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2-day Awakening Course

Heal and Love yourself to Awaken

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

You're looking for answers? You want to know Who you Are, What your purpose is?

You want to feel free, aligned and connected to your inner power?

You want to get rid of that "not enough" feeling? Heal yourself? Start over maybe?


But, you don't really know where to start?

Maybe you have already...

Image by Jessica Ruscello

READ a lot of books




done daily journaling


Learned how to tap 

But nothing really helped you feel aligned, connected, relaxed and happy.

Yes, I know what you mean. I've been there too and I felt stuck. 

When turning 30, I remember hearing this voice saying : You've ticked all the boxes but this is not why you came. It is time to think about you. What do YOU want? 

I started looking for answers, went to India for a Yoga teacher training, the day I came back my husband left me, we divorced 6 months after getting married, I quit my job, sold my flat and moved abroad with my guitar on my back. 

I then went through a year of inner transformation to heal myself, let go of my fears and inner critic, connect with my inner power, follow my intuition and remember who I was.


I awakened to my true self and found my purpose, and I am here now to guide you on that path. 

It took me 2 years to awaken but with this course, you'll get all the tools to get there in 2 days. 

This course is for you if you're willing to do the hard but powerful work, dare look inside, trust yourself to realize that you already have everything in you.


2-day Awakening Course

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

What we'll cover

- How to release your masks
- How to heal your wounds
- How to live in harmony with your emotions
- How to replace stress and anxiety with confidence and calm
- How to love yourself exactly as you are
- How to listen to your intuition and soul
- How to manifest the things you want
- Theory and practice with powerful tools
- Master the 6 steps of the Self-Healing Spiral
=> Awaken to your true self and live an aligned life.


2 modules of 3 hours, 2 Wednesdays, Live or Replay

1 extra Q&A one week after the second module

Next Dates : Wednesday 4 & 11 December 2019 

                       Wednesday 5 & 12 February 2020

                       10.30am-1.30pm PST, 6.30-9.30pm CEST (Brussels Time)


The Self-Healing Spiral is a method that heals your wounds, helps you let go of your masks, your fears and your beliefs. It's the path to self-love and self-discovery to tame the ego and connect with our true self. The Self-Healing Spiral is a powerful tool to awaken to our true self. 

This is how the 6 steps work :

1.  An event triggers a conscious or unconscious wound. We all have wounds we came on Earth to heal.

2.  They show up through our emotions : anger, sadness, guilt, frustration, guilt,....

3.  Our emotions have to be welcomed, they have a purpose and a message to deliver us. 

4.  Once they're expressed, we transform them into positive thoughts. We rewire our limiting beliefs to manifest a joyful future.

5.  We then clean ourselves physically and energetically from the emotion and the stress caused by it. We fall back into peace

6.  All this self care and compassion will increase our self love. This is all we need because : Only love heals. 

Steps 3, 4 and 5 are practical steps where you'll learn 5 different tools to go through this healing circle and rise in the Self Healing Spiral, path of Awakening, Joy and Harmony.

Image by Briana Tozour


You want to reconnect with yourself 

You want to heal (a break-up, a divorce, a depression, burn-out)

You want to release the masks preventing you from being yourself

You want to build your self-esteem, self-confidence

You want to create more harmony in your life

You want to let go of these anxieties and stress

You don't want to feel like "you're not good enough" anymore

You want to get rid of your fears and limiting beliefs

You want more prosperity in your life

You want to manifest the life of your dreams

You want to reach your goals

Mostly, you want to awaken to your true self.

Investment for this Course


40% Discount: 299€


Who is Elé de Posson ?

Bullied as a kid, facing eating disorders, divorced after a 6months marriage, brought Elé to lead a personal quest : Who Am I? What do I want? 

What is my unique talent I can serve the world with? 


She left the world of finance and management to study Yoga in India and NYC, Energy Healing in Canada and Coaching in the UK. She is the Author and Founder of the Self Healing Spiral, a method she created to heal herself and finally love herself. Through all the tools, expertise and experience she has, she shares her message with women across the world : 

“Listen to your inner wisdom, you will find out you already have everything in you."

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