joy ?

What can you be doing for hours non-stop ?


Finding your true purpose is a beautiful workshop that will be at the core of this Rise and Shine retreat. I created this workshop after having looked for my own purpose for several years. Once I found it, I realised which tools helped me on this quest and which didn't. 


I have been sharing this workshop with many clients and this is what they say about it :



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awaken to your true self

Who is Elé de Posson ?

Bullied as a kid, facing eating disorders, attracting toxic partners, needing to be perfect and never feeling enough, Elé built a fortress around her. 


When turning 30 her life seemed perfect : The 3 bed-room flat, the prestigious job at the bank, the wedding,... but she kept hearing this voice saying "You've ticked all the boxes and proven the world you could do it, but what are you doing for yourself? What do YOU want?"


Elé then went on a personal quest to find answers to the questions : Who Am I? What do I want? What is my purpose and the purpose of all this? 

She left the world of finance and banking, divorced, sold the flat and moved abroad to study Yoga in India and NYC, Energy Healing in Canada and Coaching in the UK.


She is the Author and Founder of the Self-Healing Spiral, a method she created to heal herself from her divorce (and all her life really) and finally love herself. Through all the tools, expertise and experience she has, she shares her message with women across the world : 

“Listen to your inner wisdom, you will find out you already have everything in you."

Her passion and purpose is to help women entrepreneurs find the answers they are looking for to live a free and aligned life. 

Isn't finally time to find your inner happiness?