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The 6 Gifts of your Feminine Energy are only a few clicks away

3 Steps to Activate your Feminine Energy Finally experience unshakeable Confidence, Irresi

Step 1: Book it in your Calendar
Book the training in your calendar to make sure you prioritize this opportunity and activate your feminine energy once and for all.

Step 2: Set your Intentions
Set your intention. How would you know this training was successful for you? What would need to happen?

Step 3: Show up fully!
A part of you said YES to this training, don't let other parts get in the way. Because they will... We all get busy (and afraid) and let our higher selves down. Don't let this happen by choosing a quiet place to follow the training and commit to showing up fully

Training Details

3 Steps to Activate your Divine Feminine

Presented By
Eleonore de Posson

Spiritual Teacher, Divine Feminine Leader, Healer, Author & Founder of the Sacred Roots Mystery School

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