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For Unshakeable Confidence, Irresistible Magnetism & Effortless Abundance

Without hustling, forcing & pushing

From Hustle & Misalignment
to Flow, Power, Magnetism & Abundance

In this Free training, you are going to learn:

1️⃣ How my clients go from feeling unfulfilled, misaligned, hustling, forcing, pushing..., into flow, alignment, deep self-love, abundance, unapologetic confidence and building a life they absolutely love!

2️⃣ Self-Assessment of your Feminine Energy. Assess how much you are in your Feminine VS Masculine Energy and receive practical steps to balance both energies.

3️⃣ Common Mistakes women unknowingly make preventing you from activating this superpower that will bring alignment, purpose, wealth & love in your life.

4️⃣ How to Heal the 3 Feminine Wounds. The Witch wound, Bitch wound and Whore Wound are keeping you small, misaligned and unfulfilled. Learn how to heal them today!

​5️⃣ The Simple 3 steps roadmap to activate the 6 gifts of the Feminine. Authenticity, Magnetism, Intuition, Surrender, Receiving and Grounding are the Gifts of your Feminine Energy. Learn 3 simple steps to activate each of them.

Why our students love it so much:

Headshot MArissa_edited.jpg

"Liberated to be fully myself"

I’ve gained the ability to be who I truly am. I feel liberated to be her. I would recommend this Divine Feminine work to everyone, and particularly to my sisters because the healing that takes place, the identifying of your wounds, the practical and spiritual tools to work through them and heal them, I want them to experience that.

Marissa Maede, Influencer, Connecticut

Headshot Charlyn .jpg


It’s been life-changing, life-giving, like coming home to someone I’ve known about but now I truly see. Learning about those 6 feminine gifts is one thing, but bringing them into practice changes everything.
This work is for any woman that is seeking a life she absolutely loves.

Charlyn Jean Chambers, Transformation Coach, Florida


"I did less and my business exploded"

Eleonore is extremely good! She has expertise in many different disciplines: coaching, energies, meditation, EFT, NLP,... She helped me heal myself, and bring in spiritual principles that made my business explode. I am now making multiple 6-figures years and exhibited in New York on Times Square! Thank you Elé, So happy you entered my life!

Olivia, London, Spiritual Painter

With Eléonore de Posson,
Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, Author, Master Healer & Founder of the Sacred Roots Mystery School

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